How to Upgrade QuickBooks to the Latest Release – Beginner’s Guide

QuickBooks is the award-winning financial accounting software promoted by Intuit. Since QuickBooks is a desktop-based accounting package, every year Intuit releases a brand-new version of this software, which comes with more features.

As a small or medium-sized business owner and using this outstanding accounting software, there’s a need to upgrade to ensure you’re getting the latest upgrades for a smooth accounting experience.

In this article, we’ll be showing you how to upgrade your current QuickBooks version to the latest one. So, if you’re wondering how to carry out the QuickBooks 2020 upgrade, continue reading to know how to go about it like a pro.

Before we dive right into it, you need to note that you can download the updates straight from the Internet. When you get the updates, the software’s performance and productivity will improve and fix a lot of common issues automatically.

How to Perform QuickBooks Upgrade

There are many methods through which you can perform a QuickBooks upgrade by downloading the updates directly from the Internet. Ensure that the internet is good and fast. The following are the upgrade options you have:

  1. On-demand update method
  2. Auto QuickBooks Update Methods
  3. Manual QuickBooks update
  4. Release download

Once you download the updates, QuickBooks itself begins to install every imperative file to the suitable location and folder on your system. You also receive a notification requesting you to set up the updates, when you restart your QB.

Also, you may need to close QuickBooks and restart it so that the updates can take place. If you’re using QuickBooks in a multiple-user environment; you must install the updates on all your computers. 

Upgrade QuickBooks

Auto QuickBooks Upgrade Method

This is the simplest method through which you can perform the QuickBooks 2020 upgrade. You then download the updates automatically when you’re not working. The updates take place because there’s a default setting in your computer that allows the software to download any available updates from the Intuit server as they are made available. You can decide to disable this option so that you choose when to have the system download the updates.

How to Disable the Auto Update Option:

Step one: Open QuickBooks and navigate to the “Help Menu

Step two: Click on “Update QuickBooks” and allow some minutes for the update QB window to launch

Step three: Click on the “Options” button

Step four: Select “Yes” to allow the Auto Update Method or “No” to disable Auto Update Method. (However, you should note that you’ll continue to receive messages reminding you to update even after disabling the Auto Update)

Step five: Click “save” and close the window.

If this option doesn’t work and you’re not able to have the updates downloaded into your system, then you can try method two below.

Immediate QuickBooks Update

The immediate QuickBooks Update method lets you download QB updates to your system directly from the Internet. Like the above method, you don’t need to leave your QuickBooks software open during the updates downloading process. You can use this method at any time to download QB updates immediately. It would help if you check for the updates occasionally – once per month.

Checking and installing any available updates

Step one: Open QuickBooks and navigate to the “Help menu”. Click on “Update QuickBooks

Step two: Click on the “Update Now” button

Step three: Choose the updates you want to download and then click “Get Updates”. (You can read and know more regarding the update from the updates section. Click on the “Maintenance Releases” link to open a new page containing details of the “changes or improvements” in the updates)

Step four: Close and then restart QB software. A window is going to show up asking if you want to install the QB updates now or later. You can click “Install Now” or “Yes” to have the updates installed.

Step five: Reboot your system following the installation completion

It’s important to upgrade QuickBooks by reinstalling all the latest updates. Failure to do that, you may encounter issues while opening the company file. The file might also get corrupted and fail to open completely.

Release Download Method

Sometimes you may encounter problems with QuickBooks 2020 upgrade failure. Or perhaps you don’t want to install QB updates using the update feature. Then, you can choose to download and install the available updates.

You must utilize the update feature in installing QuickBooks Updates. Additionally, you ought to update every copy if you utilize multiple QuickBooks copies. Failure to do that can make you face errors while you open the company file. The file may also become corrupted and fail to open completely.

QuickBooks Pro Upgrade – How to Download Updates

You may be using QuickBooks Pro in multiple-user mode. If that’s the case, then, you’ll need to install updates on every computer. To do that, you should first ensure all the computers have a good internet connection for the QuickBooks Pro upgrade process to go smoothly from download to the installation of updates.

Alternatively, you can easily download the updates on one system through your network and later share it. However, for the sharing process to be effective, all users ought to follow the following steps:

Step one: Open the QB Company file shared

Step two: Navigate to the “Help Menu” and click on “Update QuickBooks

Step three: Choose “Options

Step four: Click “Yes” to share the download

Step five: Click on “Save

These steps will enable you to smoothly share the updates you just downloaded to all other computers. When you enable the sharing feature, the updates get downloaded to the company file’s location by default. If you don’t find the updates there, you can check them in the folder where the QuickBooks software copy is installed.

