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Panda Antivirus Customer Service +1-855-936-1217

Panda Antivirus Customer Service

Panda antivirus is one of the popular antivirus software that is loaded with many features. It has multiple support options and a simple interface. The software provides effective protection against any sort of external attack like malware, virus, Trojan, spyware, ransomware, etc.

The antivirus allows the users to browse safely and prevents data phishing over the network. Backup of all your files and data is maintained. Panda antivirus safeguards your device against unknown intruder through the USB devices. The Panda antivirus Customer Service is extremely co-operative and provides valuable assistance in case of any emergency.


Panda Antivirus Customer Service:+1-855-936-1217
Panda Antivirus Support Phone Number:+1-855-936-1217
Panda Antivirus Customer Service Number:+1-855-936-1217
Panda Antivirus Support Number:+1-855-936-1217
Panda Antivirus Customer Care:+1-855-936-1217
Initial release2009
Developer(s)Panda Security
HeadquartersBilbao, Spain


Established in 1990, Panda Security is a Spain-based cybersecurity company. They started their venture by designing antivirus software. Today they are one of the leading developers of various IT security products. Panda designs antivirus software for both personal users and business concerns. Their range of products includes security tools for PCs, networks, emails and other software that are highly confidential. They were rated the fourth highest seller of antivirus across the globe in 2005. In 2009, the Panda Cloud Antivirus received the Editor’s Choice Award from PC Magazine in the category of Best Antivirus. Their security tools guarantee you safe Wi-Fi browsing through any unknown network. Panda aims at providing the best security to their consumers against any unknown threat and they offer the Panda Antivirus customer service +1-855-936-1217 to their consumers for any kind of issue on computer security.


Why should you use Panda Antivirus? 

The useful feature of TruPrevent : This feature is very useful in protecting the system from all types of malware. The TruPrevent technology of Panda antivirus is active throughout and blocks any malicious ware that tries to intrude into the system.

Allows browsing safely: Panda antivirus creates a virtual browsing environment for the browser. In this virtual environment, the user can browse the internet as much as he wants without any threat. The virtual environment will be solely designed for your devices and thus the chances of external attacks over the internet are reduced completely.

Keeps a back-up of your important data: It becomes very difficult to retrieve data from a lost device. But thanks to Panda Customer Service, it allows the users to keep a back-up of all the important data in any location he wants. Data can be stored in USB devices, CDs, DVDs, or internet secure servers.

Designed with the unique feature of USB Vaccine: There are many times when viruses enter devices through USB devices. This antivirus will act as a shield against any type of virus that enters through USB devices like pen drives, hard disks, etc.

Protects the identity of the user: Today there are many fraud websites that are surfacing all over the internet. This antivirus blocks all those webpages that are a fraud and can steal useful information from the user’s device. Thus your credit card and debit card details are now safe in your device.

Provides Parental Control: This is a very useful feature if there are kids at home who access the computer. Parents can block all those sites which they feel can be harmful to their children.

Anti-spam filter: Panda antivirus prevents the entry of any spam email into the inbox. There is an active anti-spam protection that scans all the incoming mails and blocks all the suspicious elements.


Frequently encountered problems with Panda antivirus

With the best antivirus to protect your PCs from all the latest hi-tech digital threat, Panda is surely one of the first choices of many consumers. Their software is a great rescuer in today’s time of increased ransomware attacks. There are app locking and call blocking tools to protect your device from unwanted access. You can locate your device through the advanced software of Panda. Despite being one of the latest technology developers, Panda has failed to be perfect in various shortcomings which the users are facing. Below are some problems that the consumers frequently complain about. Go through them and try to figure out if you too are down with the same issues.

  1. Compatibility issue with the latest version of Android
  2. Panda users finding difficulty in installing the application
  3. Antivirus tool not working properly after the installation of a particular software
  4. Panda users unable to use the Parental controls

These problems are common with the Panda users and are very efficiently addressed by their technical support team. If you too are one among-st the counting of those users with a complaint then feel free to discuss them with Panda. Just give them a call at the Panda antivirus customer service phone number.

How to Contact Panda Antivirus Support Number ?

Panda Security not only aims to develop the best software to protect your device against any security threats but they also strive to make their service better. Your problem will be taken care of at the earliest by their efficient team. They are at your service 24*7. Therefore contact them through the Panda antivirus support number +1-855-936-1217 the moment you encounter with an issue.

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