QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)

Complete Guide of QuickBooks Point of Sale

Intuit’s QuickBooks is the most successful accounting software so far. From this comes the QuickBooks POS, which is a proprietary solution that focuses on addressing the issues faced by most small businesses as far as keeping up with their sales and accounting are concerned – real-time updating of relevant information.

The QB point of sale is one of the many QuickBooks products that can work independently from the original QB Enterprise solutions. However, if you’re unfamiliar with QB POS yet, it’s about time that we introduce this amazing business product from Intuit is official. 

QuickBooks Point of Sale

What is QuickBooks POS?

QB Point of Sale or simply QuickBooks POS is software that works as an advanced cash register. Its work is actually to function as a cash register, though it does more than that. The software is a separate business tool that can be utilized in supporting the overall QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions package.

To understand more about the QuickBooks POS, the product is tasked with:

  1. Accepting sales
  2. Managing inventory records – keeping & updating
  3. Tracking customer data
  4. Preparing business reports

Based on these responsibilities, you can see that the software plays the same role as a cash register. However, it’s also responsible for some other crucial tasks and a sophisticated level of service that a cash register can’t do. 

There is a range of benefits that you can enjoy from the QuickBooks POS system. These include the following:

Seamless and Accurate Inventory

One of the most important benefits of QuickBooks POS is that it allows for real-time updating of inventory. Each time sales are incurred, the stock figure is auto-updated and the sales records changed to show the recent sale.

That means that your inventory will be accurate and timely. For instance, if you’ve low supplies on one item, you could easily see that and be in a position to react accordingly, that is, purchasing new supplies to keep your stocks in good shape. That’s so much better than the conventional way of doing inventory every once in a while. This conventional approach also ends up in stocks being zeroed and not replenished on time. 

QuickBooks POS is also able to keep a track of the status of your orders, to allow you to know which package hasn’t arrived and which one might be in transit. That way, you can know which packages are experiencing issues and you can answer your clients accordingly.

Multi-shop Management under One Roof

With the help of QuickBooks Point of Sale in each of your branches or stores, the whole chain is linked to a single central database. That way, you can easily manage and come up with reports from each of your individual stores without the need of visiting them physically.

You can also stay at your main office and call up reports each time you need to because they are linked through a single network. That surely saves time when you require preparing a thorough report to your board of directors. 

Link to QB Accounting Software

The QuickBooks solution is an all-around answer to any issues a business is facing. With its link to the QB Accounting software, the business can keep up in real-time with the accounting side. The corresponding accounts and figures that are affected by the transactions are updated immediately, to ensure the reports are 100% accurate.

The connection to the accounting software also includes submissions of time cards to allow payroll to easily be calculated with accuracy as a priority. 

Outstanding Security

A Point of Sale System ought to have outstanding security to ensure sensitive financial information isn’t endangered. The QuickBooks Point of Sale is protected by restricting users’ access to what their rank is.

Administrative features are closed for salespeople and open only to accounting department staff to access, and so on. 

Features of POS

You will be provided with various benefits once you choose the point of sale for your business. If you want the latest version of POS, download QuickBooks POS 12.0 upgrade. It is comparatively faster and has a lot more improvements. Multi-tasking has become quite simple in this new version.

Major features of POS are-

Ring sales

Ring sales in multiple ways and build a customer profile. Choose the way whatever you want to ring sales; enter item numbers or names, or use an optional barcode scanner. Users are also allowed to initiate the CRM process at the POS while offering discounts. Choose Intuit QuickBooks POS and add customer information to know more about your customers.

Easily track inventory

Integrating inventory management has become a lot easier with POS. You will always know that when you need to restock your inventory. One of the worst experiences while managing a business is running out of products that customers want. Leave all your worries away with POS. Your inventory software is updated with every transaction so that you always know when you require to reorder.

Sync with QB

For effortless accounting, use QuickBooks POS integration. Desktop POS easily syncs with QB Desktop that helps you to save your effort, time, and energy. Everyone gets into business to fulfill their dreams not for wasting time on back-office tasks. POS works seamlessly with QB as it easily syncs your books in QB to eschew double entries and errors.