Upgrading New QB Desktop

Step one: Click on “the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop

Step two: Open “File menu” and choose “Open” or “Restore the Company

Step three: Click on “Company File” and then “Next

Step four: Click and open the “Data File

The “Move Company File” window may pop up. If it does, then, follow the following steps:

Step one: Read and understand the content in the “Update Company File for New version”

(You’ll need to check the box as a sign that you understand and agree. After that, the clock on “Update Now”

Step two: Follow the instructions given to create backup files

Step three: Once you update your company files successfully, open the updated QuickBooks version. Choose “Yes” after you get the prompt “Do you want to continue?

Manual QuickBooks 2020 Upgrade

Step one: First, you’ll need to close the Company File and your QuickBooks desktop

Step two: Right-click once on the QB Desktop icon and choose “Run as administrator

Step three: The “No Company Open” window will open. While on the window, go to “Help menu” and select “Update the QuickBooks

Step four: Navigate to the “Option” tab and select the “Mark all” option

Step five: Choose “Save

Step six: Navigate to the “Update Now” tab and them mark the “Reset Update box

Step seven: Now select the “Get Update” button

Step eight: After the “Update Complete” message shows up, you should close the QB software

Step nine: Open your QuickBooks Desktop again

Sep ten: If you see “Install Update” on your screen, click “Yes

Step eleven: When the installation process is done, reboot your system

Upgrading to QuickBooks 2021 version – What Features to Expect

If you’re about to do a QuickBooks 2020 upgrade and install the latest release – QuickBooks Desktop 2021, there are many new features you can expect to enjoy. So, let’s find out which features are new that warrant a QuickBooks 2021 upgrade.

QB Desktop 2021 comes with new and enhanced features to assist you to receive payment faster. Some of these features include the following. 

  1. Automated Statements: You can now utilize payment reminders in scheduling statements for your clients or remind them when there are invoices they need to you for. You can easily create auto payment reminders for invoices and statements and use them to enjoy faster payments. 
  2. Receipt Management: This is another feature when you do a QuickBooks 2021 upgrade. The feature makes it easier and quicker for you to enter the expense receipts. You can allow users access and enable them to do uploading of expense receipts to QB straight from your system or via the mobile app. 
  3. Custom Payment Receipts: You can now create custom templates to suit forms such as sales receipts, invoices, purchase orders, statements, and estimates. Additionally, it’s easy to now customize these and control how they appear as well as what details to include. 
  4. Data level Permission: This is also a brand-new feature in QB Enterprise 21.0. It provides limited access for roles created and your users. By so doing, the administrator can come up with roles and users having access permissions at a record level for vendors and customers. 
  5. Customer Groups Creation: You can create customer groups and easily discover all customers who match specific criteria for characteristics like customer type, location, or customer’s status. Also, you can make auto statements, send reminders for payments, or build mailing lists for particular customer groups. 
  6. Enhanced Bank Feeds: Improved online banking is the newest way of reviewing your bank transactions, matching them with the current ones within your books, or conveniently adding fresh ones. 

QB 2017 to QuickBooks 2020 Upgrade

As a QuickBooks user, you may already be aware that according to Intuit’s discontinuation policy, each QB product expires after three years after its launch. For that reason, Intuit was not offering support for QB Premier, Pro, and Enterprise 2017 versions. 

So, if you’re still using QuickBooks 2017, then you have to upgrade it to the 2020 version for several reasons, which you might have realized already. 

Reasons for QuickBooks Pro 2017 Upgrade

There are many reasons why you should perform a QuickBooks Pro 2017 Upgrade. One of the main reasons is to enjoy the advanced features that QuickBooks 2020 has, including:

  • Auto addition of employee PO numbers in the subject line of the email
  • Scheduling of the payments reminders
  • With payroll setup, you can also perform the employee’s self-setup. 
  • Smart Help is always available
  • Ability to easily combine all emails related to a person

Upgrading QuickBooks 2017 to 2020

To perform QuickBooks Pro 2017 Upgrade to the latest release, you’ll need to follow the simple steps below. The process is easy and will only take you a few minutes.

