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MYOB, or Mind Your Own Business, is a tax and accounting software company. It provides taxes, accounting, and other businesses services software to small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. The company is based in Australia. MYOB offers business management solution to your businesses, no matter how big or small they might be. It helps you in sorting out anything from accounting payroll, payments, retail point of scale, CRM and professional tax solutions. MYOB products are diverse and provide a huge range of advice based upon businesses. MYOB is an essential business tool that you need for your business as it will help it grow, expand and be on the top of it all.

Type :Accounting Software
Predecessor:Data-Tech Software
Headquarters: Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
Website :
MYOB Customer Service: 1-855-936-0315
MYOB Customer Service Number:1-855-936-0315
MYOB Support Phone Number: 1-855-936-0315
MYOB Customer Service Phone Number: 1-855-936-0315


Top Features of MYOB

MYOB consists of an extensive range of features. MYOB calculates and tracks all your taxes, including the GST. It records the amount of taxes you need to pay or have paid. It sends in alerts and updates about your taxes and deadlines for your bills. It even keeps you updated with your net balance after the taxes. It also manages quotes, invoice, and statements.

  1. Recording Every Transaction: MYOB keeps a record of every transaction you make. It keeps a history of your invoices and receipts which tracks down every transaction you make. It is also very easy to generate a quote or invoice with MYOB as the whole process can be done only with a few clicks. You can even easily have the invoice printed out or emailed, once the invoice has been created. Apart from this, MYOB also accepts payments from invoices through PayDirect Online. You don’t need to go through any formal banking transactions as it can easily be received through MYOB. MYOB is like a mini banking system you have on your phone that contains everything you need in order to ensure what direction you need to take your business in. MYOB also tracks down your expenses. It keeps a history of every transaction you make. You can even pay using MYOB. Even this part of history is also recorded. MYOB syncs in with all your bank accounts. This means that it has details regarding all your financial affairs. These include details about your credit and debit cards as well. It records history and information of all your debit and credit card transactions as well. This makes it easier for you as you have information regarding everything.
  2. It Saves Time: MYOB saves time when it comes to analyzing employee performance. It even records payroll by calculating the number of leaves an employee takes. It also provides real-life timesheets for your employees to access, so they know exactly where they are. It also manages customers and suppliers, so it is like a little notebook which records down everything you do related to businesses.
  3. MYOB Mobile App:  MYOB’s On the Go app for iOS (Apple) and Android is compatible with both Essentials and Account Right accounts – making it easier to manage and perform accounting functions when you’re away from your desk. The app doesn’t include full access to everything in your plan but does cover invoice tracking, contacts adding in-app invoice creation, and payment processing. It can even be used by Freelancers, which means it is not only restricted to big firms which have a huge business net value.

Why Contact MYOB Customer Service?

Even though MYOB is constantly tested by experts to make sure that nothing goes wrong, there will be times when you may need to contact customer service. This is because you may encounter the following frequently encountered problems such as:

  1. Not being able to open the software
  2. Software not connecting to the internet
  3. Device not recognizing the software
  4. Incompatibility between your device and MYOB
  5. MYOB crashing (or freezing) constantly

In such instances, you should reach out to MYOB support phone number 1-855-936-0315 for help. They will surely help you out.

How to Contact MYOB Customer Support Number?

The MYOB customer service is available to 24/7. You can call them up whenever and they will be available to you. It informs its callers when the lines are busy and makes sure that the customer care gets back to you. Their staff is very supportive in sorting out all your queries. If the MYOB customer support phone number 1-855-936-0315 is hard to reach, you can always drop them an email which they can respond for sure. Apart from this, you can always go on their website where they will locate you to a chat room where you can talk to anyone online. The chat room has members from the customer care whom you can chat with online, and they are ready to fix your problems. The MYOB customer service staff is very supportive in ensuring that the customers get the best help or information.

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