Accept credit card payments

Customers can choose how they want to pay as they are facilitated with different payment options. POS accepts a credit or debit card payment so that you never miss out on a sale. QuickBooks POS online permits you to choose your preferred method of payment. Debit card payments, credit card payments, and payment processing are required for anyone who wants to grow his/her business.

Know your customers better

You can easily track customer information whenever you need it. With POS you have all the relevant information related to your customers at your fingertips. You can check out available credit if you can give them any amazing deal if any customer has a balance due, and other important details as they check out.

Download the latest QuickBooks POS upgrade and avail benefits of all these features.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Download

If you’re now ready to implement QuickBooks Point of Sale, you first need to download and install it on your system. But, how do you do that? Well, we explain the steps you should follow to ensure a successful QuickBooks Point of Sale download.

Using your browser, go to Intuit’s official website and search for the QB POS download link. Navigate to the Download and Updates and download the Point of Sale version of your choice. There are three packages you can choose from, including:

  1. QuickBooks POS Basic Package: This package is equipped with the basic functionalities and tools to carry out sales tracking, customer management, and inventory management. The package is best suited to smaller stores. 
  2. QuickBooks POS Pro Package: The package provides advanced tools and avails multiple options for customization to ensure that you’re able to manage inventory, sales, and your customers as per your needs. 
  3. The Pro package also features two forms, one used in businesses that operate at a bigger sphere with their multiple stores and the other one for a business that operates web stores.
  4. Multi-store version: This QuickBooks Point of Sales version is suitable for those people who have several stores they need to manage. The package can manage up to 20 stores. 

While you’re on the Download and Updates page, choose your country.

  1. Choose QuickBooks Point of Sale download as the product
  2. Choose the edition and then the version of your software. Once you do that, click on “Search
  3. Confirm your QB Point of Sale edition and version are correct and then choose “Download

After you have completed successfully the QuickBooks Point of Sale download and saved it on your system, you can now easily install the QB POS.

QuickBooks POS 2018

QuickBooks POS 2018 provides users with the ability to grow and become a bigger and full-service retail power-source. Intuit developed this software as an advancement of the previous versions, including features that further streamlined day-to-day operations as well as allow for mobile Point of Sale applications.

Moreover, customer information such as Available Credit, Account Balance, History, and Notes are readily availed on the Make a Sale screen. It’s now possible to see the transaction history of your customers and any available credit or balance without tapping on the “More info” button. 

With simplified QuickBooks Financial tool integration, you have full control of your business under one solution. QuickBooks POS 2018 comes in multiple options, which are:

  1. QuickBooks POS 2018 Basic
  2. QuickBooks POS 2018 Pro
  3. QuickBooks POS 2018 Multi Store

QuickBooks POS 2018 Features

  1. Mobile compatibility for Android and iOS devices
  2. Track inventory levels, sales, and customer data, all under one app
  3. Inbuilt tutorials speed training set of procedures
  4. Access control using password protection
  5. Integration with QB Financial software

Minimum System Requirements

QuickBooks POS 2018 is supported on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit and 32-bit), Server 2016, Server 2012 R2, Server 2008 R2 (SP2 and SP1), or Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (SPI).

Your system also needs to have 4GB of RAM, a 2.0 GHz processor, 1GB of Disk Space, and a 1024 x 768 Display. However, please note that multi-user may demand different requirements. 

QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 Download

QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 operates not only faster but also better than the previous versions. Also, it provides better readability with improved visual design and allows users to operate on sales receipts, reports, and much more under one go!

Additionally, this QuickBooks POS version allows backup storage of up to 4 gigabytes and delivers advanced keyboard shortcuts. If you’re planning to do QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 Download, it would be nice to first understand the new features of the software.

