How Do I Book an Extra Seat on Southwest Airlines?

book extra seat on southwest

There are some passengers in-flight who occupy any edge of adjacent neighboring seat(s). South West understands the customer’s needs. They always offer comfort to their customers. And to ensure they have arranged extra chairs for the flight, passengers can reserve their extra chairs before boarding. They can complete the planning of extras when they go for a reservation. Customers can ask how I book an extra seat through Southwest customer service.  They can also visit the webpage of Southwest Airlines at Thus they will have adequate alternatives to preplan their chairs.

It is the armrest that is the most suitable option you have to understand if you are perfect for a single seat or not. The armrest makes a boundary between two seats whose width is almost 17ʺ. The Southwest Airlines organization sends you the notification through the mail if you need any extra space in flight, you can reserve the seat before flying, and thus, your journey will be hassle-free. You can plan the total number of seats you will occupy in the aircraft.

 In one way, this is one kind of assurance from the house of southwest airlines that they can beautifully accommodate their passengers on the flight and also assure them comfort for which they have purchased the southwest airline ticket(s).In this, you can ignore asking the other customer to relinquish your seat(s) for your accommodation unplanned. Practically, your prerecorded seats before boarding also give you a message that all the passengers on board can access their seating comfortably. 

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The customers of plus size, who don’t prefer to book their extra seat before flying, can also purchase more chairs. Only they have to discuss with an agent of customer service standing at the gate of departure. They will hear your needs and will arrange accordingly. If your discussion with the customer service determines that you need a second or third chair, the authority will arrange the accommodation with any complimentary seat(s).

Do you want an extra seat? Visit Southwest Airline’s website to confirm your booking. There you will be instructed how to book an extra seat on Southwest Airlines.

Here are the Steps How to Buy an Extra Seat on Southwest Airlines

  1. In the beginning, you need to open an API for the booking of any flight on Southwest Airlines.
  2. Here you need to enter the cities of your departure and arrival. 
  3. Enter the date when you will be traveling with the Southwest Airlines flight.
  4. In the blank space left for the passengers, you need to enroll the total count of seats you wish. If you choose any extra chair (s) for the plus-size passengers, you can go for three chairs instead. 
  5. Once you are complete, click the ‘Search’ tab and go for your preferred flight option. 
  6. Now click on the ‘continue’ tab.
  7. Go to the “Who’s flying” option and provide all the details of the travelers.
  8. After you finish, you will get the options of payment. Through this option, you should complete the purchasing and pay for the booking with Southwest airlines.
  9. Once you complete paying for your booking, the airline authority will inform you through email.

Thus you can book an extra chair that comes under the ‘policy of the customer of size’ of Southwest Airlines. If you face any problem regarding reservation in Southwest airlines, contact the support persons. You will find the customer service not away from you. By calling the customer service office, you can complete your Southwest Airlines reservations.

 The purchase of an extra seat with Southwest Airlines would likely get a refund after your travel. Customers who purchase an extra chair may ask for a refund after they travel with South Airlines. They can call at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) or can send an email at

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Boarding Options

Plus –size Customers carrying Extra seat boarding documents may select ‘pre-board’ to get chairs and fulfill their needs the best. They may also choose the ‘board’ option in their boarding section.

Once you are on the flight, you may ask for an extension of the seatbelt from any flight attendants. Only one and approved extension is permitted here provided by Southwest authority.

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