However, the first thing you need to do is to perform a QuickBooks 2020 download. (Ensure that your computer has a fast and strong internet connection to be able to download the file from Intuit)

QuickBooks 2020 Main Features

  1. Multiple Monitor Support: This is one of the unique features of the QB 2020 version. You can easily connect multiple monitors (Up to Three) from the QuickBooks menu bar. To do that, navigate to “View” and choose the “Multi-monitor” mode. 
  2. Payment Reminder and Payment Liability: The next feature of this software is one that safeguards you and your customers by giving reminders about the next payments of payroll liabilities.
  3. Past Due Invoices: The feature confirms visually that the invoice of a particular client is past due and displays it on your screen.
  4. Merge Vendor Record: This QB 2020’s feature enables you to properly identify any duplicated vendor statements.
  5. Cash toggle Statements: You can toggle all the statements that display between Accrual Basis and cash with a single click. 
  6. Update Email Safety: As a QuickBooks user, you can send secure emails from, Windows Live, Outlook, and Gmail Accounts through QuickBooks accessing enhanced multi-factor authentication. The security characteristics include login using your ID account. You’ll need to provide your password once more while emailing from inside QuickBooks. 
  7. Scanning of Mobile Inventory: Using this feature, it’s possible to take quantities from the warehouse by easily finding a bar-code on your mobile and have the inventory recorded. The mobile recording of particular quantities ensures efficiency and accuracy in the sales recording process. 

How to Download QuickBooks 2020

Before we proceed to step two on how to move from QuickBooks Pro 2017 to QuickBooks 2020, let’s look at how you can download the 2020 version. 

Downloading QuickBooks Desktop 2020 is easy. First, you’ll have to download the version from the Intuit website. To do that, go to the website and on the search bar, enter “QuickBooks 2020 download”.

You’ll see the download link. Once you do, click on it and fill in some details in the form that show up such as location, QuickBooks type, and product. From there, the next step will be to download the software.

Once you have completed the QuickBooks 2020 download, you should proceed with its installation on your system.

Installation of QuickBooks Desktop 2020

Step one: Save the downloaded file to a location you can access it easily such as a desktop or downloads folder.

Step two: After that, now it’s time to install it on your computer

Step three: To have the file installed, go to where you saved the file.

Step four: Find the .exe file and double-click on it

Step five: Now, QB 2020 installation has begun

Step six: Follow the on-screen instructions and have the software activated

Step seven: You’ll require updating the QB file also to allow data integration to a later version

Step eight: If you have saved the backup file on the cloud, take it offline. When upgrading, you’ll need to utilize this backup.

Please also note that upon completion of the upgrade, you’ll need to replace the old files by easily moving them to the same folder.

Upgrading your Company File

Step one: To upgrade your company data

Step two: If your system is in multiple-user mode, ensure that it’s only you using it.

Step three: Open the “File menu

Step four: Click on “Open” and “restore the company file

Step five: After that, click on “Open a company file” or “Restore a backup copy

Step six: Click “Next” and continue

Step seven: Choose the “Company File” and right-click to “Open” it

Step eight: Login in as admin

Step nine: Follow all the on-screen steps

Step ten: After the upgrade, click on “Done

The above steps should help you to easily and successfully migrate from QuickBooks Pro 2017 to QuickBooks 2020. If you would like to upgrade QuickBooks 2015 to 2017, the above steps should also get you started. The first thing you need to keep in mind is to download the QuickBooks 2017 version and then follow the steps to have it installed on your system. 

QuickBooks 2020 Upgrades & Latest Version

Managing small organizations’ financial affairs is performed using accounting. One of the most effective and preferred software that many enterprises utilize is QuickBooks. That is an outstanding tool that is designed and provided by Intuit. The company that was established back in 1983 by two people, that is, Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. Today, QuickBooks is the most popular because it allows for any person with even little education in accounting implementing its software program. A huge number of small business market segment started using this software when it was originally released. Today, QuickBooks remains the best option for nearly every business when it comes to accounting needs. The QuickBooks 2020 upgrades make this software even more convenient for all its users.

An Insight into QuickBooks:

Two products offered to enter accounting data into QuickBooks software. One of them is through a desktop program while the other alternative is through a cloud-based program. While QuickBooks presents the two types of accounting solutions, they actually don’t have the very same functions in accounting. The advancement of QuickBooks over the years has been considered since its initial introduction.

