How Do I Use Qantas Points on American Airlines Flights?

Use Qantas points on American Airlines

Qantas is one of the largest airlines in Australia that gives service in and out of the country. There are more than eighty places across the world where they run. Being a part of one world alliance, it also includes other carriers of the world. British Airways and American Airlines are one of them. Qantas, one of the partners of the one world alliance, allows you to earn frequent flyer points of Qantas, even if you have the booking of Jet Star American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, flights, or any others. 

The Frequent Flyer Program assures American Airlines booking with miles. With those flights of American Airlines, you can spend your Qantas Points.  If you have any doubt then go to the American Airlines website at to know father about it. Still, if you have any query, you can call American Airlines customer service +1-855-948-3805 of American Airlines. Ask, how can I use Qantas points on American Airlines? They will clarify for you over the phone.

Here are some of them by which you can use Qantas points on American airlines:

Rewards of Classic Flight

When flying with Qantas or any of its partnered networks who are affiliates, you can use your Qantas points almost everywhere. There are more than fifty airlines that are in partnership with Qantas’.  As they have several returns, one-way and multi-destination or ‘Classic Flight Reward destinations ‘obtainable for us, so the matter of availability is very valid here. So you have to be customer flexible in choosing your travel times and dates. 

The required total points depend on the destination, fare class, retailing cost, and traveling route. So, when you search on the Qantas website for flights, you are eligible knowing about searching for Classic Flight Rewards. From here, you can understand and compare the routes available. Also, you can do a comparative study of the total counts of points you need. Most importantly, you should know that, with required numbers, other taxes, carrier charges, or fees are also there.  With a ‘Classic Upgrade Reward’ of American Airlines, you have the freedom to use your Qantas points to add more to your next travel flight.  With Qantas, you can Experience American airlines’ premium deluxe cabins. But how? You will know here.

  1. Classic Flight Rewards (One world)

Using ‘one world’ you can go to make your destinations the whole world.  To avail of this Classic Flight Reward, you have to pay the taxes, carrier charges, and fees.

  1. ‘Points Plus Pay’ –   American Flights

You may use either your ‘points’ only or the ‘cash’ along with the points to make your holiday in your dream destination with the flights called ‘Points Plus Pay – Flights’

Steps for Applying

 You have to apply your number of ‘Frequent Flyer’ when logging in at

Click on ‘all bookings’ to get ‘Upgrade’ for your booking for flights to international places. For this, apply sincerely to get the eligibility of Upgrade Reward.

 After you are enrolled to get an upgrade on your flight you chose, maybe it is a domestic one, points of Qantas get a deduction from the account you have. 

So, you can do your American Airlines online booking using your Qantas. But if you are unable, then go to any travel agent’s office. They will confirm your booking with the ‘American airlines manage my booking’ procedure.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Confirm Classic Upgrade Rewards

  1. Be sure that your e-ticket has complete issue:

It is imperative to confirm that you have a total count of paid with you to prove your eligibility along with your ticket confirmed on any Qantas flight with a  QF flight numeral on it. 

  1. Be sure that you have lots of points for your Upgradation:

Members have to have sufficient points to get the ‘Classic Upgrade Reward’ when applying for it. When you confirm the upgrade, the ‘family transfers’ and ‘Top-up points’ will help you get sufficient points.

  1. Traveling on a Points plus Pay – Flight

The ‘Classic Upgrade Rewards’ may be obtainable on your eligible Qantas Points plus Pay – Flights. Yet some conditions may be there.

 When you know that your upgrade has a confirmation after your registration, you can see it prominently in the ‘Your Bookings’ section at  The Qantas authority will confirm when you will be doing checking-in at the airport. Qantas reservations Points are to be deducted now from your account.

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