What is a Brother Printer Drum Error?

Brother Printer Drum Error


The Brother drum unit is a different accessible unit that can be replaced after 3 or 4 toner cartridges are used. If you happen to own a Brother laser printer and have received a “Replace Drum” message on the screen of your machine, it can be an indication that you should buy a new drum. You must be aware that your printer has a page counter to keep track of the usage. You need to reset it manually every time a new drum unit is installed. The replacement instructions will differ according to the printer model you have. You need to go through the printer’s user guide to know the special replacement instructions for your machine. You can also get it from Brother’s website.

How Can You Fix the Drum Error Message on your Brother Laser Printer?

You will receive a “Drum Error” message displayed on the screen if the corona wire on the drum unit requires cleaning.

  1. Remove the front cover and the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. If you have a scattered toner, you need to place the drum and toner assembly on top of a piece of paper.
  2. You also need to cleanse the corona wire inside the drum unit.
  3. Slide the green tab softly from side to side several times.
  4. Return the green tab to the home position at the far left.
  5. Make sure the green tab breaks into the home position. If the green tab is unable to return securely to the home position, printed pages will have a vertical stripe down the page.
  6. When you are facing the drum and toner cartridge, you will notice small pieces of metal on the right-hand side of the drum that looks like staples and a metal rod sticking out of the side. You need to clean each of these parts with a soft DRY lint-free cloth.
  7. You need to then put the toner and drum assembly into the machine and then shut the cover from the front.
  8. You need to make sure whether you are using an original Brother toner and drum.

Brother always advises its customers to use only authentic Brother drum units and toner cartridges. Each of the laser printers is built in a manner that it ensures quality and reliability while performing. If you do not use a genuine Brother printer, it may affect the hardware performance, print quality, and machine reliability.

If you cannot fix the drum error message even after following the above steps or have any issues with the printer, you need to contact Brother printer customer service +1-800-510-3952 and take immediate assistance.

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