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If travelling is in your mind, then don’t waste a moment and make Southwest Airlines booking now and fly affordably to your dream destination. It is one of the major American airlines and its headquarters is situated in Dallas, Texas. Being the world’s largest low carrier, the airline always tries to provide the best to its passengers. The satisfaction of passengers is the utmost concern of the airline and it always strives to achieve that. The airline covers 103 destinations; you can choose the destination of your choice and Southwest will take you there at the lowest fares possible.

Check out the Southwest Airlines reservations official site to locate the lucrative offers that will help you to travel without shaking your bank balance. The airline offers countless deals that suit the needs of every passenger. Moreover, you can get in touch with the air travel experts at any time of the day through Call Southwest Airlines Telefono. All your queries will be solved instantly. 

Southwest has expanded its services exceptionally well in the last few years and has successfully managed to achieve the goal of providing incredible services to its passengers. It’s hard not to fall in love with the services of Southwest Airlines. Make Southwest Airlines flight reservations now and enjoy all the in-flight amenities.

About Southwest Airlines

The Airlines was found on March 15, 1967, by Herb Kelleher and is said to be the world’s largest low-cost carrier. It’s current headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. It started its operation in 1971 within the boundaries of Dallas and San Antonio. During the peak season, it makes about 4000 departures a day. The Airline flies to almost 100 destinations in the United States and other ten more countries. It has its crew bases at the following airports: Atlanta, Chicago–Midway, Dallas–Love, Houston–Hobby, Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas Orlando, Oakland, and Phoenix–Sky Harbor.

The Airline has a fleet size of 754 and has operated only Boeing aircraft from 1979 to 1987. As per the slogan of the Airlines “Low fares. Nothing to Hide”, the airlines do not charge any fees; passengers are allowed to change their flight at the last moment even 10 minutes before their trips, and no extra charge is required to be paid unless their new plane is more costly than the first flight. They are available to offer 24/7 Call Southwest Airlines change flight booking helpdesk to every passenger. If you want to find the best experience in online travel booking.

Southwest Flight Booking Online Process Explanation

Southwest Airlines provides multiple ways of completing a Southwest Airlines booking. A customer can either choose to complete their process on their own. Better still they can request for help from the airline’s customer care agents.

Step by Step Process of Book through Our Official App

Southwest Airlines is among the few airlines with an effective mobile app. Therefore, passengers can use it to complete Southwest Airlines reservations. Here are the few steps that you’ll be expected to follow.

  1. Open the app and navigate to the flight option; the first basic step is to open the app and navigate to the flight option.
  2. Click on the book a flight option; the second step is to click on the book a flight option to kick-start the online booking process.
  3. Enter the relevant flight details; next you need to enter the right flight details such as booking number, destination, departure date to mention but just a few. Please ensure that you fill all the marked fields.
  4. Pay the applicable booking fee; the fourth step is to clear the applicable booking fee. Different flights attract varying booking fees, depending on the type of flight and destination. Additionally fancy travel classes draw pricier air tickets.

Don’t hesitate to download the Southwest Airlines’ mobile app from Google Playstore. Alternatively, you can choose to visit official site to download it for free.

Reservations Process through Online Modes

A customer is at liberty to take advantage of the online booking options available. For example you can;

a) Visit the airline’s official website

Online booking has to be the most convenient flight booking option for you. Kindly visit Southwest Airlines reservations official site and click on the flight option at the top of the website. After that click on the book a flight option.

You’ll be directed differently to a web page where you’re required to fill in some fields. Kindly provide essential details such as;

  1. Departure time
  2. Travel class
  3. Arrival time
  4. Return date
  5. Type of flight

Please follow all the simple on-screen instructions to complete the reservation successfully. Luckily, the airline provides several online payment options. As a result you can easily complete all the booking steps online.

If your booking is successful, the airline will send you a confirmation message via email. The email will include essential flight details such as Southwest flight change or reservations number.

b) Booking the flight using the Southwest Airlines App

As discussed before, you can easily complete the booking on the airline’s mobile app. You’ll only need to follow a few simple steps to complete this process successfully. Remember that the airline provides multiple online payment options.

Reservations Process through Offline Modes

Here’s some good news, you can book your air ticket offline. Some of the amazing offline booking options at your disposal include;

  1. Emailing customer care; firstly, you’re free to email customer care to request them to book the reservation for you. Please ensure that you include all the necessary flight details in your email. Additionally, the agents expect you to clear the booking fee first.
  2. Visiting the airport; secondly, you’re free to visit the airport to book a flight. There are several customer care agents at the Customer Help Desk section. They’ll be more than willing to book the flight for you within minutes. Normally such agents won’t charge you an extra fee for the service.

