How Do You Book an Extra Seat on United Airlines?

Book an Extra Seat on United Airlines

It is the comfort that makes a journey pleasurable and enjoyable. But it happens that you are not comfortable enough in your reserved seat having a single chair in the United Economy. So this is imperative that you purchase some extra space for yourself when you are on the itinerary. Are you worried about how to buy an extra seat on United Airlines and tensed about the fare of your extra chair? Don’t get worried about it.

You can get the second one at the same rate as the first if you book the seat with your reservation. But if you need a second seat and it is not reserved yet, then you can do so just before your scheduled departure, and the level of your fare for those extra chairs will depend on the existing fee available on a seat on that particular day. Instead, you can reserve your seat in United Business, United First, or United Polaris business class. Else you can upgrade your chair to any cabin of premium class if available. The United Airlines authority doesn’t provide extra chairs or any upgrade free of cost.

So, you have to pay for every additional seat or upgrade if you feel the shortage of space with the original reserved seat in the United Airlines cabin. You can call United Airlines customer service at +1-855-948-3805 to know how to book an extra seat on United Airlines. They will inform you to complete your reservation for an additional chair. If you search the United Airlines webpage at, you will find how to book an extra seat on United Airlines.

They permits the customers to ‘redeem miles’ for an extra chair in- flight earned from the ‘Frequent flyer program’ policy. They also allow passengers to collect miles on the additional chair if you give cash.

But if you meet all the criteria listed below, then perhaps you do not buy any extra legroom for your itinerary in the cabin.

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Primary Criteria for to Buy an Extra Seat on United Airlines

  1. You should not feel any discomfort in sitting wearing the seat belt and will be able to attach and buckle with the given extension whenever you find the illuminated sign for the seat belt or any crew member is instructing you to wear it.
  2. The sitting armrests must have to be down the whole time you fly, and you must not find any difficulty staying seated in the chair.
  3. And most importantly, you must not intrude upon any other reserved area or the sitting area of your adjacent chair. 

 The United authority will not allow your boarding if they see that you need extra space and you are refusing to buy any extra seat, or you refuse to upgrade your chair for each part of your journey. 

Sometimes you would have required an extension for your seat belt instead of a pair of seats on board. The United Airlines authority would not allow you to bring such extensions from your own. 

Here you should know that the seat belt extensions, approximately, have 25ʺ length in United Airlines. According to the designs of the seat of the United aircraft, the seat belt extension length may vary. And possibly in your flight, you get a seat belt that is not suitable for you. If you don’t satisfy the first criterion written above, then the authority will suggest you upgrade your class or buy an extra chair when available. 

There must be some other circumstances that have to be satisfied before you get boarding on United aircraft.

 Some Other Conditions

You have to get the extra chair without throwing or downgrading other customers. If an extra chair is unavailable on your confirmed flight, then you have to rebook any other United aircraft where you will get the required accommodation. The United Airlines authority doesn’t claim any extra fees for this sudden United Airlines reservations alternation of flight. Otherwise, you had to pay the added amount with this change. 

 If you are away from your home, and you have to rebook another flight on the same day, it is the airline’s responsibility to provide you appropriate meals and amenities. It must include your night stay in any suitable hotel for a single night. But when you are free to rebook your flight on that very day as it was pre-scheduled, authorities will not provide any amenity.

Baggage Allowances

The number of your purchased seat will determine the allowance for the checked baggage.  If you buy a pair of a chair, your allowances for checked baggage will get doubled. Also, TSA will decide the carry-on permission for each passenger, not by Unite Airlines policy. So, there is no chance that you will get a doubled allowance on your carry-ons.

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