QuickBooks Cloud Accounting

Beginner’s Guide to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks has persisted to be the number one accounting software worldwide thanks to its great features that automate and simplify businesses’ accounting operations. This software by Intuit comes with multiple inbuilt forms, which can help to maintain an effective track of a business’s tax filing and other financial transactions. 

The best thing about this software program is that it’s user-friendly. Anyone can use it because it doesn’t require advanced accounting knowledge to use it. This is one of the reasons QuickBooks has remained top of the line in the accounting sector among small and medium-sized businesses for decades. 

Another great thing about QuickBooks is that it’s designed in a manner that allows it to accommodate futuristic innovations. One of the most recent upgrades with QuickBooks is cloud adaptability. 

As we may all know, cloud computing is helping small to medium businesses to a great deal in many ways. QuickBooks too hasn’t been left behind. Right now, users can access QuickBooks cloud in two ways – QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Hosting.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting – How does it work?

Traditionally, the QuickBooks software program has been installed on a local machine (desktop) and the user could only access it from the machine in which it’s installed. With cloud based QuickBooks hosting, the program is installed on a third-party service from where authorized users can access it from various devices provided they have an Internet connection.

The third-party server hosts QuickBooks for a version that you choose which can be Accountant, POS, Enterprise, Pros, or Premier. For QuickBooks hosting, you’ll require paying a fee to the provider of the service. The fee amount depends on several factors such as the number of users, server resources, etc. 

As an account admin, you have the right to either create or remove users and edit all the access permissions left for you. The security of the hosted QuickBooks account is heightened using login credentials authentications. 

To access your hosted QuickBooks, you either require a web browser or remote access software on your local device. With a perfect internet connection, you’ll be able to enjoy real-time access to the hosted QuickBooks. There’s a multi-user mode too, which can be accessed from different devices and operating systems. 

Additionally, you can attain access from anywhere and at any time. Since the accounting processes are going to be performed and saved on your hosting server, the accounting data is going to remain entirely safe and sound, even when your local machine fails. 

Since the functionalities and features of the hosted QuickBooks are nearly the same as the QuickBooks desktop version (through RDP), it’s easy to switch to it and doesn’t interfere with user experience. Hosted QuickBooks boosts accessibility and, therefore, enhances productivity. 

With hosted QuickBooks version, you’ll be enjoying all the cloud computing benefits, including:

  1. Anywhere & anytime access
  2. Device independence
  3. Multi-user environment
  4. Automated backup
  5. Disaster recovery, etc. 

How to Choose the Right Hosting Provider for QuickBooks

QuickBooks Cloud hosting provides the independence of moving from one service provider to another at any time and will. However, it’s important to choose an Intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting service provider. 

So, how do you go about that? Below, find some useful factors to consider when choosing the right hosting provider:

  1. At least 99.995% uptime guarantee
  2. QB version supported – Choose a provider that supports the QB version you’re using to the most recent version available
  3. Favorable IT infrastructure & data center practices
  4. 24/7 customer support through chat, email, and phone

QuickBooks Online – What you Need to Know

This version of QuickBooks in the cloud is a SaaS-based program provided by Intuit. QuickBooks Online aims at replicating most of QuickBooks Desktop features though some features are entirely different. However, the usual cloud computing benefits such as remote accessibility, cross-device compatibility, etc. are available in QB online version.

Also, you’ll learn that the feature set and user interface are quite different from the conventional desktop version. That means that the user experience in the online version isn’t similar to that of the desktop version. For users that have already been accustomed to the functionalities of QuickBooks desktop, they might find it hard to switch to the online version. 

Another challenge that switching to this cloud-based accounting software may present is the slow processing speed. If you’re an accounting professional with a mountain of tasks to finish, working on QB online can be challenging, especially for businesses that are looking for multi-user compatibility.

Nevertheless, QuickBooks Online experiences update instantly, which means that you’re always up-to-speed with the latest features. QuickBooks Online works online entirely on Intuit’s servers. For that reason, you can’t choose a hosting service, which may limit the compatibility of QB add-ons in some situations.  

