12 Crazy Activities for Your Adventure Travel Bucket List

Adventure Travel Bucket List

Traveling the world and being able to discover the hidden gems, a popular destination, small villages, and towns, and take part in adventurous activities is exciting. There are too many things and adventures you can explore throughout the globe.

Indeed, your bucket list may be growing every day as you keep discovering new activities that you wish to engage in. So, it’s important to keep a list of these adventurous ideas that you may be extremely excited to do. That will hopefully inspire you and even help you create your adventure bucket list that you can fulfill.

Below, Find a list of the 12 crazy activities that you can include in your adventure travel bucket list this year.

1. Cage Diving in South Africa

Fly to South Africa and take part in a memorable dive with a white shark. Of course, you’ll be in a cage. Before you think it’s too crazy to include it in your bucket list, think about it carefully and you’ll discover how amazing the ideal is.

2. Paragliding, Oludeniz in Turkey

This is another crazy bucket list idea. Paragliding can be a wonderful activity that you want to participate in before you grow too old. Imagine looking at and admiring nature and the world in a bird’s eye while floating in the sky?

The idea is fantastic. Of course, the activity is safe and you’ll not be alone as you’ll have a professional trainer by your side.  

3. Edge Walk, Canada

Do you want to participate in one of the most exciting adrenaline bucket list ideas? Well, you have to be an adventurer who’s ready to go to the extreme. And since that’s what you seek, travel to Canada and take the most exhilarating walk at the CN Tower.

4. Dive in Thailand’s Blue Waters

If that sounds cool, Make Air Canada booking and make your way to this cool destination. You may be a little afraid of deep waters but, trust me; this snorkeling adventure will go perfectly fine. And of course, you might at first ‘scream’ like a disaster for help but eventually, you’ll gain courage and enjoy the species underwater like everyone else.

5. Skydiving

Skydiving isn’t everybody’s favorite but if you’re one person who loves pushing their limits to the extreme, then you should add this crazy adventurous activity to your bucket list. The idea of being in the sky, flying is one that can make you feel like a bird and enjoy the beautiful landscapes from above.

6. Climb Mt. Everest

Do you wish to take your hiking to another level? Well, booking that flight and traveling to Nepal to climb to the top of Mt. Everest. This is one of the most challenging hiking activities you can ever take part in. You may have already hiked and climbed a few mountains but nothing compares to climbing Mt. Everest.

7. Cappadocia’s Hot Air Ballooning

Fly to Turkey and enjoy the Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia. The place is incredibly beautiful. Also, you’ll enjoy taking a perfect view of the town from the various hills. You can also be thrilled by meandering through hotels’ caves.

8. South Africa Bungee Jumping

If you’ve never tried Bungee jumping before, travel to Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa and take part in this crazy adventurous activity. Perhaps you took part in a bridge swing and you were scared like hell! Wait, Bungee jumping could be scarier than that but more exciting than you can imagine!

9. Dog Sledding, Norway

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Dog sledding is an amazing winter sport that you can’t resist. Air Canada vacations are available at affordable prices. Book and fly to Norway and make each moment count. You’ll be excited at how fast the dogs run across the wonderful landscape!

10. Surfing, Australia

Shipstern Bluff is one of the best spots to take part in some exciting surfing activities. The place is far away from the Tasmania coast and reported to be infested by sharks. However, that doesn’t stop thousands of surfers to travel there every year to catch the amazing wave.

The island coastline is one of the few spots in the world with the largest waves. If you like to try this too, why not add it to your bucket list?

11. Take a Swim with the Dolphins, The Bahamas

Wake that adrenaline rush in you by swimming in close proximity with Dolphins in the Bahamas. The idea is incredibly exciting.

12. Volcano, Iceland

Make it memorable by traveling inside a Volcano at Reykjavik in Iceland. The Thrihnukagigur Volcano is a dormant volcano and is safe to get inside. It’s the best opportunity for you to take a trip to the Earth’s center.

You’ll be experiencing the thrill by taking an elevator ride and covering up to 700 feet to the base of the magma chamber. It’s also an amazing activity to include in your bucket list.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you’ve found a few or several adventurous activity ideas that you can include in your bucket list this year. Book your Allegiant Airlines Vacations and take those few days off and take part in that activity that you’ve always wanted.

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