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Frontier Airlines booking

Frontier is an American ultra-low-cost airline known for offering flight tickets at reasonable fares. Make Frontier Airlines booking and get enticing flight deals to save extra on your travel expenses. Moreover, Frontier makes its best efforts to provide the best possible airline experience to travelers. From the flight booking process to reaching the destination; you will never get disappointed with the Frontier Airlines services.

When you have a low budget, but you want to fly somewhere for happening vacation; then choose Frontier Airlines, as it is an ultra-low-cost carrier that flies to several destinations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

You can find Frontier Airlines flight tickets online. Moreover, the airline has also provided a direct Frontier Airlines booking phone number +1-855-948-3805 to get your ticket booked with expert assistance.

How to Make Frontier Airlines Reservations?

Many people fail to book flight tickets manually. That is why Frontier has introduced multiple ways that people can use to book flight tickets.

Frontier Airlines Booking Through Official site:

When you want to make Frontier Airlines flight booking manually, then opt for the official website of the airline. It is the best platform to make Frontier Airlines booking, as here you can avail desired flight deal published by the airline. You will need to take the necessary steps to book the tickets. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the Frontier Airlines official site, where you will see an extensive search engine.
  2. Click on the “BOOK A FLIGHT” tab and select the type of trip.
  3. Then, enter the destination as per your travel plan.
  4. Select the date of travel in the required field.
  5. After that, you need to enter the number of travelers from the “Travellers” field.
  6. Enter the promo code if you have any. Then, click on the “SEARCH” button to continue with Frontier Airlines reservations.
  7. On the next page, you will find the list of available flights following the provided flight deals.
  8. Further, make the necessary steps by following the instructions on the website. Make payment to finish the booking process.

It was the process to book Frontier Airlines flight tickets manually. In case you find this process difficult, then you can connect with the airline and book tickets with the assistance of an airline representative. You can also use the Frontier Airlines mobile application to book the flight tickets.

Frontier Airlines Online Booking Process Explanation

Nothing is more boring than a manual ticket booking. Then impressive news is that Frontier Airlines takes that burden off your shoulder. Technically, this flag carrier provides several ways of booking Frontier Airlines reservations.

Customers must ensure that they follow all the stipulated steps to complete the process successfully. All flyers who book air tickets successfully must receive a confirmation message. If you do not receive it, get in touch with customer care right away.

Step by Step of Booking through the Official App

Here’s some good news, Frontier Airlines has a mobile app. Therefore you can opt to book a flight using the app. Here are some of the simple steps you need to follow.

  1. Open the app and click on the book a flight; the first step is to click on the book a flight option. You’ll be required to begin by selecting the type of flight you wish to book, whether you prefer a roundtrip, one-way or multi city flights.
  2. Enter the relevant flight details; secondly, you ought to enter some flight details. Notable details include destination, date of travel, and return date, to mention but just a few.
  3. Clear the booking fee; you must never forget to pay the stipulated booking fee. Remember that you must complete all the booking steps.

Once you complete all these steps, you’ll get an email confirmation. Such confirmation will feature vital details such as the Frontier Airlines reservations phone number.

Reservations Process through Online Modes

Luckily, customers can take advantage of a few online ticket booking options available for them. For example, you may opt to;

  1. Visit the Frontier Airlines reservations official site; one effective manual ticket booking option is to visit After that; you ought to click on the book a flight option to begin this online process. Then select the type of flight you wish to book. The next step is to enter some vital flight details such as destination, travel date, and the number of travelers.
  2. Book on Frontier’s official app; secondly, you can opt to capitalize on Frontier Airline’s official app. You’ll equally have to follow the same procedure as though you were booking the flight on the airline’s official website.

Reservations through Offline Modes

A traveler can opt to leverage an offline ticket booking option. For example, you may opt to;

  1. Contact customer care; the airline allows one to call Frontier Airlines customer service to request for booking assistance. The exciting news is that customer care representatives are reachable 24/7.
  2. Emailing customer service; secondly, you can choose to email customer service. Please ensure that you include all the necessary details in your email. Additionally, you’ll be required to clear the stipulated booking fee in advance.
  3. Visiting the airport; the third offline booking option is to visit the airport. You’ll get a team of professional customer care representatives there. However, this option may inconvenience you as you may experience a delay.

Booking By Calling Reservations Phone Number

Frontier Airlines numero de Telefono allows you to get in touch with customer care to request booking help. Usually, customer care agents are always on standby to book Frontier Airlines flight booking for flyers at no fee. Thus don’t hesitate to call +1-855-948-3805 to speak to a customer care agent directly.