Booking By Calling Southwest Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Southwest Airlines allows clients to call Southwest Airlines customer service to request for booking assistance. For this reason you can dial +1-855-948-3805 to request for booking assistance. The good news is that customer care agents are reachable 24/7.

Southwest Airlines booking

Southwest Airlines Reservations – Grab Some Enticing Deals and Fly Affordably

Southwest Airlines has emerged as one of the famous and trusted airlines in recent times. Among all the fantastic services that Southwest offers, ticketing and fares are the best. There are no hidden charges when you book tickets with the airline. Passengers can book Southwest Airlines tickets at much ease without putting any extra effort. 


Airfares of Southwest Airlines are inexpensive, making it the most loved airline. The best thing about their ticketing process is the transparency, which the airline has with its passengers. Prices of tickets are very low. You can totally rely on the airline. The airline is not taking high fares behind the curtains of low fares ( Southwest Airlines Low Fare Calendar ). 

In addition to transparency, Southwest Airlines have offered their passengers the feature of effortless booking. Purchase your ticket without any trouble and fly with the airline to have a pleasant journey.

Lowest Tickets Prices

Southwest Airlines is very honest and maintains a healthy relationship with its passengers. The airline doesn’t cost any extra amount in addition to the lowest airfares. Southwest features countless deals to its passengers so that they can book flight tickets at lower prices. Fetch one of the deals and avail tickets at the cheapest prices. Make Southwest Airlines online booking and have a budget-friendly journey. 

In-Flight Amenities – Get Detailed Information via Southwest Airlines Reservations Number

Southwest Airlines has a motive to provide the best and only the best service to the passengers traveling with it. The airline has made its place in the international market also. To ensure customer satisfaction, Southwest tries every possible thing. Various on board facilities available are-

Sips and Snacks

Southwest offers a variety of in-flight beverages and snacks to tempt your taste buds. There will be a menu card in the seat-back pocket of the seat. Non-alcoholic drinks and pretzels are also complementary in your flight. 

You can purchase beer, cocktails, and wines while flying, but remember, payment can be made with the credit cards only. Don’t hesitate to Call Southwest Airlines booking number +1-855-948-3805 to get more information about the available amenities.

Comfortable Cabins

A new look to the cabins of Southwest has recently been added to make your journey more comfortable. This new look accentuates the personal space and comfort of passengers. More legroom is available to stretch out legs.

In-Flight Entertainment

Southwest has everything to make your time fly while on board. You can access all the in-flight entertainment options for free without purchasing Wi-Fi. Don’t forget to bring your headphones to take advantage of free entertainment.

Southwest – The Magazine

Southwest The Magazine is very popular among passengers with over 3.2 million readers. The magazine covers a wide array of topics including, business, pop culture, sports, health, personal technology, food, and drink.

Avail all these amenities by booking tickets via Call Southwest Airlines reservations number.

Southwest Airlines Contact Number Details

Call Southwest Airlines Booking Number+1-855-948-3805
Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number+1-855-948-3805
Baggage Helpline Number1-888-202-1024
Southwest Airlines Cancellations1-800-435-9792
Southwest Vacations1-800-243-8372
New Hotel Reservations1-800-733-1137
Southwest Airlines Group Reservations1-888-433-5368
Southwest Telefono International011-386-236-0040
Cargo Tracking1-800-533-1222
Southwest Airlines Change
Customer With
Fleet size754
HeadquartersDallas, Texas, U.S.


Flight Check-in Process

Southwest Airlines encourages clients to confirm their booking. Southwest Airlines check-in policy provides different ways to do so. Firstly, one is free to complete the process on the Southwest flight booking from official site. Please ensure that you provide vital details such as the Call Southwest Airlines booking number +1-855-948-3805 and the last name.

Southwest Airlines online check-in process is fast and straightforward. Ticket confirmation is key as it notifies the airline who will travel. Thus in case of a cancellation, they’ll get adequate time to replace you. However, you’ll be relieved to know that this process is not mandatory.

Secondly, a client can visit the airport to complete this important process. One must verify their age during the Southwest Airlines check-in process. Remember that the airline does not allow minors to travel on their own.

Here’s some good news: you’re free to check in at least an hour to departure. Do you have the Southwest mobile app? The reality is that you can use it to confirm your Southwest reservations.

