Sas Scandinavian Airlines Reservations (SAS)

SAS Reservations: +1-855-948-3805 for Tickets

Are you looking for solitude in the mountains of Norway or wish to see the numerous islands of Denmark? You need to embark on a journey with the Scandinavian airlines to fulfill your wishes. You can contact SAS reservations phone number +1-855-948-3805.

About Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian airlines are called SAS and operate service in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The Airline was founded on 1 August 1946 operating from its central hub which is at Copenhagen airport and also Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Oslo Airport. Part of the SAS group has its headquarters in Solna, Sweden and connects to 109 destinations. The Airline operates with a fleet size of 169 aircraft consisting of Airbus A319, Airbus A320neo and several others along with Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft.

In May 1997, SAS connected the global Star Alliance network with Air Canada, Thai Airways International, Lufthansa and United Airlines.


SAS makes your journey heavenly with their extraordinary onboard services. In SAS reservations Business class, you can get extra legroom and stretch out your legs comfortably. It also gives you the luxury of fully flat sets, exclusive bedding and free Wi-Fi, customized meals, entertainment system if you wish to and several other comforts. Passengers of SAS plus are given more or less similar kinds of services. On SAS GO, Wi-Fi is available only to Euro Bonus Gold and Diamond members. Others can avail it at a minimum required fee.

In most flights, you can pre-order a wide range of meals available but 18 hours before departure. You should keep in mind that if you’re traveling within Scandinavia or Finland, you can only pre-order breakfast.

SAS Reservations

SAS Reservations Online Process Explanation

Customers value airlines than guarantee both convenience and reliability. That explains why hundreds of clients book SAS reservations. SAS Airlines offers both online as well as offline ticket booking options. The unique thing about online booking options is that they are highly dependable, not to mention that they are quite credible.

Step by Step Process of Booking through the Official App

You have a reason to cheer up, as you can book a flight on SAS Airlines mobile app. You’ll be required to follow some simple steps such as;

  1. Open the app and select your preferred flight; the first thing you need to do is open the app and select your preferred type of trip. SAS Airlines offers multiple types of trips such as One Way, Round trip, among others.
  2. Fill in the marked fields; the next step is to enter some essential flight details. These details include point of departure, destination, the number of travelers, and return date.
  3. Click on the search option: once you complete filling all the marked fields, you should click on the search option. You’ll get to see all the available flights based on the flight details you gave.
  4. Select a flight; once you click on the search option, you’ll get to see a full list of available flights. Therefore you can select the flight that best suits your preferences. On the contrary, if you do not get any search results, it implies that the airline won’t fly to the specified destination.

Kindly follow the on-screen instructions up to the end. That way, the system will generate a unique SAS Airlines reservations number for you. You may be required to provide this detail, especially during ticket cancellation, re-booking, or for clearance at the airport.

Reservations Process through Online Modes

A flyer can opt to reserve a booking by taking advantage of any online mode of their choice. Let’s explore some of these amazing online booking options available for you.

  1. Chat with an assistant; unknown to some, SAS Airlines allows one to chat with a virtual assistant. Thus you are free to request them to book a flight for you. Kindly visit to chat with this amazing assistant.
  2. On SAS Airline’s official website: today, anyone can visit to book an air ticket. You only need to follow some simple steps to book an air ticket successfully. If your booking is successful, you should receive an email confirmation message detailing your SAS reservations number.
  3. Book the SAS mobile app ticket: as you already know by now, you can book an air ticket on the SAS Airlines mobile app. Therefore you have a reason to download it from the airline’s official website or Google Play store at no cost.

Reservations Process through Offline Modes

As hinted before, the airline offers a few offline ticket booking options. Here are these incredible options you can consider;

  1. By email: you’ll be relieved to know that you can request SAS customer service to book a flight for you by email. Please ensure that you include all the necessary flight details in your email.
  2. Request for booking assistance at the airport; another option on the table is to visit the nearest airport. Once you arrive at the airport, request a security officer to direct you to the customer support desk.
  3. Phoning customer care; better still, you can call customer care agents directly to request them to help you book a flight. However, you must know that customer care agents are available from 8’o clock to 18:00hours.

Booking by Calling Reservations Phone Number

Do you find online booking options difficult? Rest easy as you can request customer care to book an air ticket for you. The amazing news is that Scandinavian Airlines numero de Telefono won’t charge you any service charge for this. Customers can dial +1-855-948-3805 to request help in booking SAS flight reservations.

Please note that customer care representatives are only available during office hours. Therefore you can only reach them between 8:00 Am and 6:00 Pm during weekdays.

