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Bookkeeping is important for the success and efficient operation of any business regardless of its size. Without a proper system of bookkeeping, businesses can’t achieve their desired goals and ambitions.

While large-scale firms can afford to employ expensive bookkeepers and accountants to ensure that their books are being maintained correctly, small firms, on the other hand, don’t have the needed financial power to hire an in-house bookkeeper or accountant.

Nevertheless, small businesses can outsource their bookkeeping work to a professional and specialist QuickBooks online accountant or bookkeeper at a lesser price.

Using QuickBooks live bookkeeping can be considered the same way as having a bookkeeper in your office who is a partly trained, convenient professional and maybe part robot. The trained professional possesses a high level of knowledge on how to bookkeeping in QuickBooks, which goes with their high level of bookkeeping skills. The robot part can be operated round the clock to get your work completed more efficiently and promptly than any human employee.

How Safe is Online Bookkeeping?

One of the factors that small business owners always wonder about when it comes to hiring online bookkeeping services is whether they are safe and if they are, then, how safe. If you’re one of those people that are skeptical about the safety and security of these online accounting or bookkeeping services, you’ll be happy to learn that they are absolutely safe.

You can get outstanding services, which are safety guaranteed with online accountants. What you’ll find out is that this QuickBooks online accounting and bookkeeping services are extremely safe and the sites offering the services are built with the most advanced security techniques to ensure confidentiality with your bookkeeping.

So, if you’re looking for a great service, you need to check out what these bookkeeping services can provide you and how easy they will make your bookkeeping look.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services

Live/Online QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services – How They Work

Presently, online QuickBooks Bookkeeping services work so efficiently. The internet has opened up a world of doors making it very easy to do things like hiring a QuickBooks online accountant. When you utilize these bookkeeping services, you’ll discover that they are user-friendly, extremely cost-friendly, and you’ll get the services from a reputable company.

Taking daily bookkeeping tasks off your back is now easier and more convenient than ever. You’ll get experts that match the needs of your business. When you contact a reputable company, they will take a moment to get to understand your business and then match you with a dedicated team of professional bookkeepers.

From there, you can schedule an appointment with your main bookkeeper. The experts will allow you to understand your bookkeeping plan through video chat and then begin to work on your books.  

You’ll be able to collaborate with the professionals virtually. QuickBooks online accountants are dedicated to ensuring you’re receiving the best services you’re looking for. You’ll be able to see the progress of your team easily in real-time. You can also plan a phone call with your main bookkeeper at any time or send an email and an expert from the company will contact you back right away. Your team will be able to collaborate closely to ensure your records stay up-to-speed.

To achieve a clear perspective of how your business is performing, your bookkeepers are going to run custom reports for you monthly and help in ensuring accurate records during the tax period. QuickBooks bookkeeping services take care of your bookkeeping needs and allow you more time to focus on other matters that contribute to the smooth running of your business.

How Much Does Online QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services Cost?

When you first look for online QuickBooks bookkeeping services, you may feel that the cost will be overwhelmingly high. However, if you break it down you’ll learn that it’s not the case. When you consider the cost of hiring an in-house bookkeeper, it will cost you not only time but also resources to hire someone, train, and keep them up-to-date.

That can be a nerve-wracking experience and expensive procedure. Instead, you can simply hire a QuickBooks online accountant who will offer you the services at a professional level and pay them for the hours that they work rather than paying one for forty hours per week that may or may not work.

The cost can vary from one company to another. However, in general, the bigger your business is, the more accounting and bookkeeping tasks you’ll require and so, expect to pay more. For instance, a sole proprietor who has no employees may require prepayments & adjustments, depreciation & payroll performed every month.  

Outsourcing QuickBooks bookkeeping services can be indispensable because the services can either replace your accountants and bookkeepers or supplement your in-house staff members. Most of the online bookkeeping services provide you a trial. You can use this trial to assess what works best for your business before you can commit.