How Can Cloud-Based QuickBooks Help your Business?

QuickBooks cloud isn’t just one of the many cloud-based accounting software, but it’s the best on the market so far. Below, find some of the benefits you stand to enjoy when you implement this version of QuickBooks into your business.

Effortless Automation of Many Accounting and Bookkeeping Process

QuickBooks cloud has capabilities that allow accountants, bookkeepers, business owners, and customers (clients) to enhance their efficiency. Business owners can have more time to spend on other important matters regarding business growth.

Real-Time Data Updates

Since you can access the financial data of your company and clients in real-time, you have more power when it comes to making crucial decisions quickly. 

Ability to Access your Company Data from Any Location or Device

Accessibility is one of the greatest benefits of QuickBooks cloud hosting. With this QuickBooks version, all you require is a suitable device and a good internet connection. With that, you can access important data such as reports, receipts, and records, from anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, you don’t need to download or install anything into your system; you’ll be doing everything right from the browser. You’ll be tied to your office servers no more. With unlimited access to services remotely and always-on communication, business owners can now create stronger and lasting relations with their clients. 

Present and Future Scalability

Your business might have started small, where it performed a few transactions in a month, but now it has grown tenfold. In this regard, you must select cloud-based accounting software that suits the needs of your growing business. With the help of the QuickBooks cloud solution, it’s easy for you to scale and meet the changing needs of your company.

Transitioning into a Paperless Office Environment

With cloud based QuickBooks, you’ll be able to save a great deal of time, money, and reduce the carbon footprint of your company. QuickBooks on the cloud gets rid of the need for physical management and storage of paper documents. That is important not only from a cost perspective but also from an environmental dimension.

Automatic Updates

QuickBooks software program is updated on the Internet automatically. That means you’ll be enjoying better security and enhanced functionality without extra effort required on your side. 

Reducing Costs

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a beginner, or a small business owner, you don’t need to go through the hassle of looking for capital for initial investment for software, hardware, or even a dedicated information technology (IT) team. 

All you need to get you started is a little time to upload data, personalize accounts, and learn how to use them. Cloud based QuickBooks is almost identical to on-site software. It’s also very user-friendly, thanks to the numerous online tutorials and videos to help you to work like a pro within no time.

When it comes to the subscription model, you’ll be subscribing every month, which again means little investment and more economical. Additionally, QuickBooks in the cloud integrates easily with other cloud apps. That improves the efficiency and power of your online accounting technology.

A Safe and Secure Solution

As a business owner, you may be dealing with an enormous data amount, particularly regarding accounting. One of the best things about keeping our vital and sensitive information in the cloud is to get rid of potential human error, the possibility of getting stolen, or even the hardware being lost. We make mistakes, servers fail from time to time, and laptops get lost.

Fortunately, cloud based accounting software such as QuickBooks cloud managed backups easily meaning you won’t need to worry about losing your essential data. Additionally, the cloud also provides solutions to other security problems using its high standards of security, auto data redundancies, and easy security upgrades without any added cost.

Data connections get secured with secured socket layer technology (SSL), which means that all your sensitive details will be completely encrypted. 

Comparing QuickBooks cloud hosting with the traditional desktop version, the security of your data is tighter with the cloud services than when it’s locally stored. When you store data in the company’s hardware, it can easily get compromised if the hardware is stolen or damaged.

On the other hand, cloud based QuickBooks utilizes advanced security measures like multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, which guarantee the continued safety of sensitive data.

Real Cost of QuickBooks Cloud

QuickBooks online happens to be the most popular cloud accounting software program. The biggest advantage with this QB version is that you can choose add-ons that are suitable to the needs of your business with ease. That means you enjoy improved workflow efficiency when you choose this QuickBooks solution.

Generally, cloud based accounting software is available through software-as-a-service or SaaS models. The price you pay depends on the extra apps you require to satisfy the unique needs of your business.

How Cloud-Based QuickBooks can Benefit Small Business Owners

QuickBooks cloud offers small businesses the flexibility and oversight that could once be availed to only large corporations. Whether you’re working from home or in your office, the location you’re in doesn’t really matter. The always-on communication when it comes to cloud accounting technologies empowers you to concentrate on the most important tasks in your business.