SAS Seat Reservations Phone Number

The phone number of the airline is the best option for making a booking with the airline if you don’t want to use any digital method. Pick up your phone and dial the reservations number to get in touch with the air travel experts. The agents will help you to search for the best flight that suits your budget and preferences.

Use any of these methods and make SAS reservations as soon as possible to fly to your desired destination. 

SAS Reservations Phone Number (USA)+1-855-948-3805
SAS Scandinavian Airlines Reservations+1-855-948-3805
SAS Booking Phone Number (Norway)+47 64 81 76 00
SAS Booking Phone Number (Sweden)+46 8 797 2202
Customer Service00 46 8 797 4100
SAS Group Travel
Special Travel Needs
Cargo Customer Support0770 727 727
Fleet size159
Parent companySAS Group
HeadquartersSolna, Stockholm, Sweden
Key peopleCarsten Dilling, Chairman, Rickard Gustafson, CEO


Sas Scandinavian Airlines Reservations country wise Contact Number

SAS Reservations number in Austria +43 820 988 530
Belgium & Luxembourg+32 2 643 6900
Estonia: +372 880 18 19
Finland+358 981710 062
France: local+33 0825 325 335
International+33 1851 48203
Germany:+49 1806 117 002
Iceland+354 800 7624
Ireland+353 1 844 5440
Italy+39 0699 748 015
Latvia+371 67 852 191
Lithuania+370 52 051 109
Netherlands+31 900 74 66 3727
Poland+48 22 8500 500
Russia+7 49 57 829 353
Spain+34 93 00 39916
Switzerland+ 41 84 811 7100
UK+44 207 660 6876
All other countries:+46 8797 3010
SAS CORPORATE SALES CENTER+44 161 6198 078 +372 668 2445 Finland +358 981710 080
China+86 10 8527 6100
Hong Kong, China+852 3106 0918
Japan+81 50-6864-8086
Singapore+65 63077625
Thailand+65 6307 7625
Australia: local+61 13 00727707


Check-in Policy

SAS airlines expect the customers to confirm their booking before the flight. Usually, the deadline for confirming the flight is 45 minutes before the flight. That explains why it makes sense to manage your time wisely.

Usually, the airline allows different ways of checking in for the flight. Firstly a client can capitalize on the SAS online check-in option. In most cases, this process opens 24 hours before the set time of departure.

A client can conveniently confirm their SAS reservations online even if you have bags that require checking. Please note that you must complete the SAS web check-in process for international flights at least an hour before the flight.

Alternatively, you can conveniently confirm your reservation at the airport. Typically customers prefer to confirm their booking during the flight day. Please arrive at the airport early to complete this process before the deadline.

If you opt to confirm your SAS booking physically, you must carry all the relevant documents. The customer care agents will verify your documents then confirm your flight.

Scandinavian SAS Flight Booking Status

Can I check my SAS flight status? Yes, you can! Lucky for you, this blog will reveal some of these options. Firstly, you can visit to check the status of your flight. All you’ll need to do is to provide the necessary flight details.

The beauty of checking your SAS flight status online, is that you get a rare chance to learn about SAS in-flight amenities. If you find that option difficult, don’t hesitate to contact customer service.

Please ensure that you feed the customer care agents with the relevant personal and flight details. It’s essential to confirm the status, especially after you revoke a SAS reservations. In some cases, if your revocation was unsuccessful, it won’t reflect online.

The airline encourages customers to confirm flight status early enough. This strategy will help you detect any problem early enough. For example, if your booking doesn’t reflect online, don’t hesitate to contact customer care.

Baggage Policy

SAS Airlines is the flag carrier of Denmark and known for offering services that are designed to make passengers air journeys comfortable and convenient. The baggage policy created by SAS Airlines is designed while keeping the convenience of every passenger in mind. If you have made SAS booking, you need to follow the norms, rules, and regulations mentioned in the baggage policy. Please note that the baggage allowance of the passengers varies according to the travel route and fare type.

There is a certain baggage allowance that people can travel with fee-free, i.e., carry-on baggage allowance. In case you want to travel with extra luggage than the free allowance, then you will be required to purchase the checked baggage allowance.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

The carry-on allowance varies with the travel route and SAS Scandinavian Airlines Reservations fare type of passengers. However, you can always bring at least one carry-on bag and one personal item on the flight, which must follow the weight and size limit. Check out the carry-on allowance according to the fare type and travel route.

  1. The max weight of a carry-on bag can be 8kg and the max. size is 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm (length x width x depth).
  2. The maximum permitted size for the personal item (handbag or laptop) is 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm (length x width x depth).
  3. If you are traveling with a SAS Go and SAS Plus fare type, then you can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item on the flight. However, Passengers with SAS Plus bookings (to/from Asia and the US) are allowed to bring two carry-on bags along with a personal item.
  4. If you are traveling with a SAS Business fare type, then you can bring two carry-on bags and one personal item on the flight.