The agent will ask for a few necessary flight details such as;

  1. Destination
  2. Number of travelers
  3. Date of travel
  4. Return date
  5. Promo code

Frontier Airlines Contact Number Details

Frontier Airlines Booking Number+1-855-948-3805
Fly Frontier Customer Service+1-855-948-3805
Frontier Airlines Baggage Helpline Number1 (801) 401-9000
Frontier Airlines Contact Number1 (801) 401-9000
Frontier Airlines Customer Representative801-401-9000
Frontier Airlines Media Inquiries720-374-4560
Frontier Airlines Media Inquiries
Frontier Airlines Miles Information801-401-9000
Frontier Airlines Reservations Phone Number+1-855-948-3805
Frontier Airlines Change Flight+1-855-948-3805
Frontier Airlines Seat Reservations+1-855-948-3805
Frontier Airlines Travel Insurance866-807-7258
Frontier Airlines Travel Insurance Email


About the Frontier Airlines

With the need to fulfill the void created due to the service suspension of Continental Airlines in Denver, Frontier Airlines was founded by the executives of former Frontier Airlines that ceased operation back in the year 1950. It is now one of the reputable ultra-low-cost carriers, which maintains its headquarters located at Denver, Colorado. Moreover, the airline has also provided a direct Frontier Airlines booking helpdesk support.

In the year 1994, the airline began flight service by operating scheduled flights from Denver to four destinations including Bismarck, Minot, Fargo, and Grand Forks by using Boeing 737-200 jetliners. However, now, the airline serves over 106 destinations with its fleet of 85 aircraft including Airbus A321neo, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, and Airbus A319-100. Additionally, 178 aircraft are still in orders.

Indigo Partners is the parent company of the airline and is headed by Bill Franke and Barry L. Biffle, who holds the position of CEO and President respectively. For any assistance, you can get in touch to an expert by dialing Frontier Airlines booking number.

Frontier Airlines maintains its hub at Denver International Airport (DEN). Moreover, it also manages and operates flight services from its focus cities including Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), McCarran International Airport (LAS), Orlando International Airport (MCO), Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Raleigh–Durham International Airport (RDU), and Trenton–Mercer Airport (TTN). 

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Frontier Airlines is known for featuring an impeccable range of amenities offered all through the flight. Moreover, the airline has also brought a few additional yet highly essential facilities/services for passengers. When you choose Frontier Airlines for the upcoming vacation or trip; you become eligible to avail services like Frontier Airlines booking number for booking assistance, option to track Frontier Airlines flight status, an exclusive Frontier Airlines reservations helpdesk for lost baggage, and a dedicated loyalty program-“FRONTIER Miles” to enjoy extra privileges.  

Frontier Airlines is one of the best air carriers to fly if the passengers are traveling to the destinations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. You can book Frontier Airlines flights online as per your preferred time. Moreover, it also offers passengers a leeway to get their flight ticket booked through Frontier Airlines reservations phone number, which is made available exclusively for flight booking assistance.

How to Make Frontier Airlines Seat Reservations?

Some people have their preferred place and seat on which they love to travel. Frontier allows you to select a seat while booking the tickets. However, the seat selection allowance depends on the travel class and flight fare.

Moreover, in case you have already booked a ticket and want to select s seat, then you can do it from the “MY TRIP” section available on the Frontier Airlines official site. Please note that, in case of any upgrade in the Frontier Airlines reservations, you will be responsible for paying the upgrade charges. You can reserve your preferred seat on the flight until before the 2 hours of the scheduled flight departure time.

Frontier Airlines Booking

Make Frontier Airlines Group Reservations?

A group is defined as ten or more people traveling on a single itinerary. If you want to make a group travel booking, then you should connect with the Frontier Airlines reservation department. Find the contact information on the Frontier Airlines official site.

For flight-related queries, you can speak to Frontier Airlines customer service agent anytime around the clock.  You need to call on Frontier Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-948-3805 in order to speak to the agents available on the help desk.

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

Would you like to nullify your Frontier Airlines reservations? The Frontier Airlines cancellation policy gives you the freedom to cancel a booking. The good news is that you need not to provide a reason for revoking the booking.

Frontier Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy allows one to revoke a booking within a day. Normally if one cancels the booking within the same day, you need not to pay any flight cancellation fee. On the contrary, if you delay beyond that period you’ll have to cough up a small cancellation fee.

Today, you’ll only pay a Frontier Airlines flight cancellation fee of $119. Regularly, the airline deducts this fee from the paid booking fee. Here’s some good news, Frontier Airlines cancellation policy offers many ways of revoking a booking.

Firstly, one can visit the airline’s official website to revoke a booking. Technically you’ll only have to follow some simple on-screen instructions. One needs not to pay the Frontier Airlines cancellation fee as the airline will deduct it from the paid booking fee.

The second option is to call customer service directly for assistance. The airline permits the agents to nullify a booking on behalf of customers. However you must remember that the cancellation fee only applies to valid air tickets.