Baggage Policy

A client is free to carry luggage during traveling. However, the reality is that Southwest Airlines baggage policy demands that you notify customer care in advance. As you can rightly guess the airline will demand that you pay a small baggage fee.

Please ensure that you pay the required luggage fee at the airport. Normally the value of this fee relies on the weight of your travel bag. Once you make Southwest Airlines reservations for your luggage you’ll get a baggage tracking number.

Ensure that you keep that number safely as you’ll need it during the day of travel. Travelers must know that the airline has strict weight and size restrictions. For instance, you can only travel with a suitcase of at most 50 pounds.

Similarly, your travel bag must not exceed size 62 inches each. The good news is that Southwest Airlines baggage policy allows relatively overweight bags. However, you must know that each oversize travel bag will attract a non-refundable fee of $75.

Kindly note that you cannot carry illegal items such as elephant trucks, drugs to mention but just a few. It may interest you to know that the airline inspects all luggage’s at the airport. All travelers must present their travel bags for both weighing and inspection.

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy or Southwest Flight Change

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation


Cheer up as Southwest Airlines is among the airlines that allows a client to nullify a booking. Usually if you cancel the booking on the same day, Southwest Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy demands that you get a full refund. Remember that in such a case no flight cancellation fee applies.

On the flip side if you delay beyond a day, you must pay a small flight cancellation fee. Interestingly, if you paid for the booking with Rapid Reward points you pay no flight cancellation fee. Southwest Airlines cancel flight reservations depending on the type of ticket.

A traveler is free to nullify a flight up to 30 minutes before the flight takes off. Remember that the airline needs adequate time to find a suitable replacement. Therefore if you nullify later than that, Southwest Airlines ticket cancellation policy demands that the airline rejects such a request.

Technically, Southwest Airlines flight cancellation policy offers multiple ways of revoking Southwest flight booking. Firstly, you can quickly cancel the booking on the airline’s website. All you need to do is to follow straightforward on-screen instructions.

Alternatively, one may opt to contact customer service for flight cancellation help. Southwest Airlines allows their agents to help clients to nullify a booking. Although the agents won’t charge you for this, you must know that call rates may apply.

Please note that the Southwest Airlines change flight reservation rule only applies to valid tickets. For this reason, you must revoke the booking before the air ticket expires. Today, the Southwest Airlines bookings expire after 12 months.

Interestingly you’re free to nullify a Southwest reservations any time after you book it. The exciting news is that you need not to offer any reason for the cancellation. The airline will process your request and refund you upon completion of the refund processing.

Get World-Class Assistance From Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Southwest Airlines contact number can be a great help to its passengers as air travel professionals are always available to help them. Improper assistance can be very problematic for passengers, and eventually, they end up creating some hassle. Southwest understands this, thus providing round the clock available Call Southwest Airlines customer service number to its customers. 

Southwest promises to provide the utmost satisfaction to its passengers. If you are struggling with any issue, then give them a call and ask for the desired help. Southwest Airlines aims at providing instant guidance to the respective passengers. Southwest Airlines is renowned for the top-class customer service amongst all commercial and international airlines globally.

Call Southwest Airlines Telephone Number and Solve all your Flight-Related Queries

Being one of the leading commercial airlines in the world, Southwest is very popular among tourists. It has attained the top ranking due to the incredible services they offer to passengers. You can undoubtedly state that the customer service of Southwest Airlines is perfect. Travelling can turn out to be a bad experience if any passenger does not get proper support from the customer service. The airline representatives are dedicated and highly professional.

Feel free to Call Southwest Airlines reservations helpdesk if you have any flight-related issues. There are certain issues which are associated with flight boarding, which should be taken into serious consideration. You may need to call them in the following cases-

Refunds and Cancellation

If passengers get caught in some unavoidable problem and are unable to board their scheduled flight, then they should not refrain themselves from calling on the customer service number of the airline. There is a procedure to cancel flight tickets and availing refunds. You can easily know the cancellation procedure by getting in touch with the airline agent via a dedicated number.

You can also ask them if you are eligible for a refund or not on Southwest Airlines change flight or cancel. 

Flight updates

Sometimes Southwest flight change are done in your Southwest scheduled flight. Whether it is due to airplane scheduling or adverse climatic conditions, flight updates are very imperative. Passengers can call on the Southwest Airlines reservations number to know the updated status of the airline. They can avail respective information at any moment. The scheduling of flight makes you go through some hectic schedules, that’s why calling on the number is better.