Intuit Online QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services Pricing

QuickBooks bookkeeping services are affordable with personalized/custom bookkeeping support. The services are available for businesses of sizes and shapes.

If your business requires low-volume bookkeeping, or if the business has up to $25,000 of monthly expenses, you’ll be paying $200 per month in addition to the cost of your monthly QuickBooks Online subscription.

Next, medium-volume bookkeeping for businesses that have between $25,001 to $150,000 monthly expenses, the monthly charge is $400 plus the cost of the monthly QuickBooks Online subscription.

Last but not least, a high-volume bookkeeping need for businesses that have $150,001 and cover monthly expenses, the monthly charge is $600 in addition to the cost of the business’s QuickBooks Online subscription.

Benefits of Outsourcing QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services

1. Accurate and Stable Financial Accounts

There are many advantages of hiring the services of online or virtual bookkeeping services. Bookkeepers can make sure that your financial accounts are accurate and stable. A virtual bookkeeper keeps a track of your finances and advises you accordingly. They may help you to make important decisions regarding your business by offering you sound business advice and regular books updates.

2. Affordable Services, Operation Convenience, and Data Security

Online bookkeepers can provide affordable services, operation convenience, and security of your data. That can help your small business to improve their productivity and overall efficiency. An online bookkeeper has the required expertise to provide a selection of accounting and bookkeeping services such as:

  1. Preparing your business balance sheets
  2. Income statements
  3. Sales reports
  4. Purchase reports
  5. Accounts receivable reports
  6. Accounts payable reports
  7. Sales tax reports
  8. Payroll reports regularly.

By so doing, that will help you to access your books of accounting online, anytime from any location.

Focus on What You Do Best

Another benefit of outsourcing QuickBooks bookkeeping services is that they allow you to pay attention to what’s important such as income generation and business operations, rather than busying yourself on recording and balancing financial transactions that usually require particular skills and knowledge.

By unloading your time from the paperwork, you as the business owner, you can get enough time to concentrate on how to boost profit margins.

Specialized Skills in Bookkeeping and Related Services

Another important benefit of online QuickBooks bookkeeping services is that they offer specialized skills not only in bookkeeping but also in other services related to it, including online payroll and accounting.

The professionalism of online bookkeepers prevents them from making mistakes and errors that could otherwise be detrimental to your business. Usually, online bookkeeping services utilize software and computer apps that help them in producing accurate calculations and reports of your finances.

Similarly, a QuickBooks online accountant will be able to update your business financial transaction records in a safe and secure database and allow you to access your financial data at any time you want.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Another advantage of outsourcing bookkeeping services is that business owners are able to reduce overhead cost and operations cost. Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services of bookkeeping are normally cheaper than hiring a freelance bookkeeper or employing an on-site bookkeeper because the majority of online bookkeeping services provide packages that suit the unique needs of your business. It’s also easy for you to choose the specific service that you want to outsource. 

Save on Tech Related Expenses

When you hire virtual bookkeeping services, you can also save your technology-related expenses. Your business won’t need to buy any extra hardware or accounting software to maintain your books.

Online bookkeepers either purchase branded accounting software or rely on QuickBooks cloud accounting software from the market to provide online accounting services to businesses of sizes and scales. 

Online bookkeeping services convert cost into profit. A significant amount of funds that business owners have been spending to maintain an on-site bookkeeper will now be turned into business profits. 

By outsourcing bookkeeping services that suit their needs, companies/businesses can boost their profits in several ways as highlighted below. 

  1. Reduced needs for office consumables and supplies
  2. Save office space and facility
  3. Fixed monthly rate
  4. Lower office utility bills like water and electricity
  5. Eliminate the need to pay for a fraction of on-site employee contributions to social security Medicare, government taxes, etc. 

Many online QuickBooks bookkeeping services employ a team of qualified accountants and bookkeepers to work on their books for a fixed monthly rate that’s far more cost-effective and affordable than hiring an in-house or office-based bookkeeper.

