Escape the Touristy Crowd at Thailand’s Most Secluded Islands

Touristy Crowd at Thailand

If you want to enjoy a perfect getaway but you don’t know where to go, the remote islands in Thailand can be the place for you. Here, you’ll relax on beautiful beaches with excellent sunlight and crystal clear water. They offer the most exclusive vacation breaks!  

Since they are tucked away from the crowds on the mainland, you’ll get an opportunity to live privately in beach-facing resorts and villas with outstanding pools with direct access to the beaches. There’s so much that you can do here. That includes scuba diving in the crystal clear water or simply enjoying afternoon strolls along the coastline.

All you have here is privacy, peace, and protection from the crowd, social distancing, and lots of souls soothing. If that sounds good, complete your Delta airlines flight booking and fly to one of the most secluded islands in Thailand.

Nakhon Sawan

Nakhon Sawan, a well-known entrance to the Thai North has grown to be a popular foodie spot. This place is located on the Ping river, which means that there a lot of fresh fish. Restaurants here serve local delicacies like fish balls prepared from kneaded feather-back fish often served alongside noodles and delicious Pui Fai Sawan. Nakhon Sawan is also a nice base for anyone willing to explore Mae Wong National Park and Wat Kiriwong Temple.  


Visitors to Nun create beautiful memories of the great outdoors and relaxing with delicious coffee. The place is shrouded in mystique and mist and is one of the hidden regions in Thailand. Not many people come here, so it’s another great place for those who love privacy and protection from the crowd.

The Nan province has plenty of national parks that offer perfect hiking trails. This place is also popular for many plantations of specialty coffee and year-round farm living accommodation. It’s here that you’ll discover places like Bo Kleua district, which has the Arabica-Cartimor coffee plantation, a nice place for camping enthusiasts.

Satun Geopark

This place has been named UNESCO Global Geopark back in 2018. It’s a place that offers a pre-historic experience to visitors by taking them back to over 500 million years. Satun Geopark has plenty of fossils, marine parks, pre-historic limestone mountain ranges, and a series of pretty and palm-fringed islands. When you visit here, you’ll learn more regarding the geological heritage of the province at the new Satun Geopark Museum.

Sukhothai Historical Park

If you’re a history lover, this is perhaps one of the places you can’t miss. Sukhothai and its surrounding regions is a UNESCO World Heritage spot. Duped as “The Dawn of Happiness”, this expansive destination is on over 29,000 acres of land.

Tourists to Sukhothai have a lot to discover, including the ancient and hidden town of Bang Khlong, which according to a recent discovery, is older than the popular Sukhothai Empire. Complete your American Airlines flight booking, go and discover Sukhothai’s hidden ancient and historic treasures.

Chiang Rai

This is recently one of the most visited places in Thailand. Chiang Rai has become more popular thanks to the Tham Luang cave rescue of a young Wild Boars soccer team in 2018. Since then, the place has witnessed a lot of visitors. 

Uthai Thani

Uthai Thai’s floating village, where all houses sit on rafts on the Sakrae Krang River is a popular destination for many visitors. The visitors get to enjoy rafting tours and river cruises to watch the unique way of living in the village.

Along the way, visitors stop and visit the ancient Wat Uposatharam, which is a sacred spot on the river and a spiritual center of the people of the Uthai Thani for many years.

Roi Et

Roi Et is a place for beautiful art and festivals, especially every October. Some of the events to catch up on are the popular Rocket Festival, rice festival, and yearly candle procession festival. This place is one of the longest street art displays with murals from at least 50 artists from various regions of Thailand.


These are simply a few of the hidden gems on Thailand’s most secluded islands. There’s so much more than you can see and do in this country away from the mainland. If you love privacy, peaceful and calm environment, then you should complete your Delta Airlines flight booking and fly for a memorable holiday.

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