What If You Choose Not to Implement Cloud Based QuickBooks Solution?

Understandably, most of us are already used and accustomed to the desktop version or locally-installed QuickBooks software. However, there’s no denying that time is changing and everyone is moving to the cloud – the cloud is the future and the future is here.

Perhaps the current QuickBooks version you have is working fine and changing it seems unnecessary to you. However, the financial work keeps on changing rapidly and your business needs to stay up-to-speed with the changes.

Maintaining old software programs can affect your business’ capability and also affects the growth of your company to some extent. Certainly, as much as change is hard, it’s inevitable. Cloud based QuickBooks is worth considering. You shouldn’t be afraid to change. By adopting a cloud solution, you’ll be gaining access to your entire team of professionals who are dedicated to answering customer’s questions and ensure the switch is as smooth as possible.

QuickBooks Cloud is Scalable

As mentioned, the QuickBooks cloud hosting makes things easier for you to scale up your business. Whether you just started your business or you’re a multinational company, the cloud can contract and expand with your business. This cloud-based software allows you to choose what is suitable for your business.

It’s an affordable, accessible, and secure solution that integrates with ease into the current structure of your company. Though you might feel reluctant to move to the cloud at first, you’ll soon realize how beneficial it was.

Inuit QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Pricing

Intuit provides business owners with the capability of running their operations in the cloud through an online cloud QB software program. As mentioned, that gives you the capacity to access your important data anytime you need, anywhere. Intuit QuickBooks safely and securely stores data and keeps it up-to-speed throughout all devices.

Intuit QuickBooks cloud allows you to run your business from anywhere or on the go! It keeps all your accounts organized online so that you can easily track sales, see the progress of your business, send invoices from any location 24/7.

You can easily share or collaborate with your bookkeeper, accountant, or other users working on your account books. Additionally, you can change, delete, or add a user at any time. Intuit QuickBooks cloud hosting is safe thanks to the advanced encryption and safeguards that ensure your data are well-protected.

With this QuickBooks version, you can make an important decision with the help of real-time data. That’s because you can easily access information like ban transactions and balances to ensure you’re up-to-speed with everything going on in your business.

Intuit Cloud-based QuickBooks comes in several pricing plans to provide you with a variety to choose from depending on the specific needs of your business. There are generally three plans, namely, Simple Start, Essentials, and.  

You can pay every month or you can go with the yearly option and get to save up to 10% extra. Currently, you get to save up to 70% for the first 3 months of subscription not forgetting the charge-free 30-day trial offer on all the plans.

Simple Start – Best for Startups

This plan is best suited to entrepreneurs or people who are just starting their business. Normally, it costs 15$ per month but taking advantage of the current 70% discount, you’ll be paying $4.5 per month for 3 months. There’s so much that you can do with this plan including the following:

  1. Tracking sales, profits, and expenses
  2. Tracking and managing sales tax
  3. Creating and sending unlimited invoices
  4. Working on QuickBooks for Mac, PC, and mobile
  5. For a single user & your accountant
Essential – Best for Running Your Business

This QuickBooks cloud hosting plan costs you $23 per month but considering the current 70% discount, you’ll only pay $6.9 per month. It’s loaded with lots of features to help you to take your business to the next level. In addition to all the Simple Start features, the plan enables you to perform the following:

  1. Managing and paying bills
  2. Generating sales quotes
  3. No restriction in currencies you use for transactions
  4. For up to three users & your accountant
Plus – Best for Growing your Business

Last but not least, Plus is the best plan for everyone who is looking to take their businesses to greater heights. The plan normally costs $31. However, with the current 70% discount, you’ll only pay $9.30 per month.

With this QuickBooks cloud hosting plan, you’ll be enjoying all the features availed from Essentials plus the following:

  1. Tracking inventory
  2. Creating purchase orders
  3. Tracking projects or job profitability
  4. The plan can accommodate up to five users as well as your accountant.