The Ideal Behind Virtual Bookkeeping Services

The aspect of virtual bookkeeping services is primarily to use the services of freelance professionals in the field of finance and accounting. These experts draw up a financial plan for your business per your unique requirements. 

What’s more, the experts will be able to manage your finances much more efficiently than a non-professional would. The benefit of using these virtual bookkeeping services is that the individuals performing these tasks have a comprehensive understanding of what they are doing and you can rest assured that your books are in safe hands. On top of that, they will help to ensure that your company is moving in the right course.

Virtual or QuickBooks live bookkeeping services usually charge you on an hourly basis. They do tasks such as:

  1. Manage general ledger
  2. Complete payrolls weekly
  3. Keep track of sales revenues and daily expenses 
  4. Prepare reports at the end of the business’s financial year
  5. Prepare any other necessary documents

These professionals take control of your company from its financial perspective and ensure that they offer accurate data while delivering timely reports. The primary benefit associated with virtual bookkeeping services is that you’ll not only be able to save a significant amount of money on your costs but also a time in the long run. The cost savings happen basically because you pay for the services only after the tasks have been completed successfully.

How to Find the Best Online Bookkeeper

As you set out to find the best online bookkeeper for your business, there are some factors you ought to consider. 

You should understand that in the present-day transient and fast-paced world, it’s not always easy to find qualified and competent people who know their job and can be trusted to deal with your business’s money. 

It’s not very hard to encounter an inexperienced bookkeeper who will either mess up your books or stick their hands in your cookie jar and help themselves with some dollars. For that reason, you must be careful when looking for a trustworthy bookkeeper.

Though the following guide will not guarantee that you’ll get the bookkeeper you’re looking for, it will help in reducing the odds of falling into the hands of an unreliable bookkeeper. 

We will try to keep the list short and clear so that you can go through it very first. So, without further ado, let’s get you started with the following factors to consider when looking for the right bookkeeper. 

Experience is Key!

The first thing to consider when looking for the right QuickBooks live bookkeeping professional is their experience. You should go for a person who really understands their stuff. There’s a huge competition out there and for that reason, people will say anything only to get on that job.

So, the aim here is to ensure you don’t become a guinea pig for someone who requires improving their accounting skills. If you’re looking to reduce your probability of hiring an inexperienced person, choose a reputable firm. They will do all the work for you and have a track record.

However, if you want to find one on your own instead of finding one from a reputable firm, you’ll have to be careful and ask yourself how long the potential bookkeeper has been doing the job. Check whether they have an accounting history and what accounting software programs they have worked with. 

Check to ensure that they are tech-savvy and find out what type of businesses they have offered bookkeeping services to in the past. Ensure they can provide you with references as references are very important. If you could get at the last three references, then, the better. 


You’ll need to ensure that your potential QuickBooks live bookkeeping service provider is reliable, responsible, and dependable. Ensure they called you when they said they would call, show up exactly when they said they are going to show up or whether they return your call timely.

Many professionals fall through the traps on these points. And if the professional you’re planning to hire fails on that, then you can be sure that the same kind of issues will apply to your books. 

Character and Integrity

You want a professional who’s not only passionate about what they do but one who’s loyal. Also, you want to work with someone who has high moral values and standards. We all know that accounting can make or break your business. For that reason, it’s important to have the ideal person dealing with your books. 


You must look for someone that you can trust. You need to work with someone who comes across as sincere and honest enough. Whether you’re utilizing an outside firm in hiring your bookkeeper or virtual bookkeeping services, always carry out a thorough background check, even when they were referred to you by a friend.

When performing a background check, you should ensure you check criminal, credit information, social security number together with drug testing. Doing all these is justified by the fact that the person will be controlling the future of your business by dealing with all your money. 

It’s also important to understand that even if the person passes all the background checks excellently doesn’t guarantee wrongdoing and theft because people change and their lives change too.

So, the ideal way of staying in check is to become well-informed and always keeping tabs on what they are doing. There are particular things you can do to keep an honest person by having checks and balances in place. 