Features of QuickBooks POS Desktop 12.0

  1. Faster performance. That means it saves more time, ensures faster workflows, and guarantees a 10 X startup time. 
  2. Improved visual design allowing enhanced screen readability
  3. Advanced keyboard shortcuts
  4. Offer important workflows sorting – returned items, ring up the sale, and received items
  5. Multi-tasking feature – allowing you to simultaneously operate on multiple program parts, that is, check reports, process sales receipt, and much more.
  6. Support for backup files that are bigger than 4 gigabytes.

What are the Benefits of QuickBooks POS Desktop 12.0?

By doing QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 download and installation, there are benefits you stand to enjoy. These benefits include:

  1. QB Desktop Integration: You’ll be able to save a lot of time by auto-syncing the data with QB Desktop.
  2. Accept Credit Cards safely: The QB POS Desktop 12.0 is EMV-ready and designed to allow compatibility with the majority of modern payment technology to ensure improved data security. 
  3. Complete Business Management: This version of QuickBooks is an outstanding tool to help you to call up sales, manage inventory, accept credit cards, and manage vendors. 

QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 Download Process

Navigate to QuickBooks “Downloads & Updates” official page and find the 12.0 version download link. Once you do that:

  1. Choose the QB Point of Sale as your product from the “Downloads & Updates” webpage
  2. Choose the software suitable for your product version and edition
  3. From there, click on “Search
  4. Once you see the 12.0 version link, click on “Download

How to Install QuickBooks Desktop POS 12.0

Hoping that you’ve performed QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 download free successfully, it’s now time to install the software on the system. So, the following are the simple steps you’ll need to follow:

Open the QuickBooks Desktop POS 12.0 file you’ve just downloaded. Double-click on its executable file to initiate the installation process. 

Step One: Click on “Yes” if you see a prompt to “overwrite open extracted files

Step Two: Click on “Next” to initiate the process of installation

Step Three: Ensure you read and understand the “Software License Agreement” provided. Once you do that, click on “Next” to proceed.

Step Four: You’ll need to choose the number of PC to be utilized for Point of Sale

Step Five: If it’s a single user, click “Only this computer” and proceed with the installation process

Step Six: For multi-user, click “Two or More Computers” and choose if it’s the “Client workstation” or “The Server”.

Step Seven: Click on “Install” (You can click on “Back” if you wish to go back for a review of the steps)

Step Eight: After the installation process is complete, activate the QB Desktop Point of Sale and you’re ready to go!

In case you’ve stuck anywhere or you require more information regarding QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop 12.0 download free and installation, you can call in to seek professional assistance and we’ll be glad to help you.

QuickBooks Pro 2008 – The Setup and User Interface

Generally speaking, it’s not easy to learn how to use and master sophisticated accounting software easily and quickly. However, if you’re looking for QuickBooks Pro 2008 download, don’t worry because the QB version 2008 comes with an upgraded UI to ensure that you find it as easy-to-use as possible.

It features a flowchart-style interface that includes QuickBooks Coach, which is a help window located at the top-right corner. This Coach comes with two useful buttons, that is, View Tutorials that offer easy-access to informational videos within the QB Learning Center, and the Coach Tips that help you with a specific task. 

For instance, if you aren’t sure how to go about a sales order processing, you can click “Show Coach Tips” and the main screen will darken and then information icons will show up. Next, you’ll click the icon next to “Sales Orders” and QuickBooks will list the steps to process an order.

From there, drag your mouse over each step in the workflow and you’ll see a text window explaining that specific step. Though experienced users may find the training wheels boring, they are very useful for first-time users. However, if you don’t need the training, you can easily turn off the feature by clicking on the “Hide Coach Tips” button. 

Overall, QuickBooks’ main accounting tools have been made more accurate over the years. For that reason, they don’t change so much from an upgrade to another. Instead of just fixing what hasn’t broken, Intuit adds value by including business-oriented features, which expand the usefulness of QuickBooks beyond its bean-counter field. 

QuickBooks is now Using Microsoft Outlook and other Reputable Email Softwares in Sending Documents such as Invoices.

