British Airways vs American Airlines: Which One is the Best for Flyers?

British Airways vs American Airlines: Which One is the Best for Flyers?

British Airways vs American Airlines: Which One is the Best for Flyers Commuting Between U.S and U.K

The airspace over the Atlantic Ocean stands witness to the maximum air traffic with hundreds of planes flying between Europe and Northern America. Thousands of aircraft operates across the North Atlantic between Canada, the United States and Europe. In this route, aircraft flying between London and New York is the busiest route and also makes the maximum amount of profit.

In this route, American Airlines and British Airways are the most preferred by travelers flying between Europe and the USA. There are few reasons for this decision. Firstly, you can choose the One world alliance when you can easily earn the most useable miles.Moreover,you get a stop-over in London Heathrow (which has the most direct flights to the USA) over a connection within the USA itself; and the Business Class products  available in both carriers are quite lucrative.

American Airlines and British Airways have been partners since the emergence of the One world airline alliance in 1999. Despite the competition faced by both the air carriers from other airlines, The American Airlines and British Airways remains the most popular because of the number of flights they operate on this route.

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American Airlines vs British Airways

Now when you have to choose between American Airlines and British Airways, it is important that you compare the service of both the carriers and also the products offered.

Lounges: The Business Class lounges of British Airways are far better compared to those of American Airlines. The former boasts a more elegant décor and a wider selection of food and also few lounges have complimentary spa services.

Cabin interior & design: The cabins of British Airways’ are uniquely designed with a modern touch and is more sophisticated than the cabins of American Airlines. American airlines cabins are duller as they are mostly painted grey and brown colors.

Seating & sleeping comfort: In British Airways, you can rest your back in a comfortable flat beds that has a 180 degree recline. American Airlines only offers flat beds on selected carriers. Therefore, travelling with American airlines will be less comfortable as you will be provided with an angled lie flat seat, when you fly with them.

Food: None of the carriers can give you a fine dining experience but you will get satisfactory meals while travelling with both the carriers. If you compare, American Airlines provides quality food and also in larger portions.

Inflight entertainment: The inflight entertainment available on American Airlines is quite superior offering large screens and wide range of films, television shows, and audio options for its passengers. The inflight entertainment provided on British Airways is not that amazing. Moreover, Wi-Fi is only available on American Airlines flight and not of British Airways.

“Although British Airways offers the best ground experience, when it comes to inflight services, no one can beat American Airways. So, when you book a flight, you need to consider these facilities and choose accordingly.”

For booking a flight with these two carriers, you need to dial American Airlines Reservation Number and British Airways reservations respectively.

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