Come to Dubai with the Family and Enjoy the Holidays

Dubai vacations

If you are planning a vacation to Dubai with Family, but do not know where to start? Here is an itinerary for Dubai which will help you in a memorable holiday. With Delta Airlines reservations you can plan your holidays. With cheap and easily available flights to Dubai, it has become much easier to search for this Emirates city. Dubai – a city of skyscrapers and fortifications, a city of futuristic visions and traditional beliefs. City of Contradictions. From the world’s tallest building to the fastest roller coaster and largest indoor ski center, Dubai is the fastest-growing worldwide city. Although atmospheric conditions allow you to relax at any time of the year in the UAE, it is best to come with children between October and May, as it is very hot in summer. If the child can tolerate the heat normally, you can travel to the Emirate in the summer, taking advantage of the low prices in summer holidays that reach their minimum levels in the warmer months.

Shopping festival

The Dubai shopping festival is the most attractive aspect here. The festival draws a large crowd from all over the world and Dubai Mall is one of the major centers for the festival. In addition, there are many souks and markets throughout the city that are buzzing with eager tourists looking for the best bargains. Dubai’s markets are the best place to explore the true Middle Eastern flavors of the city. After a short walk, now is the time to fill your stomach with some authentic Arabic dishes. Dubai is a place where you will get food from all over the world on your plate. Dubai restaurants offer the most delicious grub.

Nightlife of Dubai

Dubai’s nightlife is something that is made up of legends. Start the evening with a leisurely stroll along the Burj Khalifa Lake. See the dancing fountains – Dubai Fountain – as the sky is surrounded by darkness and the city is wrinkled with crystals. The performance lasts 5-6 minutes and is a sight to behold. Every day is a holiday when you are in Dubai.

Many beaches to visit

This is an interesting walk to your day for the Irish Village on the Marina Walk promenade. Live music, a pitcher of fresh Guinness, a steak sandwich, this is life. Sit outside in a wooden pub or in the garden – this sprawling restaurant proves itself right in front of people. Proceed to Jumeirah Beach and walk along Marina Walk. Palm Jumeirah – a huge man-made island located about 2 km north of the marina. If you want something glazed, hop inside any of the restaurants that line the avenue. After Chillin, take a cruise to the Palm Jumeirah. A 2-hour cruise on the speedboat will take you through sites such as Atlantis and Burj Al Arab. Click on the camera, sip on some soda, and sit back as the waves of the bay give a good rhythm to your faltering heart. With JetBlue Airlines reservations, you can enjoy your vacation.

Ibn Battuta Mall

Start your day with a visit to Ibn Battuta Mall. Marked as the world’s largest theme-based mall, the place has six courts based on visiting countries. From here, head to the Gold and Spice Socks in Deira, these two places will take about half a day, and you’ll get plenty of time to explore the adventurous side of Dubai. It is time for desert safari. In Dubai, you simply cannot afford to miss this trip. After an exhilarating ride, the cars take you to the campsite in the middle of the desert. Enjoy a night full of mirrors, belly dancers, barbecue, and camel rides. As the air cools, the car takes you back to the city.

It is time to say goodbye to the city of dark light. Your bag will be full of goodies, heart

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