Hidden Holiday Costs to Be Aware of Before Jetting Away

Most tourists aren’t aware of some hidden holiday costs. Before you complete a Delta Airlines booking, please research all applicable costs. This strategy will help you avoid getting stranded in a foreign land. Lucky for you, we’ll disclose some of these additional charges.

Top 7 Hidden Costs You Need To Know

Most of these hidden costs were introduced recently by the respective government. Unexpectedly, these fees vary from country to country. Therefore, you need to find out how much your holiday destination charges.

Here is a summary of some of these additional charges nobody else will tell you about.

Tourist Tax

Unlike before, most countries have implemented a tourist tax. Please note that this charge varies from one destination to another. For instance, if you’re visiting Germany, you’ll have to pay an international tourist tax of 5% for goods and services.

On the other hand, if you’re visiting France, you’ll have to pay a tax of $3.The good news is that not all countries charge this fee. Below are some of the nationals that don’t charge tourists this fee.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Sweden
  3. Ireland
  4. Denmark
  5. Latvia

National Park Entry Fees

These days, the management of most national parks charge tourists a reasonable entrance fee. Unfortunately, international tourists pay a higher entrance fee than domestic travelers. As hinted before, these charges vary from one park to another.

For instance, tourists who visit national parks in Kenya pay a minimum fee of $20.Kids only pay a maximum of $3.5 to enter the national park. Please note that these entrance fees enable the management to raise money to pay the tour guards.

Additionally, national park management relies on this park to take care of the animals. For this reason, no tourist should complain about this.

Hotel Booking Fees

Some international tourists erroneously believe that the booking fee is included in the American Airlines flight booking. Please note that unless you combine both in your reservation, you’ll have to pay for it later. Most airlines only allow you to book a hotel room online for convenience.

Furthermore, in some cases, the airline and the hotel may get into an agreement. Therefore, tourists may enjoy a reasonable discount. In some cases, hotel booking may vary depending on the location of the accommodation facilities.

More often than not, those in urban areas charge the highest booking fee. On the contrary, those located on the outskirts of cities and towns charge a more budget-friendly hotel booking fee.

Currency Exchange Fee

Most tourists opt to exchange the money once they arrive in their destination country. The downside is that you’ll have to pay a high money exchange fee. That’s why it’s prudent to exchange the cash before departing your country for the trip.

Room Service Fees

Unknown to most travelers, most hotels offer room service to their clients. For instance, the hotel has staff who clean and arrange your room daily. The unfortunate reality is that the hotel management does not include these charges in your hotel booking fee.

That implies that whenever you request these services, you’ll have to pay a small fee. It’s advisable that you research the hotel’s room service policy.

Wi-Fi Fees

Nowadays, most airlines charge a small fee for you to access the internet. For instance, Delta Airlines will charge you a Wi-Fi fee of $16.Unfortunately, the airline does not include this fee in the Delta Airlines booking fee.

Similarly, American Airlines offers Wi-Fi to its passengers. Please note that you’ll have to pre-purchase any Wi-Fi plan before the flight. The good news is that not all airlines charge flyers to access this inflight amenity.

Some airlines do not offer this onboard facility to their clients. That’s why you must conduct due research first.

Excess Baggage Fees

Kindly note that most airlines have a strict baggage policy. For instance, travelers cannot carry baggage that exceeds a given size or weight. In most cases, a tourist must pay a given amount of money to carry excess luggage.

In conclusion, you can agree that traveling demands too much money. That’s why it makes sense to engage a travel expert to help you estimate the right budget. Alternatively, you can take the time to research all these hidden charges. You don’t want to get in trouble with the law in your destination country.

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