Testimonials and References

While you look for the best QuickBooks bookkeeping services for you, ensure that you scrutinize their sites for testimonials and references from their current customers. You may want to reinforce this step by contacting those people quoted on the website and asking for their experiences and impressions of the service you’re considering. It would be okay to suspect those services that don’t list references somewhere on their site.

Services they Offer

The kind of services you’re looking for will be unique to your business. Some companies have multiple divisions, while others utilize government funding. Whatever your special circumstances, you’ll need to look for online bookkeeping services that match you with a QuickBooks online accountant or bookkeeper who specializes in the unique needs of your company. Most services readily recruit the professionals required if none is available in their database.


When looking for the right online bookkeeper, you must ensure that you find out what accounting software they are using. QuickBooks is often one of the main packages in the industry. It’s usually accurate, intuitive, and user-friendly. 

Whatever software your service utilizes ought to be up-to-speed, and the bookkeepers using that software ought to hold certifications proving their proficiency in utilizing the computer tools laid before them. The software ought to be compatible with the OS you’re using and your financials ought to be available for your viewing at any time. 

Communication Skills 

Like anything you can think of, businesses require people equipped with relevant skills. Communication is one of the skills that people in businesses should process. Since money is the base of your business, you want anyone who handles the company’s money to have excellent communication skills.

If there’s an issue, you require being informed ASAP without any buts, ifs, or ands. If the bookkeeper you’re working with has a better way of doing things, they should be able to explain to you right away. 


The personality of your potential bookkeeper is important. You should hire someone you feel comfortable with. Also, they should be easy-to-work-with people and you shouldn’t feel like there’s any personality clash. You’ll want to work with an approachable person – one you can communicate effectively in case a certain matter needs to be addressed. 

Trust your Instinct

Listen to that feeling deep down inside of you. If something doesn’t seem right, learn to trust how you feel. Sometimes that’s all you need to do. It’s astonishing how lots of business owners don’t trust their instincts and go against their better judgment. All in all, if it doesn’t feel right, just don’t welcome it. 

In this article, we will explain the some more benefits you stand to enjoy when you decide to employ online QuickBooks bookkeeping.

1. User-Friendly Software

There are many well-known accounting software packages out there in the market today. However, there’s no better software than QuickBooks so far, for many reasons. QuickBooks doesn’t disappoint you in any way. Its capabilities let your online QuickBooks bookkeeping work fast, efficiently, and accurately, throughout your accounting cycle.

It also tracks information from the general ledger and utilizing it populates your normal reports and your tax preparation documents. A skilled online QuickBooks bookkeeper can use the software to provide you with the most advanced possible accounting services.

2. Only Pay for what you need

If you’re to employ a bookkeeper, either full time or part-time, you would need to pay that person a competitive wage. At times, when there aren’t bookkeeping or accounting tasks to be done. On the other hand, when you use the services of an online QuickBooks bookkeeper, you’ll pay for the hours worked and the tasks done. Additionally, you’ll never find yourself paying a bookkeeper’s salary to have your filing completed.

3. The Expense of Training and Software

Hiring a person can be a tricky move, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Usually, small businesses are not equipped sufficiently enough to take a new person on to payroll, not even on a part-time basis.

Nevertheless, if you’re considering doing this, you must take care of the costs involved in making sure that your bookkeeper has the right equipment and software, and is trained sufficiently to utilize them.

The majority of small business owners will consider the cost of a software package into their budget. However, you have to remember that for you to enjoy the highest possible ROI, your bookkeeper has to be conversant with the software to optimize capabilities. The training takes time and resources, but your online QuickBooks bookkeeper already has all the training and experience needed for a perfect job.

4. Checks and Balances

There are many benefits of using an online QuickBooks bookkeeping. However, one of the most significant advantages is that when you use an online QuickBooks bookkeeper, you’re actually using a team of bookkeepers.

