ANA Reservations

How to make ANA reservations?

Booking a flight ticket is not rocket science anymore, now you can do it with a few clicks only. With ANA reservations, passengers can fly to their dream destinations at pocket-friendly fares. They have different options to purchase flight tickets, and the official site of the airline is one of the most used methods. Spend less time on booking, and more on enjoying adventures. Let’s explore the steps to book tickets online.

  1. Launch your browser and visit the official site of ANA.
  2. On the homepage of the ANA website, click on the “Flight Reservation” option.
  3. Enter all your important details of this section and initially choose the type of your trip.
  4. After this, fill the origin and destination city to move further in the process of ANA reservation.
  5. Now, pick the date of your departure.
  6. Fill out the number of passengers and their details who are travelling together on that route. 
  7. Next, select the class of your travel.
  8. Click on the “Find Flights” tab to get the list of available flights. 
  9. Review all the flights and choose the flight that suits your travel plan.
  10. Now, choose the payment mode and pay for your flight.
  11. Once you have completed All Nippon reservations, you will receive a ticket on the email and phone.

Apart from this official site, you can make a booking through the mobile app and phone number of the airline. 

Seat selection of ANA:

Selecting the right seat for your trip is quite a task as your selected seat ensures a relaxed and smooth journey.

Seat reservations for domestic routes

Passengers can choose their favourite seat in advance conveniently and easily while purchasing flight tickets for their journey. Use the seat map on the ANA official site and select your desired seat to travel comfortably. 

Advance seat reservation

As per the fare type, there are a range of seats that can be booked in advance. The time at which you are able to book your preferred seat totally depends upon the applicable fare types. 

  1. Advanced ANA seat reserve can be made online up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  2. Keep in mind that your assigned seat can be changed owing to aircraft changes or some other reasons that are beyond the airline control. 
  3. You can book a seat at the emergency exit row only if you satisfy the required conditions. If you are sitting in that row, you may need to assist during any unexpected event. 
  4. You can pick your desired seat for ANA booking made via the travel website of the airline by moving to the “Confirm Reservation” tab under the “Tour” section. 
  5. If you are flying with an infant, you are not permitted to sit in an emergency exit row for some safety reasons. If two passengers are travelling with an infant, they can’t sit in the same row due to the limited availability of oxygen masks. 

You can choose the right seat through ANA manage booking option. 

Passengers allowed to sit in emergency exit row seats

Here is the list of passengers who can choose an emergency exit row seat.

  1. Passengers who are able to understand the crew instructions and evacuation procedure.
  2. Passengers who are 15 years of age or older.
  3. Passengers who are able to communicate in English or Japanese.
  4. Passengers who don’t need assistance from the staff at the time of boarding.
  5. Passengers who are not travelling with a child who is 8 years old.
  6. Passengers who are capable of assisting in an emergency evacuation. 

Make All Nippon Airways reservations and select your desired seat. 


ANA Reservation Number +1-855-948-3805

All Nippon Airways Reservation Number

Longing to fly somewhere unexplored this holiday season? Planning to book flight tickets of All Nippon Airways? If yes; then start searching online with the travel dates of your preferences. Moreover, you can also directly contact the booking expert through ANA reservation number +1-855-948-3805 for stress-free ANA flight booking.


All Nippon Airways Contact Number

All Nippon Airways Reservations Number+1-855-948-3805
ANA Booking Number +1-855-948-3805
All Nippon Airways Contact Number +1-310-782-3011
All Nippon Airways HeadquartersShiodome City Center Minato, Tokyo, Japan
All Nippon Airways
HubsTokyo–Narita, Tokyo–Haneda
SubsidiariesANA Wings, Air Japan, Vanilla Air, Pan Am International Flight Academy
Fleet Size233
Parent companyANA Holdings


With Ana Reservations, booking a flight has never been easier. The reservation is now a user-friendly process thanks to the booking counter running online. In this era of the Internet and technology, every all the information you might be looking for is right there on your computer or smartphone’s screen. Since airline reservation has become an online booking service, reserving for a flight to your destination whether locally or internationally is now a matter of minutes.

Affordable Reservations

Years ago, air travel is only affordable to the elite class or for people that worked abroad in other states or countries. However, today things have changed. Ana Reservation avails affordable air travels making it easier for anyone to afford this elegant means of transport. You can let Ana reserve seat your next scheduled flight from the comfort of your home with only your credit card. Ana Reservation is one of the most reliable air travel partners you can find around and one that you can trust. When you use this company, you’re sure you’ll not be charged any extra fees or for any other hidden miscellaneous reasons and most travel agents do. If you’re still looking for a flight company you can rely on for your frequent travels, you can rely on this reputable company for All Nippon airways reservations.