For this reason, you must cancel the booking before the booking expires. Normally the airline’s air tickets expire after 12 months. If your flight booking is expired you won’t get any refund for it. Thirdly one can email customer support for ticket cancellation assistance.

Today, customer care agents react upon an email within 24 hours. It makes sense to include all the necessary personal as well as the flight details in the email.

Flight Check-In Process

A few people may have heard about the Frontier Airlines check-in policy. Factually speaking the airline permits one to confirm their booking before the flight. At the moment you must check-in for the flight at least 30 minutes before the flight takes off.

Today, the airline offers two distinct ways of completing this simple process. Firstly, you can leverage the Frontier Airlines online check-in option. All one needs to do is to enter their last name as well as the confirmation code.

After you complete the Frontier Airlines web check-in process, the next step is to print the boarding pass. Remember the present your luggage for both inspection as well as weighing at the airport. Another option is to visit the airport to confirm your booking.

You’ll meet a team of the airline’s agents who’ll help you freely. Once you arrive at the airport request the security officer to direct you to the Frontier Airlines reservations help desk. Unlike before, one takes between 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete this process at the airport.

Frontier Airlines check-in process equally allows a traveler to contact customer support.The agents will take you through the process within minutes. Additionally, if you have any other flight-related queries feel free to ask them.

Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines is known for providing exceptional services at low fares. When it comes to baggage allowance, the airline has created a comprehensive baggage allowance. Passengers with Frontier Airlines reservations are allowed to bring a personal item on the flight without any charges. However, the personal item must be placed under the seat in front and not exceed the size of 8 inches depth, 18 inches width, and 14 inches height

Apart from the personal item, passengers need to pay for every other baggage item, whether its carry-on bag or checked bags. Moreover, every bag must follow the weight and size restrictions applied by the airline. If you want to know the baggage fees of your bags, then use the baggage fee calculator available on Frontier’s website by entering your Frontier reservations details.

Please note that the baggage allowance varies according to the fare type and travel route of the passengers. Check out the baggage and size restrictions on the carry-on and checked bags applied by the airline on Frontier Airlines tickets.

  1. Carry-on Bag must be under the size limit of 10 inches depth, 16 inches width, and 24 inches height. Moreover, it cannot be more than the weight of 35 lbs.
  2. Checked bags must not exceed the size of 62 linear inches and under the weight of 50 lbs.

To know more about the baggage allowance on Frontier Airlines, contact the airline by dialing the Frontier Airlines booking number +1-855-948-3805.

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How to Contact Fly Frontier Customer Service?

Facing any issue? Fret not and pick your phone to dial the customer service number of the airline. The phone number of Frontier Airlines is the best way to get in touch with air travel experts as it is the fastest and easiest. Fly Frontier customer service is so phenomenal that you can reach out to agents even at odd hours. Once your call gets connected, share your concerns with them and they will forward your call to the designated department. The representatives of the airline are well-educated and professional; they will go beyond the mile to solve your issue. You can connect to them regarding any issue such as 

  1. Making a booking, 
  2. Knowing flight status, 
  3. Check-in process, 
  4. Frontier Airlines change flight
  5. Cancellation & refund policy, 
  6. Baggage allowance for the scheduled flight, 
  7. Claiming refund,
  8. Complaining about lost and delayed baggage
  9. And much more.
Frontier Airlines Reservations – FAQs

How do I check-in for my flight after Frontier Airlines Reservations in advance?

Frontier Airlines allows you to check-in for your flight in advance via online and mobile check-in. Read the advance check-in options given below for more details.

Online Check-in: Use the online check-in service, which starts from 24 hours until 60 minutes before the flight departure. Go to the “Online Check-in” page on the airline’s website and access your itinerary for check-in. Please note that Frontier Airlines online check-in helps you to save extra baggage check-in charges at the airport.

Mobile Check-in: Install the mobile application offered by Frontier Airlines and get your boarding pass easily. If you are not traveling with checked baggage and have your mobile boarding pass, then you can skip the airport line and directly head to the boarding gate.

 Moreover, we suggest you be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the departure.

I didn’t use my ticket, can I use it later?

Tickets purchased with Frontier Airlines must be canceled before the flight departure. No use and no cancellation means, you are forfeiting the value of your ticket. To know more about this, you can contact the airline by dialing the airline Frontier Airlines Reservations Phone Number.

How can I make changes in my itinerary?

Frontier Airlines allows you to make the desired changes in your booking from the “My Trips” section on the official website of the airline. You will be required to access your booking by using the Last name and confirmation code, as per your Frontier Airlines Reservations itinerary.

After accessing your booking, you can make the desired changes or cancel the booking. Please note that you might get charged for making changes to your booking. Know more about the booking changes by contacting the airline.