After you find a dependable online company, your books and financial data will be well managed by a team of highly trained professionals. That ensures that your work is being viewed by more than a set of highly skilled eyes. In return, that helps prevent error and potential omissions that could cost you heavily and even devastate you.

5. Prompt Turnaround Time

The responsibilities of a bookkeeping professional keep rising and falling in a small business. Sometimes, your bookkeeper may be simply making entries to the general ledger, while other times, they may be preparing yearly reports or completing your business’s tax preparation.

Whether you’re having an easy time or busy one, your online QB bookkeeper can get your work done promptly, usually overnight, and when you come to the office the following morning, you’ll find your work ready on your computer.

Final Thought

You can always hire the services of a professional QuickBooks online accountant. However, just because you have someone else managing your books for you, doesn’t mean that you exclude yourself from understanding accounting basics. Also, you need to put in place checks and balances to help keep honest people honest.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring someone else to manage your books is that you get more time to concentrate on enlarging your business and have more time for yourself to enjoy some peace of mind.

Online bookkeeping allows small business owners to keep a track of their outgoings, transactions; staff-related expenses, and purchases as well as sales. Additionally, a business can discover more about their accounts payable and accounts receivable, check their balance sheets anytime they want to. 

There are so many benefits of allowing professionals to handle the bookkeeping and accounting aspects for you, as highlighted above. However, you must be careful before you make the ultimate hiring decision. If you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective services, then ensure you avail of QuickBooks bookkeeping services right away.

Frequently Asked Questions – QuickBooks Bookkeeping

1. What’s QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online or QB Online is a cloud-based software that helps to manage finances. It’s engineered to reduce the time you need to manage your company finances by assisting you to do tasks like:

  1. Helps you understand your business’s performance
  2. Create invoices and estimates
  3. Manage your clients and supplies
  4. Monitor your tax and ease tax return
  5. Track sales and flow of cash
  6. Plan ahead and budget

As mentioned, the software is cloud-based, which means that you’ll not need to download or install anything. You’re able to access QB Online directly from your browser on any web-enabled gadget anytime, anywhere.

2. Are You Entitled to QuickBooks software Upgrade and How Do You Upgrade?

Yes. You’re supposed to get QuickBooks updates and upgrades. It’s very easy to get the updates as they happen. Since the software is cloud-based, you’ll always be in the newest edition. That’s because upgrades happen automatically and don’t affect your stored data at all. Anytime the software has been upgraded, you’ll receive a message after you log in.

3. What System Requirements Are There for QuickBooks Online?

The following are the recommended system requirements for you to enjoy QB Online;

  1. Window computer: 1GHz PC with at least 256MB RAM operating on Windows XP and any other later version.
  2. The latest edition of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for Mac.
  3. Apple Mac: Intel Mac operating on OS X 10.5 or any other later version.
  4. Good Performing Internet Connection (Cable, DSL, T1).
  5. It’s important to note that QB isn’t compatible with Linux, including Fedora and Ubuntu. Also, when it comes to QuickBooks live bookkeeping, the software is best on a fast broadband Internet connection.

4. Which QB Online Plan is Suitable for me and what’s the Monthly Subscription Charges?

QuickBooks Online comes with three plans for you to choose from depending on your business’s needs. They are all at a reasonable monthly subscription. It’s important that you can for the plan that has the features set to meet your company’s needs, for now, then, you can update to a higher plan as your company grows.

5. Will QB Online work on Your Apple Mac?

QB Online will work on your Apple Mac without any issues. As mentioned, this software is cloud-based and will work any device or browser on Mac and PC as well as mobile.

6. Is It to Access QB Online on your tablet or smartphone?

It’s very possible to access QB online from any web-enabled device with a web browser, including mobiles. QuickBooks Online experience is optimized on any iOS device, including iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch as well as Android tablets and Smartphones. You can install the QB Online Application on your mobile.

7. Is it possible to Access QB Online offline?

No. You’ll need to be connected online to access QB Online.

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