Flyer Friendly Southwest Customer of Size Guidelines

Convenient Journey to Customers of Size


Southwest Customer of Size Guidelines: Blissful flying experience is what every traveler desires. Therefore, finding an airline that suits your needs and requirements is the first thing to consider to enjoy a comfortable and convenient air journey. 

Now, if you fall under the category of customers of size, you might get concerned about the comfort and convenience while making flight reservations. Also, you might begin your search for a trusted airline to get excellent facilities at the airport and on the plane even if you are bound by the airline’s policy of customer of size. Well, no more searching for an airline when you make Southwest Airlines reservations in a jiffy and avail amenities irrespective of your travel class and the category you choose to fly to your favorite destination with Southwest Airlines.

A Brief Southwest Customer of Size Guidelines:

Southwest Airlines facilitates customers of size with flexible process of flight reservation along with amenities catering to the passengers need and requirement. However, the airline has specified some instructions and guidelines for customers of size. Hence forth, it is always advised to have a thorough glance and a clear understanding of the policy and guidelines when you make Southwest Airlines reservations.

Keep on reading to have a brief understanding of the guidelines of Southwest Airlines for customers of size:

  1. Customers of size at Southwest Airlines need to make reservations for the added seats in advance prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. This step will give a clear view of the availability of additional seats which is the key to enjoy a stress-free journey.
  2. When customers purchase a seat in advance, the airline will get a notification about the need and requirement of special seating. It ensures better planning and organization for the number of seats available and occupied on the airline.
  3. Booking extra seats in advance helps the airline provide proper facilities to customers. It also makes the air journey of an enthusiast better by getting superb on-board amenities along with safe, convenient and comfortable seating. 
  4. Advance flight reservation and booking additional seats before the scheduled departure of the flight helps customers on size get a refund of the cost of the booked additional seat after completion of the journey. 
  5. In case, the plus-size customers don’t book an extra seat in advance while making Southwest flight reservations, they can opt for only one seat and the additional seat can be purchased after having a discussion with the customer service agent about their seating needs right at the gate of departure. It is a good idea to avail the booking service of Southwest Airlines to add flexibility and convenience to your travel.

How Southwest Airlines Facilitate Customer of Size with Telephonic Flight Booking Option?

It’s worth making Southwest reservations for customers of size due to many factors. Easy and trouble-free process of reservation comes with multiple platforms of flight booking. Besides, Southwest Airlines puts the flight booking process of customer of size at ease by providing booking instructions to esteemed global customers over the phone. 

So, let’s find out what are the steps to follow for booking of flight for customer of size:

  1. For telephonic Southwest reservations, customers of size are advised to keep the phone number of the airline handy and contact them any time for easy reservation of flight and seat booking in advance.
  2. Get connected with the executive and specify your awareness of the airline’s policy of customer of size. Also, the representative will help you if you wish to purchase two seats proactively.
  3. Two seats can be purchased at minimal cost when you make Southwest airlines flight reservations following the customer of size policy and guidelines. When one seat is purchased in advance at a discount, the customer can get the additional seat at the same discounted rate.

Online Eligibility Check-In for Customers of Size

Southwest Airlines also came up with an online check-in platform for customers of size. When traveling to any domestic destination, customers of size fulfills the eligibility criteria for online check-in. They can also opt for check-in at the kiosk of the airline and reserve their boarding pass.

Contacting a customer service agent is a smart approach towards getting detailed information about the required documents. Passengers can request a refund of the additional seat over the phone after the flight.

When the destination is international, customers of size can opt for online or airport check-in that suits their convenience. For passport verification, luggage check-in and boarding pass collection, customers need to visit the self-help desk of the airline or the ticket counter of Southwest Airlines. 

It is an important point to note that as per the customer of size policy of Southwest Airlines, passengers must have proper documentation of the seat reserved in advance from the customer service agent at the gate. Make sure that customers have their refund advice slip ready for the extra purchased seats. 

Make Southwest Airlines your flying partner to travel with utmost comfort, style, luxury, and budget and with full convenience even if you opt for purchasing a seat with an additional one under the policy of Southwest Airlines customer of size policy.

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