A Complete Guide on Southwest Wanna Get Away Flight

Southwest wanna get away flight

Airlines offer so many varieties of tickets depending on the fare you are willing to pay. Further, with Southwest Airlines, there are three types of tickets to book from. Southwest Wanna Get Away Flights are an interesting concept that directly has a meaning to the passengers who are flying to getaway!

Guide to Wanna Get Away Flight with Southwest Airlines

You might be wondering what is Southwest Wanna Get Away Flight? The Wanna Get Away is a basic type of flight ticket offered by Southwest Airlines. Furthermore, there are many flight classes that other airlines have to offer like business class, basic economy, and extra-legroom seating. Additionally, the Wanna Get away fares are the cheapest fares that you will ever purchase with Southwest, especially during flash sales. It also comes with a flexible cancellation policy other than different Southwest Flight tickets.

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All the Benefits and Limitations of Purchasing the Wanna Get Away Flight Tickets

The Wanna Get Away is not similar to the basic fare economy. Secondly, passengers can get two checked-in bags for free. This fare comes with certain reward points with flying standby on different same day flights that can cost extra. The Southwest Wanna get away does not charge any fees on top of the fare that you pay for. You can change the flight anytime you want. Similarly, the fares can go up with the travel dates getting closer.

Flight Credit

You will get flight credit if you cancel the flight. Also, the Airlines will not charge you the Southwest cancellation fees. In the same way, if you cancel your flight, you can use up the canceled funds in your future trip within 12 months of the initial booking date. The Business Fares and Anytime fares are refundable. The cancel should be made at least 10 minutes to the scheduled departure or else it might result in forfeited funds.

The Rapid Reward points

All the Rapid Reward points earned will be mentioned during the Southwest Airlines reservations process depending on the type of fare that you choose. In the Business select fares, it earns 12 points per dollar. Also, with the Anytime and Wanna Get Away fares earning 10 and 6 points per dollar you get good deals with these rapid points. The A list and A-List preferred member can be seen earning 25% and 100% bonus. Also, you can earn points on the revenue tickets. If you happen to have a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card, you can earn additional 2 points on every dollar spent on the flights.

Services Offered with Wanna Get Away Flight Tickets

With Southwest Wanna get away flights, you get to enjoy free movies, live TV along flight messaging services given to all the passengers.

Fees for the Tickets

The Southwest Wanna Get Away is the lowest type of fare offering some of the best deals. The fares vary depending on the destination and type. Besides, the price difference can be a little of $11 between Wanna get Away and Anytime tickets. So, it’s best to choose a refundable and flexible ticket.

Flight Cancellation Policy

The Southwest wanna Get Away flights Tickets are non-refundable but you can change the tickets if you make changes within 1 hour before the departure time. You will not receive a refund with this type of fare ticket. The Southwest Wanna get Away cancellation policy is only for the ticketed passengers and can convert their travel funds to the new passenger using a LUV voucher. But it requires a fee to be paid. If you cancel 10 minutes before departure, you will get the funds or you lost it all.

The Business Select and Anytime Fare Types of Southwest Airlines

The Business Fare is the topmost fare where you get to select the on board seats, earn the bonus Repaid points, and also get a complimentary beverage. In addition, the Anytime fare is fully refundable. You can change your ticket anytime without penalty with the fare remaining consistent over multiple cities.

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The Baggage policy

Southwest Airlines allows two checked-in baggage for free. With Wanna Get away flight tickets, the carry-on is limited to just 1 bag and also one smaller personal item bag. The carry-in bag dimensions have to be 10x16x24 inches and anything over, you have to pay a fee of $75 per item.


Southwest Wanna Get Away tickets are great especially if you want a good deal. If you are certain of your travel date, there is no stopping then.

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