QuickBooks Cloud Accounting +1-855-936-0315 Helpline Number

It’s difficult for businesses to diligently handle their bookkeeping and accounting departments. The amount of data that rests with the accounting department is very critical to any organization. Advanced analytical skills, vigilance, and due diligence is an absolute must in the accounting sector. It acts as the backbone of the safe operation of any company and even more so when the transactions shoot through the roof, especially during the festive season. There is an increased workload and huge numbers to crunch apart from the already existing workload that was already there. Fortunately, thanks to technological advancements like QuickBooks Cloud Accounting is now easier.

Since it’s easy to work on software like QuickBooks Pro cloud, QuickBooks Enterprise cloud, and QuickBooks Premier Cloud, you can now easily carry out accounting work without even hiring a professional to do it for you. You don’t have to have advanced skills in accounting to do this. So, if work is becoming too much and finding it hard to easily cope up with the increased demand, you should consider shifting to the cloud.

If you wish to increase your efficiency, here are reasons why you need cloud based QuickBooks rather than the desktop version:

1. Multi-User Access

Compared to desktop software, QuickBooks Cloud offers multi-user access. That feature lets QuickBooks users access and operate on a document collaboratively within your business team. Moreover, employees can simply download the changes done in the files at the same time. With cloud technology, particularly when demand is high will definitely help to ease the management and discussion of the business operations seamlessly and collectively.

2. Epilogue

Leveraging technology helps your business to acquire the necessary speed and compatibility over your competitors. Additionally, it helps to enjoy the most out of the efforts employed by your professional staff and the resources.

With QuickBooks cloud, all changes made will be updated in real-time. That does away with the need for file sharing with clients and co-workers. As a result, it provides your business with maximum flexibility. When you edit a particular file, any other person logged into the hosted QuickBooks cloud environment will view the changes done as they happen.

3. 24/7 QuickBooks Advisor

Handling technical issues is a daunting task and in the event of increased demand, it’s crucial to always be up and running to satisfy the increased demand on time. Using QuickBooks cloud, you get the right and professional advice, without expending a fortune to employ an expert information technology team. Purchasing hosting will offer you a dedicated support team that will always be there to offer a solution to your business-related challenges. Additionally, you can connect with your QuickBooks cloud hosting provider 24/7 in case the need arises.

4. More Security

Keeping your essential data on your hardware makes your date be subjected to many risks. However, when you save your files with cloud hosting, you’re assured of risk-free access to your data. Therefore, you have increased control over your organization.

5. Handle Cash Flow

Healthy cash-flow will ensure that your company can conveniently honor the bills due and can satisfy other regular and non-regular financial needs of the business. In other words, handling the cash flow assists an organization to maintain real-time updated cash-flow, without jeopardizing the security. You can review the daily, monthly, or even annual reports with just a few mouse clicks.

6. Easy Scalable Options

Moreover, the QuickBooks cloud hosting offers pay-as-you-go features to its users to meet the needs of the business. You can simply expand and contract the bandwidth of your plan to satisfy the current demand for your business. That compared to desktop software, the QuickBooks cloud hosting provides absolute freedom to explore and innovate more without jeopardizing other needs.

7. Environment-Friendly Technology

As mentioned, the cloud provides flexibility and security of your data to its users and assists your business to contribute their part in saving the environment. It minimizes the need for paper-work. The majority of the cloud providers store your hosted data on the green data centers. Using environment-friendly technology to operate your business enhances the credibility of your business and reduces the carbon footprints of the same.

Final Thought

QuickBooks cloud accounting is going to save your business a great deal of money regardless of its size. When you adopt the cloud through a hosting provider, you’ll be gaining the advantages of managed Information Technology services. That means you no longer have to spend the money required to buy and maintain expensive servers and other in-house hardware. Consider cloud based QuickBooks today!

In Conclusion

QuickBooks cloud – both hosted and online – provides scalability, mobility, and flexibility benefits. Both of these QuickBooks versions help in unlocking the unlimited power of cloud computing. QuickBooks online is best suited to professionals that are looking to enjoy the cloud benefits such as remote access to their accounting data rather than acquiring the entire feature-set of QuickBooks desktop. 