Thanks to the QuickBooks 2020 upgrades, the software allows for any kind of financial transaction that a company or business requires to record as the software comes with features that provide for the ability to record all of them. QuickBooks utilizes a double-entry structure to produce its financial documents. The possibility of having an accrual-based system or a cash-based system of accounting is attainable.

A double-entry process lets QuickBooks confirm that all financial transaction entries are correctly recorded into the main general ledger statement. It becomes crucial to seek QuickBooks assistant soon after setting up this accounting application. A business operator instantly finds out that this package includes a significant amount of properties and features. One capacity that is essential to maintain, yet very simple to get confused with, is the payroll function. Fortunately, there’s a chance in getting QuickBooks help from a correctly trained professional.

When seeking QuickBooks 2020 upgrade assistance, the recommended approach is receiving a certified Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor. When looking for these highly skilled individuals, you’ll learn that they usually have many years of practical experience working with QuickBooks. They can provide any business owner with a new accounting system with their specialized professionalism and understanding

Commonly, a difficult dilemma appears when handling a selection of financial transactions. As soon as a troubling situation arises, these ProAdvisors can assist. Just because QuickBooks makes it easy for simple data entry into the system, one should still substantiate that the statements that are produced are accurate. The maintenance of this software will need QuickBooks assistance from a professional as it has a considerable amount of capabilities.

QuickBooks Pro 

QuickBooks Pro is the primary edition of QuickBooks that ought to suit the requirements of a startup business. If you run payroll, Intuit is going to turn off your QuickBooks software and demand that you upgrade to the latest version – QuickBooks Pro 2020 before you can use the payroll software. You must try to stay up-to-date with the latest version of QuickBooks to ensure that connected services such as payroll go on performing optimally.

To upgrade to QuickBooks Pro 2020, you’ll only require paying $299.95. Though you might see this amount as a bit high depending on the level of your business, it’s all worth it. This amount is a one-time payment and you can use the software as long as you need to.

On purchasing the software you’ll be able to enjoy a range of benefits. One of the benefits is to better organize your company’s finances. You’ll also be able to seamlessly track performance and make very informed decisions about your business. Additionally, this QuickBooks version will allow up to three users to access the software. You will not need to worry about the setup process because it’s as easy as ABC.

With QuickBooks Pro 2020, you can more conveniently import your data from Quicken, Excel, etc. Moreover, you can simply set reminders to remind your customers anytime their invoices are due thank to the Automatic Payment Reminders. This 2020 edition has lots of new features that will take your accounting tasks in your company to another level.

For instance, you can simply add clients’ PO numbers onto the subject lines of an email in QuickBooks. Other new features include:

  1. File search option to easily locate and open a file
  2. Added reliability in the process of transferring a file between Accountants and QuickBooks clients
  3. Smart Help content and access to live professional using call back option and messaging
  4. Hide columns to simply see and read client totals
QuickBooks Mac 2020

You must keep up to speed with the latest developments and QuickBooks Mac 2020 ensures that you’re getting exactly that. You’ll be happy to see what this edition has to offer. The QuickBooks Mac 2020 comes with a huge number of features and improvements to allow small business owners better tools to access their essential financial information.

The 2020 version is so far one of the most robust upgrades for QuickBooks Mac. With this version, you can even easily maximize tax deduction using more organized expenses. You can more conveniently track your business performance to ensure better decision making. Moreover, you can enjoy a one-click financial, tax, and sales reports from a whole new level. On top of that, the edition is even easier to use and install – you don’t require any accounting knowledge to utilize the QuickBooks Mac 2020.

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2020 

You also have the option of enjoying an upgrade for your QuickBooks Accountant desktop. The QuickBooks Accountant Desktop PLUS requires you to pay $449 per year for the upgrade. With this version, you will enjoy among other factors phone and live chat support, training, certification, and handy discounts on QuickBooks commodities as well as much more.

QuickBooks 2020 Upgrade

Depending on which version of QuickBooks you utilize, you’ll need to do QuickBooks 2020 upgrades. The desktop edition will need you to upgrade annually and you can get the upgrade from Intuit directly. All in all, the new edition of QuickBooks is now available at reasonable prices and you can update right now and perhaps you can enjoy discounted charges. Don’t wait until you need to upgrade, purchase the newest version of the QuickBooks you’re using and keep yourself up to date with the latest features.

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