It was the carry-on allowance that every person with SAS reservations needed to follow. Apart from this, there are some restricted items on the flight. To get information about the restricted items and checked baggage allowance, you can contact the SAS customer service.

SAS Cancellation Policy

The mention of the SAS cancellation policy brings smiles upon most customers. This policy permits one to cancel an air ticket if they no longer wish to travel. The reality is that one needs not to provide any reason for revoking the reservation.

Kindly leverage the SAS Airlines 24 hour cancellation as it demands no flight cancellation fee. Typically once 24 hours expire, you must pay non-refundable cancellation fees. Regularly, the airline deducts this service charge from the paid booking fee.

Interestingly, the SAS Airlines flight cancellation policy provides multiple ways of canceling a booking. For instance, a client is free to revoke the reservation on the SAS reservations official site. Please visit and navigate to the cancel flight option.

That’s not the only option; some clients prefer to contact customer service directly for help. Customer care agents can process SAS Airlines cancellations for clients for free. One major demerit of this option is that customer care agents are only reachable during business hours.

Please ensure that your reservation is valid before you submit your flight cancellation request. Kindly note that the SAS cancellation policy only recognizes valid reservations. For this reason, one must revoke the booking before the stipulated expiry date.

Usually, SAS air tickets have a validity of 12 months. Please request for the cancellation service within this period to avoid losing your money. Remember that the refund policy only recognizes valid SAS bookings. Thus, one cannot receive a refund if they revoke an expired air ticket.

Please note that the SAS Airlines flight cancellation policy only applies to SAS air tickets. Therefore if you wish to cancel a third party air ticket, you must get in touch with the respective body.

You’ll be relieved to know that most third parties have relatively similar travel policies. For example, the third party may ask for a flight cancellation fee if you wish to revoke a SAS reservations. Similarly, the bodies also respect’s one’s privacy; you need not offer a reason for the cancellation.

How to Make SAS Reservations?

Looking for cheap flights? SAS reservations are an ideal choice for you. You can have great deals and discounts with the airline that help you to travel within your budget. Scandinavian Airlines is the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The headquarters of the airline is located in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden.  It has a fleet size of 156 and it operates its flight services to 123 destinations. 

There are different ways to get your booking done with the airline. You can book your tickets by using any of these methods. Passengers are facilitated with different options to make a reservation with the airline. Let’s explore more about these options.

SAS Reservations Official Site

Book through the official site of the airline and start saving on your travel expenses. Follow some quick steps and make SAS flight booking within the shortest span of time.

  1. On the homepage of the SAS reservations official site, click on the “Book” option to confirm your booking.
  2. Now, select the type of your trip like one-way, round-trip, or other trip.
  3. Enter the departure and destination city in the “From” and “To” fields respectively.
  4. Now, in the “Outbound” field, enter the date of your travel. You will see two options here that are the regular calendar and low price calendar. Click on the low fare calendar to get hands on the minimum fares.
  5. Enter the return date also if you are going on a round-trip.
  6. Now, you have to fill the number of travellers flying together in the appropriate field. 
  7. Choose whether you want to pay with EUR or Points.
  8. After filling all this information, click in the “Search” tab to have a look at the available flights.
  9. Select the flight that suits your budget to travel without ruining your pocket.

Implement these simple steps and make SAS reservations at much ease.

Rebook Or Change Your Ticket

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 SAS airlines is offering rebooking possibilities when you buy a new ticket. for know more details you can visit us:

SAS Reservations official site:

SAS Mobile App

Search for affordable flights, book your trip, and manage your reservation with this app very easily. The app helps you to make reservations, check-in, receive a boarding pass, get important information, and much more. Download the app on your device and confirm your reservations by following some easy steps.

Awards and Recognitions

SAS booking

The airlines have received several awards throughout its service from World’s most punctual airlines, Europe’s best Airline to many others. SAS also has a Flyer Program called SAS Euro bonus that gives you the power to earn points each time you fly. You are not allowed to use your EuroBonus benefits while traveling on a chartered flight.

For any information, you can dial up SAS customer service number +1-855-948-3805 If you want, you can also receive SAS feedback from its regular customers.

With all its profound facilities and services, book your seat instantly with SAS.

SAS Flight Booking – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose a Seat after SAS reservations?

After booking a flight ticket with SAS, you can select a seat while checking online from 30 hours before the departure without paying any seat selection fee. You will be required to access your booking by entering the needed details. Enter the booking reference and last name of the passenger, and click on the “SEARCH” button to access your SAS reservations. After that, you can select your preferred seat from the available ones and make a check-in by performing the necessary steps.