This feature was witnessed in QuickBooks 2007, which came with the ability to upload inventory info to Google Base, which increased users’ online visibility. The version 2008 came with WebListings feature, which expanded on the version 2007’s one slightly by auto uploading your business info to main online directories, including Yahoo Local, Google Maps, SuperPages.com, and Yellow Pages.com. Though QuickBooks may not have been a fully-fledged –commerce tool it was moving in that direction. 

Additionally, QuickBooks 2008 Pro provides enhanced integration with Google Maps. For example, if you’re working in the Customer Center of QuickBooks and wish to visit a client, which is in the Customer Information interface under the address of clients, you’ll find two links, that is, Directions and Maps. 

If you click the first link, you’ll see a pop-up window displaying a Google Map on your client’s location. When you click the next link, you’ll see another window showing a map that has directions originating from the location of your business. By entering different starting addresses, you’ll get diverse directions too. 

The improved QuickBooks integration with common e-mail apps like Outlook Express, Outlook, and Windows Mail is perhaps more advantageous to the experienced users. 

While QuickBooks previously offered a cumbersome Email applet used to send sales receipts, invoices, and other forms straight from the program, QuickBooks Pro 2008 takes a more sophisticated approach of using your computer’s default mail application. 

To Email a QB invoice through Outlook, for example, you just click on “Customer Center/Invoices”, select the name of a customer, and then press “Send” within the “Create Invoices” window. 

Outlook will then launch with the address of the customer in the “To:” section, the attached invoice as a PDF file, and a customizable form letter in the next window to urge the client to clear the due amount. 

QuickBooks Pro 2008 utilizes Google Maps in Displaying Business Addresses within its Database

Small and medium-sized business owners – starters and even seasoned QuickBooks users – generally utilize an accountant when it comes to a tax period. However, when you do a QuickBooks Pro 2008 download; you’ll realize that the version makes everything easier to securely send company records to your accountant, as long as they utilize QuickBooks too.

You can easily upload your password-guarded company file to a QuickBooks secure server, which makes it available for a maximum of 14 days to allow your accountant to download. Your accountant will automatically get an email having a link for retrieving the file. However, you’ll need to send your password separately either through a separate email or phone call. 

Though the approach may appear a little clumsy, it’s probably more secure than entering the password in the notification Email. 

Services and Support

Fortunately, QuickBooks Pro 2008 file is more user-friendly. Instead of popping up over the screen, it shows up a right-hand column that doesn’t block whatever you’re working on. That means that you no longer need to keep jumping up and down between the open windows. 

Help is also well-organized to properly address the tasks at hand. For example, if you’re unsure what you should do in the “Select Item Receipt” window, simply click “Help”. You’ll notice that the first topic to show up in the “Help” window will explain when/how to utilize the feature. 

Also, the QuickBooks technical/professional support comes free-of-charge for the first THIRTY days. Nevertheless, the support becomes pricey after the end of the grace period. Single support calls ask $49 for every incident, though Intuit provides yearly plans too. 

QuickBooks Pro 2008 – Bottom Line

On the Upside Part, QuickBooks Pro 2008 download provides advanced assistance for starters, that is, enhanced integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Maps, as well as online business directories. It also offers a new safe and secure server to enable routing of QB files to accountants. On the downside, the QuickBooks 2008 upgrades are generally fairly minor.

QB Premier 2008 is still one of the best small-business accounting programs. It provides top-notch guidance for beginners and features a selection of editions designed for particular industries. 

The QuickBooks Version 2008 isn’t necessarily an important upgrade for QB 2007 users, though it’s an effective product for users of previous versions as well as for anyone that’s not familiar with accounting software. 

Like the previous 2007 version, QB 2008 is an upgrade of QuickBooks 2006, which was a major upgrade of Intuit’s best accounting program for small businesses. So, if you decide to stick with what works best for you, then that will make sense. 

Besides, the upgrades made in the 2006 version, which included redesigning of interface and incorporation of a faster database are still a major success.  

However, the cycle of Intuit’s yearly upgrade calls for new features every time and the designers of QuickBooks happen to create some wonderful stull, especially for starters.