On the other hand, QuickBooks hosting is suitable for professionals who are looking for all the QuickBooks desktop features combined with the cloud benefits. Though both have their pros and cons, you’ll now be able to choose depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – QuickBooks Cloud Accounting

Question 1: Can You Carry Out Job Costing on QuickBooks Cloud?

Job costing can be defined as a technique of recording the revenues and expenses for a particular job. It consists of all the calculations and QuickBooks bookkeeping related to the material costs, overhead, and labor associated with one task.

Whether you can carry out job costing on QuickBooks cloud, the answer is yes. It’s easy to do job costing on QuickBooks cloud. However, to do that, you’ll require making a few extra efforts. First, you’ll have to designate labor costs to every specific job that your organization performs. Following the adjustment of all the settings, all the calculations and assessments will be done automatically as the task progresses.

Question 2: What Can Happen If I Cancel My QuickBooks Account?

You might be wondering what would happen if you did all of your data if your QuickBooks account is canceled. The thing is, when you cancel a QuickBooks Cloud Accounting subscription, your hosting provider might keep the data for a specific period. Some companies keep it for up to a year.

Before you cancel, you ought to export and if possible print any crucial reports. Additionally, hosting QuickBooks desktop on cloud ensures that you’re able to convert your data to a QuickBooks Desktop cloud edition to enhance accessibility. That way, if you restore your QuickBooks account within the time your hosting provider preserves the data, QuickBooks is going to still have all your previous data.

Question 3: Should You Require a Separate Payroll Service?

When it comes to accounting software, as a user, you require paying for the payroll service as a separate entity. However, with QuickBooks, the story is different. You won’t need to pay for the payroll service separately.

That is because; QuickBooks features an inbuilt payroll service. But if you need the QuickBooks to calculate the amount of payroll tax you should withhold, you’ll require subscribing to one of the QuickBooks payroll services. Additionally, you’re the one to decide whether you want to pay the taxes together with other expenses or outside your QuickBooks account.

Question 4: Is It Possible For You to Include Credit Card Accounts to Your QB Feed?

It’s possible that you already know how to add checking accounts to your QB bank feed. However, the problem might arise when it comes to adding credit card accounts to your QB bank feed. Actually, while you wonder whether it’s possible to add credit card accounts, someone else might be wondering how many accounts they can add.

The good thing is that, whatever level of subscription of QuickBooks you go for, you’ll be in possession of as many credit cards or bank accounts as you want.

Question 5: Can You Upgrade QB Self-Employed?

As your organization grows, so do your accounting software requirements. For that, you may start wondering whether you can upgrade your QuickBooks account automatically from Self-Employed into another stronger edition of QuickBooks.

The bad news is that there’s no way for you to convert your data from a QuickBooks Self-Employed account to another edition of QuickBooks cloud hosting accounting automatically.

Question 6: How Many Workers Do You Need to Deal with QuickBooks?

The number of employees you need to work on QuickBooks will entirely depend on the huge operations in your business area. If you have just started, you may not require hiring a complete team to handle your accounting operation in the company. All you’ll need is a register for QuickBooks Pro and learn how to handle it using it with the help of some tutorials. QuickBooks Pro can handle up to three users. It will help you to carry out the important tasks in your company, including quarterly tax filings, cost tracking, sales invoicing, and payroll generation, among others.

However, as your business grows, you’ll require looking for more sophisticated versions of QuickBooks. Swapping your QuickBooks edition is easy. Just contact your hosting company and they will help you handle it. Additionally, if you’re uncertain which edition you ought to go for, consult your hosting provider and they will help out. Any QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise cloud can be a good option for you.

Question 7: Is It Possible to Edit Accountant Firm Users Using QB Simple Start?

As far as this question is concerned, each QuickBooks subscription level allows for not more than two accountants firm users at a particular time. The rule is applicable to Simple Start. So, if you’ve two users on your QB Simple Start account and you would like to add one, you ought to first delete one accountant firm user then invite another.

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