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Turbocash is an accounting software company. It provides open-source accounting software to small or medium-sized businesses, from various industries around the world. It is based in South Africa. Turbocash aims at the small to medium-sized business market, placing it between a home finances package and an ERP package. Its core functions are a general ledger, posting transactions into accounts, and producing financial reports.It is known to be one of the best and reliable accounting software company in the world. Turbocash is for people with small businesses. It helps you manage inventory budgeting and invoicing for your small business. Turbocash is a member of those websites which are a part of Intuit. Intuit is a company that provides financial software to e-commerce websites such as Turbocash. It helps Turbocash in offering all the dynamic and diverse features that it does.You can call the Turbocash customer service number 1-855-936-0315 for almost any problem which you may experience with the software.

Type :Accounting Software
Website : www.turbocash.net
TurboCASH Accounting Phone Number:1-855-936-0315
TurboCASH Support Number:1-855-936-0315
TurboCASH Customer Service:1-855-936-0315
TurboCASH Customer Service Number:1-855-936-0315


Top Features of Turbocash

Turbocash is open-source double-entry accounting software. This means that it is like a financial book which consists of all the details you need related to finance and transactions.

  1. It Records All Transactions: Turbocash taps down every financial transaction that one makes. It records down history like a book and is aware of everything that goes on in your financial world. What makes this easier is when you sync all your credit and debit card details with your Turbocash account. You can even connect your bank accounts with them, which puts down all your financial details under one single roof. TurboCASH 5 is a modern Desktop General Ledger, Cash Book, Stock, Debtors, Creditors, Invoicing that runs on batch. This is the reason why every business needs to have an account at Turbocash.
  2. Keeps Track of Debits and Credits: It even keeps track of your debtors and creditors which is something that normally financial recorders don’t do. Apart from this, Turbocash can also be integrated with Amazon. This makes online shopping more easily convenient. This even means that it can record all your expenses. Turbocash records down your invoices and receipts in order to make sure that it has your entire history of expenses. Turbocash accepts payments made with bank transfers, PayPal, and major credit cards, such as Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express. This further makes payments made by Turbocash a lot easier. Turbocash is aimed at the small to medium-sized business market, placing it between a home finances package and an ERP package. Its core functions are a general ledger, posting transactions into accounts, and producing financial reports. Plugin technology enables developers to extend the system.
  3. Integrated System: Turbocash integrates through tab-delimited imports and exports. Developed with Delphi, it runs natively on Windows, and a version has been released that runs under Wine for Linux. A version for CrossOver is also under development for macOS.

Why Contact Turbocash Customer Service?

Because it is such complex software, there is no surprise that some people are unable to use it correctly. And here’s where the Turbocash customer service comes in.  The Turbocash team will be more than willing to help you. After all, the only way you can use the Turbocash software to its fullest potential is if you learn to use it properly. Additionally, you may need to contact customer service to help you with several technical issues. These may include issues like:

  1. Turbocash freezing
  2. Your device being incompatible with Turbocash
  3. Turbocash not opening after a software update
  4. Turbocash not connecting to the internet

All you have to do is contact the Turbocash customer service to help you.

How to Contact Turbocash Customer Service?

Now, there are many ways to contact the Turbocash customer service team, such as by accessing the Turbocash support website and also by accessing the Turbocash customer service number. Turbocash understands that it can be quite inconvenient for users on the rare instance the software stops performing for one reason or the other. So, they have provided a set of links for the most common types of issues which the users can read and solve on their own. Users are advised to follow the guides provided and then if there’s an issue to contact the customer service helpline. If you happen to one of the users who are unable to solve their problems through the website, then do not hesitate to contact the Turbocash customer service. The representatives are more than equipped with the necessary knowledge to provide you with on-call support that will help you understand and solve your queries. However, if this still fails then you are welcome to drop the Turbocash team an email, detailing your problem so that they can look into it.

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