Ticket Charges

Usually, ticket charges might change depending on the days and the season. Ana booking avails advanced booking techniques to enable you to just within your budget travel to your destination. With Ana manage booking facility, you’ll be able to see all the flight routes available and decide on which one will best suit your budget and other requirements.  

Season tickets are normally more expensive than off-season ones. To make you enjoy more flights, you’ll be able to find off-seasons tickets at a much lower price than you can imagine. Besides, if you make Ana flight booking in advance, you can enjoy your airfares at much lower rate. Additionally, the Ana reservation number ensures that you can get in touch with the company’s customer support any time in case you want to make an urgent ticket and reservation.

Book in Advance

As you might have noticed, today the cost of both local and international airline tickets and reservation vary daily. You might find it cheaper on one day and the next day it’s costly. Therefore, as a wise air traveler, who understands that he has to make a trip to a particular destination on a particular day or week, Ana flight booking in advance can be a smart move for you. In case you change your mind after having made the reservation, the Ana change reservation option will ensure that you make changes without having issues like losing your money.

Convenient Deal

Online airline ticket booking is very convenient because you receive a comprehensive itinerary charted out in detail. If for instance, you want to stop somewhere in between, you can actually study what suits you needs and all Nippon airways booking to see which one suits your schedule and you can choose your best accordingly. 

If you book online for all Nippon reservation, you’ll enjoy a variety of hotel options and also rent an auto service and other little but important details, which help a great deal during your trip to and from your destination. When you call for Ana reserve seat, you’ll get to be advised accordingly on whether to make a package deal or a single trip to your destination and which one is the best for you. 

Choose the Better Deal

As mentioned, Ana Reservations facilities have made booking for airline reservations easier than ever before. Availing multiple choices of flights for you, it’s now simpler to make a suitable choice that suits your need and comfort. You don’t have to waste time looking around to get a flight for your next scheduled travel while you can utilize the services of a reputable company. Don’t allow yourself to fall in the hands of untrustworthy travel agents who are likely to charge you more than enough. Choose the better deal!


About All Nippon Airways

Globally known as the largest airline of the Japan in terms of fleet size, and destination served, ANA All Nippon Airways (NH) is best airline to travel from Japan. The airline serves to more than 43 international destinations across 84 flight routes and 49 domestic cities across 119 routes with the fleet of 272 fuel efficient aircrafts. The flight operations commenced by the airline are operated from its main hubs based in Tokyo–Narita (NRT) and Tokyo–Haneda (HND). However, the airline also operates from its secondary hubs based in Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Itami Airport (ITM).

ANA All Nippon Airways (NH) is also one of the significant members of Star Alliance. If you are planning to book ANA All Nippon Airways flights, you can go ahead and search online to find best ANA All Nippon Airways flight deals. There are plenty of legitimate travel portal from where you can book cheap same-day flight or last-minute flight offered by ANA All Nippon Airways (NH).  However, CheapTicketsBooking and SkyTripMart are the best options to avail cheap flight deals.

For booking or other travel related queries, you can seek for help from ANA  All Nippon Airways reservation number. Just pick your phone and dial ANA All Nippon Airways customer service number for immediate help.


ANA Baggage Policy

ANA is one of the most popular airlines in the JAPAN because of its flyer-friendly policies. When it comes to baggage rules, ANA has created a comprehensive baggage policy to make sure that every passenger has a comfortable journey. The baggage policy of ANA includes a certain amount of free baggage allowance and paid baggage allowance. Every person who is traveling with a valid ANA reservations ticket needs to follow the baggage policy. However, if you are traveling on a codeshare flight or a flight operated by another airline, then the baggage rules of that airline will apply. 

Please note that the baggage allowance on ANA flights varies according to the fare type and travel route of the passengers.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Passengers with ANA flight booking are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item on the flight without any charges. However, both these items need to follow certain limits, such as weight and dimension restriction. The carry-on bag must not exceed the weight limit of 10kg and a size limit of 48 linear inches. The personal item as carry-on can be a handbag, camera, umbrella, etc. In case of any query regarding carry-on allowance on your ANA reserve seat, contact the airline.

