Binance Support Phone Number +1-855-789-0253

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of the exchanging volume. The company provides a crypto-currency trading platform allowing people to trade more than 100 various crypto-currencies. Although founded in China, Binance has earned quite a reputation among crypto-currency users due to a safe and easy to understand platform offering to people.

Moreover, there are some situations when people have complained about facing issues while using Binance services. That is why people are offered with Binance Support Phone Number that people can use to get an expert’s help. The helpline number is 24/7 reachable, allowing people to get techies to support at any hour of the day. So, in the hour of need, make sure to connect with the customer support department and resolve your problem in no time.

Binance Customer Service Number+1-855-789-0253
Binance Customer Support Number+1-855-789-0253
Binance Support Number+1-855-789-0253
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It can work perfectly in all types of devices including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Mobile Web, thus the users can access it easily. Binance supports multiple cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, etc. The company has got listed on more than thirty exchanges within a very short span of time that is 2 years. With multilingual customer support, Binance can solve all your issues and help you enjoy their services seamlessly.

Why should Binance be chosen as your digital exchange platform?

What makes them unique?

Like all other exchanges, they deal with trades between cryptocurrencies through their exchanges. But, unlike others, their transaction cost is very low with high liquidity of the digital amounts and also additional discounts on the usage of Binance cryptocurrency tokens. The company also mentions its high-security standards as a part of their quality service with architecture which is both multi-tier and multi-clustered. They also claim to have the capacity of processing 1.4 million orders per second, therefore delivering high throughput.

Supporting programs like initial coin offering for fundraising is used by various users to launch their own tokens. Binance Labs is a blockchain technology incubator which nurtures the pre-ICO stage project which is promising. Emerging projects on the blockchain can be hosted on a site from Binance which is named as LaunchPad where API developers can work to create their own blockchain prototypes.

This emerging projects are funded and also provided advisory resources by the company. KYC verification is must for creating a trading account, and on completion of account creation users can add cryptocurrency to their Binance wallet for trades.


Common Issues Binance Users Face – Dial Binance Support Number


There are some common issues people frequently face while using Binance. Here we have mentioned a few of the common problems people face:

  1. Facing issues with Binance account
  2. Unable to log in to my Binance account
  3. Unable to sell transfer fund to another exchange
  4. Unable to verify my account with Binance
  5. My account with Binance is frozen
  6. Can’t Withdraw fund in my Binance account
  7. Cant withdraw forked coins from my Binance accounts
  8. Binance exchange app android & iOS is not opening
  9. Can’t sell Bitcoin using Binance
  10. Binance Puzzle captcha doesn’t work
  11. Binance 2fa not working
  12. Unable to receive Bitcoin from other exchange

These are a few of the common issues users face while using Binance. But all these issues can be resolved quickly with an expert’s help by dialing the Binance support phone number.


Binance Deposit doesn’t arrive – Get expert’s help via Binance Support


A withdrawal status showing successful or completed doesn’t mean that your transaction has fully processed to the receiving exchange – It means that the transaction was successfully posted on Blockchain.

Once a transaction is posted on Blockchain, it will take some time for the confirmation to destination exchange. Different Blockchains require a variable amount of time to get the transaction verified.

It is common for Blockchains to cause unusual delays in verifying the transaction due to a large number of transactions. You can use the transaction ID of your Blockchain to know the status, or you can take an expert’s assistance by dialing Binance Phone Number.


Contact Binance Customer Service by Calling on the Customer Service Number


The company has been providing flawless services since its inception. They intend to go to any extent to solve any issue faced by investors. You can always contact their multi-lingual backup team over the Binance Customer Service Number +1-855-789-0253. They are equally responsive over the email support.