For instance, the Coach Tips help beginners to learn the crucial steps for particular accounting tasks, including how to make bids and then change them into invoices. The advanced Help system provides improved content sensitivity, a better way to say that QuickBooks was made smarter when it comes to dispensing advice related to the tasks at hand. 

The QuickBooks Pro 2008 download integrates seamlessly with Google maps, which makes it simple to access directions, for instance to business premises in your client’s database. Also, it’s compatible with Microsoft Outlook and eases the job of sending a QB company file to an accountant.

Advantages of QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks point of sale undoubtedly stands ahead of the line, when we talk about advanced accounting software. This eminent account management system has countless accounting features that offer seamless Financial Tracking experience. Here are few of the benefits that you will reap when you purchase QuickBooks Point of Sale software.

Enhanced Security- QuickBooks Point-of-Sale has integrated an advanced security system that protects your data and information from malicious software or any data breach. The Cloud hosting features have 256-bit encryption that keeps your data safe and secure.

Reduced IT Management Burden- Whenever you face issues while accessing this software, you don’t require in-house IT team in resolving the problems that might take a lot of time. Instead, you could take help from QuickBooks Point of Sale customer service anytime around the clock.

Round the clock Customer Service- Alike other products of QuickBooks, POS also comes with round the clock customer service, which can be availed anytime as per your need and availability. Your concerns or issues will be addressed by QuickBooks’ agents, who have in-depth knowledge of the software.

Reduced Cost- When you have QuickBooks Point of Sale, you don’t require hiring a full time accounting professional to manage your finances. This prodigious accounting software is capable of handling your entire finance requirements single-handedly, hence, eradicating the cost of hiring an employee on a full-time basis.

Multi-store QuickBooks POS Hosting- QuickBooks POS lets you connect multiple stores with one centralized database. It helps you to receive multiple orders from different customers and fulfill the requirements without breaking a sweat.

Multitasking – Conventionally, in small or medium sized businesses there are few employees, each taking up multiple work responsibilities. It creates a lot of pressure on an individual, which leads to hampering of work quality. In such cases, QuickBooks Point of Sale is one stop finance partner that is designed to support multitasking like security access levels, commissions’ management, employee performance tracking, sales audit, accounts payable and receivable, payroll processing, and lot more.

Frequently Encountered Problems with QuickBooks Point of Sale

Undoubtedly, QuickBooks Point of Sale is the best accounting partner that you can have in recent times. It is high-end software capable of performing a number of tasks efficiently. However, in many instances, its complex tools might lead to some complications, which further leads to errors. Here are few of the recently encountered issues addressed by QuickBooks POS support phone number +1-855-936-0315.

  1. Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 175305
  2. Fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 176103
  3. QuickBooks Point of Sale unable to read credit cards – How to Fix?
  4. Server Workstation is not running
  5. TCP/IP is, not installed on computer or network

The errors mentioned above are just a few; the nature of the issues can be different in your case. Howbeit, it can be resolved by QuickBooks customer service expert in less than no time.

Find the List of QuickBooks Products Customer Service Number below:-
  1. QuickBooks ProAdvisor
  2. QuickBooks Online Login
  3. TSheets Login
  4. QuickBooks Customer Service
  5. QuickBooks Enterprise 2020
  6. QuickBooks Online Advanced
  7. QuickBooks Tool Hub
How to Contact QuickBooks POS Point of Sale Support Number?

If you are facing any issue related to QuickBooks Point of Sale service; then you can contact QuickBooks customer service number +1-855-936-0315. anytime as per your availability. The customer representatives can be reached through a dedicated helpline number or by sending an email on the provided email address. Moreover, you can also make use of the chat window integrated into the official website.

Please note that QuickBooks helpline number are available round the clock, even on the public holidays so that we can meet complete customer satisfaction.

Final Thought

QuickBooks POS is an excellent feature for businesses as it comes with a host of useful features. Any business will benefit a great deal by implementing this software, particularly, those with lots of stores to manage. With QuickBooks Point of Sales, accounting and management, as well as inventory, have been made easier than ever. As you saw, there are various versions of QB POS you can choose from.

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