Lost Baggage

Losing luggage is very rare with Southwest Airlines, as the airline is very attentive about handling your luggage. However, it can happen with anyone to make your travel experience a bad one. In that case, passengers must contact the airline number to complain about the lost baggage. The airline experts will try to find out your luggage and will deliver it to you.

Routes and Destinations

Currently operating its flights to 100 destinations, Southwest Airlines has an extensive route network. To know the exact route plan and destinations of the airline, passengers should pick their phone and dial Southwest Airlines flight reservations number. 

You can check the destinations to which Southwest flies on the Southwest Airlines booking official site. If you still have confusion regarding the same, then reach out to the airline experts, and they will help you with the same. After getting detailed information about the available destinations, book your flight ticket to your desired destination and travel conveniently with Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines Reservations Number+1-855-948-3805
Southwest Airlines Customer Service Contact Details – Before and During Your Trip
Southwest Reservations US(800) 435-9792
Grand Cayman(844) 670-7914
Southwest Phone Number En Estados Unidos (en español(800) 826-6667
Southwest Airlines Reservations En Gran Caimán (en español)(844) 670-7990
Jamaica(800) 425-8130
Southwest Airlines Reservations in Bahamas(855) 202-3403
Jamaica (en español)(800) 425-8089
Bahamas (en español)(855) 202-3402
Mexico(800) 083-1179
México (en español)01-800-083-1178
Belice (en español)0-800-247-5463
Southwest Vacations Number1-800-243-8372
Costa Rica0-800-012-1916
Existing Hotel Southwest Reservations1-888-850-3958
Southwest Reservations in Dominican Republic1-800-751-9039
Teletypewriter (TTY)1-800-533-1305
República Dominicana (en español)1-800-751-9038
Automated Flight Information1-888-792-8747
Rapid Rewards Customer Service1-800-445-5764
Customer Service – After Your Trip
Southwest Airlines General Customer Service1-800-435-9792
Baggage – General Questions1-800-435-9792
 Customer Relations1-855-234-4654
Articles Left at TSA Checkpoint1-866-289-9673
Rapid Rewards Customer Service1-800-445-5764
Public Relations & Media Relations214-792-4847
Rapid Rewards by calling Southwest Airlines® Reservations at1-800-248-4377
Name Change Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards FAX1-877-506-0154
Delayed Bags1-888-202-1024


Southwest Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Shall I Use Travel Funds?

Pay a visit to the Southwest Airlines reservations official site, you can barely apply your unused Travel Funds on the purchase page, just like you store all the credits in a retail store. 

2. Does Southwest Airlines offer a full refund?

Southwest Airlines offers a full refund of your purchased ticket if you cancel it within 24 hours of your booking. 

3. How does Southwest Airlines refund the money?

After the cancellation of the ticket, you will be asked for your bank account details. You have to fill up all those. Your payment will be done either in cash or in the cheque.

4. How much Southwest Airlines compensate?

You will be glad to know that Airlines don’t charge any cancellation fee, Southwest Airlines change fee, unlike other airlines. 

5. How is the service provided by Southwest flight booking?

The service of Southwest Airlines is very flexible. They are always there to offer their help to you. Whenever you will mail them, they will reply to you within 24 hours. 

6. Do they allow pets in the Airlines?

Yes, they allow but small pets like dogs, cats, birds like this.

7. Does the passenger get a refund on cancellation of?

Yes, there are refund policies on the decided fares according to the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy of the airline. It varies time to time.

8. What are the methods of payment offered by the airline?

Payment methods offered by airline are:

  1. Credit card
  2. Debit card
  3. Internet banking

9. How many does it take to refund the money?

They take 7-8 days in case of cheque and 2-3 weeks in case of cash.

10. What is the process of check-in in Southwest Airlines Online booking?

You can either check-in online or at the airport counter. You can check-in before 24 hours of flight if you wish.

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by Michael Krista on 247Customerservicenumber

Nice airline, I booked flight from JFK to LAS in this COVID situation and was scared to travel in flight but crew member was very helpful. they suggested me all the things. Also flight was clean and food was hygienic. All the middle seats were vacant. Love to travel in Southwest again. A big thanks for Southwest Airlines reservations helpdesk team for booked my flight in this Airline.

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Book flight from Chicago to Las Vegas, we had a great full flight on Southwest. They left all the middle seats vacant. All the passengers and staff wear masks properly. Flight depart and arrival on time at airport. Great Airline!

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Went from Seattle to New York on Southwest Airline recently. Booking was easy, Southwest Airlines reservations help desk staff helped me to book a ticket, middle seats were vacant. great service given by staff, you should travel once with Southwest. Thank you