How to Find a Fare Class on American Airlines?

How to find a fare class on American Airlines


American Airlines doesn’t need any special introduction as it is one of the most famous airlines in the aviation industry. It is one of the few airlines that still allows you to hold your booking online. This simply means that put your itinerary on hold for 24 hours and keep searching for the better fare. You must check out American Airlines fare classes to the best airfares. It comes with its own prices and set of rules.

American Airlines will not disappoint you as it will always try to meet your expectations and give you the lowest fare possible. The airline has a huge fleet size of 871 and it serves 350 destinations. Let’s explore more about the fare classes.

What are the fare classes?

The service classes of the airline such as the first, business, premium economy, and economy class are further separated into fare classes. This is basically a letter which will appear on the ticket. Each seat of the flight is included in a fare class that has its own set of American Airlines fare rules. This might look like just a random letter available on your ticket, but it is valuable information, which should not be overlooked. 

Fare class of ticket is presented with one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The letter on the ticket denotes the price of the ticket purchased, miles that will be accumulated for the flight, and the amount of flexibility the passenger has to change the booking. American Airlines uses fare classes to keep track of the fare class availability and tickets sold. 

What does each letter of the fare class denote?

As per the American Airlines fare classes, below is the list of the letters of the fare class. 

  1. B – Basic Economy
  2. S, N, Q, G, V, W, L, M, K, H – Economy
  3. W, Y – Economy
  4. R, I, D, P, A – Business/ Discount First
  5. J, F – Business Class/ Full Fare First Class

These are the different fare codes indicating the fare classes.

american airlines fare classes


american airlines fare classes1


How do miles and fare class letters work?

Frequent-flyer miles are not dependent upon the number of miles that have been flown. The fare class of the airline implies the number of miles you will collect for the flight. Some of the fare classes offer no miles while others offer double or triple miles. Enjoy worldwide travel at pocket-friendly fares with American Airlines. Earn miles and make American Airlines reservations without shaking your bank balance. 

Use fare classes while finding flights

Select the advanced booking options and search for the flights by fare class. You are also permitted to hunt for flights via fare code. When you purchase flight tickets from the official site of the airline, you will see the fare code at the end of the reservation process, either before making payment and choosing flight options. Simply, the American Airlines fare classes and the cost of the ticket are interrelated. The lowest fare classes are the cheapest prices. 

How to find American Airlines fare codes?

You are facilitated with two different options to search the fare codes from an existing booking.

  1. From the confirmation e-mail

Passengers can find the face codes in the confirmation e-mail that had been sent to you by the airline. There are two different formats that airline use for the confirmation e-mail. Both will give you the exact information. 

  1. From

If you are unable to find the confirmation e-mail delivered by the airline, then you can search for the fare codes on the official site of the airline. 

  1. Open the American Airlines official site and you will see an “Advantage” tab on the right-hand side of the homepage. Click on it.
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on the “My Trips” option.
  3. Fill the asked information and check out the upcoming trips that you have made through American Airlines reservations.
  4. Choose the trip from the list that you are interested in.
  5. Click on the link that says, “Print trip and receipt.”
  6. Your itinerary will be opened in front of you. You can check out the fare code here.

Go through this blog carefully to know the fare classes of American Airlines. 

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