In case of extra baggage than the free one, you will be required to purchase the checked baggage allowance. You can purchase All Nippon baggage allowance while booking tickets or from the “Manage Reservations” section. To know how to add checked baggage allowance in your itinerary while “ANA change Reservation,” take help from the designated airline professional by dialing the helpline number offered by the airline.


Some ANA – FAQs

  1. How can I check my flight status, it seems to be affected by bad weather? 

Any bad weather effect on flight operations gets notified on the Flight Information page on ANA official website. You can check the status of your flight by entering the ANA reservations details required on the information on the Flight Information page on ANA official website. You can also use the ANA mobile application to check the flight status.

There are two ways through which you can check the flight status. You can search for your flight by entering travel date, departure/arrival, and flight number for flight status. Or, you can also search by Airport search to check the flight status.

Moreover, you get regular information via mail from the airlines regarding your flight status. So, please make sure to register an email while ANA reservation process.

  1. How can I check the details of my reservation?

If you want to check the details of your itinerary booked with ANA Airlines, then you can do that by accessing your  ANA account, using ANA Number and Web Password. After accessing your account, you need to visit the “View Reservation/ Purchase” section to check your All Nippon Airways reservations.

Moreover, if you are a non-member and have purchase Domestic flight tickets, then select “Confirmation Number” or “Reservation Number” in “View Reservation/ Purchase” section, and input “Reservation Number (4 digits) or Confirmation Number (9 digits),” “Flight Number”, and “Departure Date” in the required fields to access your itinerary.

In case of international All Nippon reservations, select “e-Ticket number” or “Reservation Number” in  “View Reservation/ Purchase” section, and input your name and “Reservation number (6 digits)” or “e-Ticket number (13 digits starting with 205)” in each box to access your itinerary.

  1. How can I change my ANA booking?

People who have made ANA Reservations from the official website of the airline are allowed to make changes in their itinerary. However, there are some exceptions as well. People can make changes in their itinerary by accessing their booking from the “View Reservation” section, enter the required details to access your booking.

Moreover, if you have already been assigned a ticket, then you can make the desired changes by selecting the desired sector in which you want to make changes.

In case your purchase hasn’t been completed, you can make desired changes right there before completing the purchase. In case of any query, you can talk with an airline professional by dialing the ANA reservation number.

  1. How can I make changes to my booking?

To make desired changes in your booking, you must visit the “Manage Reservations/Purchase” page on the ANA website and access your booking. You can open your booking from your ANA Mileage member account by using Membership number and Web password. Then you can select the ANA booking in which you want to make changes and do the needful to make the desired changes.

When you are a non-member, then you need to select Reservation Number/Confirmation Number and enter the required to open your booking. After opening our account, you can make the desired changes. In case of any query, you can connect with the airline and ask an airline representative about the “ANA manage Booking” process.

  1. How can I find my ticket number and confirmation number?

If you have booked your flight ticket from the ANA website, then you can check your confirmation number or ticket number at your E-ticket itinerary receipt.

Some International Contact Number of Ana Reservations

CountryPhone Number
All Nippon reservations Contact Ireland1-800901642(Toll-free)
ANA Reservations in Sweden Number0201-00439(Toll-free)
ANA Flight Booking in Norway8001-3443(Toll-free)
ANA Booking Number in Greece210-4286844
United Arab Emirates02-6770678


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by Liliana on 247Customerservicenumber

I traveled from Tokyo to Perth and was totally satisfied with the services. Everything on the flight was good, from seating arrangement to meal provided; I enjoyed my time on the flight.

by Helen on 247Customerservicenumber

I traveled from Tokyo to Beijing and the flight was one of the main reasons that impressed me. The flight was sparkling clean and the seats were comfortable. The staff was also helpful and generous.

by Emily on 247Customerservicenumber

I traveled from Ho Chi Minh City to Seattle via Tokyo and the services were amazing. It was my first time traveling on an ANA flight and the services offered during the journey was excellent. Flight seats were comfortable, complimentary drinks were offered, the airline staff was friendly; everything on the flight was enough to impress me.

by Sofia on 247Customerservicenumber

I traveled from Tokyo to New York via ANA flight and the services were impressive. The airline crew on the flight made their best efforts to provide exceptional services to all the passengers.

by Isabella on 247Customerservicenumber

Best Airline I have ever been on: I traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles via Tokyo and my journey was amazing. The services offered and provided by the airline are premium class and more than my expectations. The staff services are awesome, as they simply show the spirit of Japan.