Can I make Frontier Airlines check-in from the website if I need to check bags?

Yes, Frontier allows you to use Online check-in even if you need to check bags. Check-in at the airport required extra charges for baggage check-in and online check-in helps you to save on your baggage check-in, as it costs less.

Once you’ve checked-in online for your Frontier Airlines booking and reached the airport, you need to follow the signs directing you to the check-in counter available at most airports. Please note that all bags should be checked at least 45 minutes prior to the flight departure. In case you have any queries regarding this, contact the airline by dialing the helpline number mentioned on the website.

How can I earn Frontier Miles?

To earn Frontier Miles, you must be a member of the program. There are three ways through which you can earn Miles with the Frontier Miles program.

  1. You will earn Miles on every Frontier Airlines flight booking. You will earn one Mile on each mile flown on Frontier flights.
  2. You will earn Miles on using the Frontier World Mastercard for flight booking, restaurant paying, or even at everyday shopping. If you don’t own a Frontier World Mastercard, then apply one from the official website of the airline.
  3. You can also earn Frontier Miles on booking flights and shopping with one of Frontier’s Mileage partners. Don’t forget to use the FRONTIER Miles number on booking and purchases with the partners.

Is it possible to know which seat the airline reserved for me?

Yes, it is! Normally seat reservation takes place randomly. For this reason you may not get the seat you anticipated. Normally the airline takes time to fully process all the Frontier Airlines booking. Thus, you may not know which specific seat the airline has assigned you or anyone else by with whom you’re travelling.

That explains why you find group members seating in different seats yet they belong to the same booking. In most cases, a client is free to visit the website to get all the flight details.

Can I make Frontier Airlines change flight to another airline?

It’s crucial to properly understand the Frontier Airlines change flight policy. Usually the policy only applies to the Frontier tickets. For this reason, it’s impossible to change a Frontier air ticket to another airline’s booking.

The only option available is to cancel reservations online and ask for a refund. After that approach the alternative airline and book a reservation.

Am I free to nullify a group booking if all the group members opt not to travel?

Yes, you can! Group members are free to revoke Frontier Airlines group reservation if they no longer wish to travel. However, you must ensure that you cancel the booking before the air ticket expires. Please note that in such a case, each group member is entitled to an equal amount of the refund.

Kindly note that the airline’s refund policy only applies to valid Frontier Airlines flight reservations. Thus, you need to be on the lookout to avoid losing your hard-earned money.

What happens if I try to change an expired air ticket?

Frontier Airlines change flight policy only recognizes valid Frontier Airlines flights booking. For this reason, the airline won’t approve a change request of an expired booking. That explains why you may lose your money.

If I was to travel with my kid, then I nullify my booking. Will that affect my kid’s booking?

Yes, it will. Remember that the airline does not allow kids to travel alone. Therefore, the airline may recommend that you equally cancel your child’s booking too.

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Recently, my aunt and I booked Frontier Airlines reservations to Mexico for a holiday. We immediately received flight confirmation emails after we completed the booking successfully. The customers' care agents were kind and helpful to us. When we requested them to upgrade our seats, they gladly did it for free.
The good news is that one can rent a car on We quickly rented a car before the flight at a reasonable rental fee. You only need to complete a few steps to complete the online renting process.
I am impressed by the Frontier Airlines baggage fees as well as the baggage policy. They allowed us to bring our overweight baggage at a small additional baggage fee. Most of the airlines I’ve flown with do not allow travelers to carry heavy luggage bags.
However, I must confess that a few things did not impress me about Frontier Airlines. I am disappointed that even First Class travelers must pay to access Wi-Fi. Not to add, that the cost of accessing the internet is too high.

by Larry Larson on 247Customerservicenumber

In this covid situation Frontier Airlines staff was very helpful. I booked flight from LAX to JFK and got easy booking tickets through Frontier Airlines reservations help desk staff. Most of the seats are empty and great services.

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I traveled from Phoenix to Denver and had a comfortable journey. My experience with Frontier was satisfying and I enjoyed my travel on Frontier flight. Inflight services on the flight were the highlight of my amazing journey.

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We traveled from Houston to Guadalajara and our journey was exceptional. Right from the airport until we landed at the airport, the services offered by the airline made my journey worthwhile.

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I traveled from New York to Atlanta and the services offered by the airline were enough to make my journey worthwhile. The airline crew was professional and always ready to help the passengers.

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I traveled from Salt Lake City to Miami via Denver. My journey was quite satisfying. Professional staff to complimentary snacks, the airline offered everything that made my journey quite enjoyable.

by Ali Jordan on 247Customerservicenumber

Very happy with the service and the amenities, highly recommended! You can Make also Frontier Airlines reservations to fly without costing a dime.