What is the Military Discount for American Airlines?

American Airlines Military Discount


American Airlines military discounts offers military personnel as a gesture of gratitude for their services to the nation. The discount is extended to active military personnel, retired personnel, and their immediate dependent family members. The facility has been named as “VetRewards” by the Airlines. The airline extends discounts on domestic as well as international flights for up to 10%. The amount and percentage of discount depending on the nature and duration of the journey.

American Airlines military discounts: VetReward Subscription & Advantages:

To avail the American Airlines military discounts, a veteran has to enroll himself under the VetReward subscription. A veteran (army, navy, marine), retired veteran, national guard, reservist, and their immediate dependent family members are eligible for VetReward subscription. The Only requirement for the subscription is the presence of government issues identity proof of the person getting enrolled in the VetReward program. The military person is the primary member for subscription and other family members are added to his account. The other family members are also issued their individual IDs.

During the time of booking, they use their IDs. They can also use the subscription for individual flight booking, but the member must be 16 years complete for that. The average cost of a subscription is 5 dollars per month, and Under a VetReward subscription, the individual is free to buy unlimited air tickets. Under the subscription, one ultimately qualifies for low-cost travel protection up to 50,000 $, accident insurance of $ 5000 with a minimum premium of $20 annually, for the journey of more than 100 miles away from home. Active-duty personnel, traveling on official government order can avail the extra facility of free baggage up to 5 bags whereas if the flight is availed for personal purpose, the personnel will be allowed to carry 3 baggage for free, but the family members have to pay for it.

Availing VetReward discounts

For availing a discounted air ticket, one has to log in to the American Airlines search engine with his member ID on veteranadvantage.com. In this process there is no need to furnish the proof identity to avail the discount; the savings are automatically applied to the booking. In case of a query, one could directly connect to the American Airline representative to get more clarity of the services and in relation to the discounts as well. The American Airlines military discounts on fares cover domestic flights within the United States and from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

The discounts exclude the government taxes and fees on international carriage charges, as these are not legally eligible for discounts. If one is traveling with family, the primary member must be Active duty personnel or retired personnel and each of the family members must be enrolled in the subscription of the primary member. Each member is issued a separate ticket on their own ID and later the tickets are linked with the primary member and seats are accordingly allocated.

The discounts given by American Airlines to the Military personnel as a gesture of saluting their services is an appreciated effort.  It also helps the person to feel a little privileged and honored. So, you can book American airlines reservations tickets on official sites.

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