Moreover, you can check-in at the airport also, where you will be assigned a seat from the check-in counter.

2. How do I cancel my SAS Booking?

If you have booked a ticket with SAS Airlines and wish to cancel the booking, then there are two ways to do that. You can open the confirmation mail and use the cancellation link for flight cancellation. You can also access your itinerary from the “My Booking” section at the SAS website and click on the “Cancel Booking” button.

If you are entitled to a refund, the airline will credit the amount in the card you used for SAS Airlines reservations payment.

Please note that you can get a full refund on flight cancellation if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of the booking. In case you have booked a ticket within 24 hours of departure, then cancel the booking within 12 hours of booking and get a full refund. In case of any query, you can contact the SAS customer service team.

3. How do I change my SAS Scandinavian Airlines reservations?

If you want to change your booking with SAS airline, then you need to visit the “My Trips” page on the SAS website. You will be required to access your booking by entering the reference number and name in the required fields to access the booking. Then make the desired changes by following the on-page instructions.

If you are unable to change your SAS reservations through the SAS website, then contact the SAS customer service team.

If you have booked a ticket through a travel agency, then contact the original source of booking immediately.

4. How can I contact the SAS Airlines?

The airline allows you to connect the designated airline representative via phone by dialing the helpline number mentioned on the SAS website. However, we recommend you to check the FAQ by passengers; you might get your query resolved from the posted questions by the airline. If you don’t find a satisfactory answer to your query, then contact the airline immediately.

The designated airline representatives will be happy to assist you and resolve your query. Whether you have a query regarding SAS booking or flight cancellation, all your queries will get resolved easily.

5. What is a Youth Ticket, and how do I book a Youth Ticket?

A Youth ticket is a ticket type offered by SAS Airlines. It allows people to get flight tickets at low fare exclusively for travelers between the age of 12 to 25. The availability of Youth tickets are limited, so book tickets as soon as possible.

To make SAS Airlines Reservations for Youth Ticket, visit the “Youth Ticket” page on the SAS website and enter the travel specifics to get your booking done.

6. Will the airline allow me to transfer my booking to someone else if I no longer wish to travel?

No, you can’t! A client cannot transfer their SAS online booking to someone else. If you no longer wish to travel, there are other options available. For instance, you can either re-book the flight or cancel it for refunding purposes.

7. Am I free to select my preferred language during booking?

No, you can’t! Usually, one can mainly use the English language to book a reservation. If you’re not familiar with the English language, don’t worry. Feel free to contact customer care to request them to secure the Scandinavian Airlines flight reservations for you.

Here’s some fantastic news; for an interview, the airline conducts it in different languages. Key among these are Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

8. What’s the airline’s check-in policy? 

Customers are free to check-in for their SAS flight booking. The good news is that you must confirm your booking. However, it’s both essential and straightforward. All you need to do is to visit the SAS reservations official site and enter your flight details.

9. Is there a SAS Airlines baggage policy?

Yes, there is! After the SAS book flight process, you ought to inform customer care that you wish to carry a travel bag. The customer service will issue a baggage tracking number for apparent reasons. Apart from that, you must know that the airline will charge you a reasonable baggage fee.

The good news is that travelers can carry luggage, even if they hold SAS group reservations. Lastly, please present your baggage at the airport for inspection purposes.

10. Can I request for ticket booking services via email?

Yes, you can! However, you must provide all the relevant information in your email. Apart from that, you must clear the booking fee first.

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by malino on 247Customerservicenumber

I made SAS reservations to travel from HEL to CPH and had a worthwhile experience with the airline. Right from boarding the flight, I was impressed by the work of the cabin crew. They were dealing with every passenger quite generously.

by chinui on 247Customerservicenumber

I traveled from Oslo to Malaga via Copenhagen. The flight took off on time and landed a bit earlier. The airline staff was generous; they offered me complimentary snacks and beverages. The pre-boarding experience at the airport was also nice. The check-in, security checking, and boarding process were fast and smooth.

by Pinal on 247Customerservicenumber

Copenhagen to Manchester. It was my first time traveling on an SAS flight, and I was impressed. From check-in to landing at the destination, everything was as I expected and wanted. Comfortable seats, helpful crew members, complimentary snacks made my journey amazing.

by ivanku on 247Customerservicenumber

I traveled on a short-haul flight from Riga to Stockholm on business. The cabin was well kept and clean. The airline staff was ready to provide the needed assistance. Seats were comfortable and spacious, which made my journey quite relaxed.

by jack on 247Customerservicenumber

I traveled from Berlin to Stockholm and enjoyed my journey on SAS flights. All the services offered by the airline were amazing. Check-in and security checking was smooth, airline staff was friendly, and inflight services were satisfying as well.