How to Block Phone Number on iPhone?

Block Phone Number on iPhone


Are you also among those users, who are tired of receiving unwanted or suspicious phone calls? If yes; then you might need to block those callers on your phone.

Being a victim of phone harassment or spam calls are quite common these days. However, these calls can be Phone Harassment, No Caller ID Calls, Robocalls, Spam Calls, or any threat call. One needs to be very aware while having a conversation over the phone.

After receiving so many requests, we have come up with a comprehensive guide of “How to block Phone Number on iPhone.” Before proceeding further with the steps, let’s know the benefits of blocking phone numbers.

Blocking any number or a list of numbers, which you think are harassing you, is the best way to have control over your privacy. This way, you would be able to restrict callers contacting you. Moreover, blocking saves you from changing your number because of threat calls.

Here are the steps How to Block phone number on iPhone

Step 1 : Unlock your phone with a designated password

Step 2 : Go to Settings and tap on it

Step 3 : Scroll to find “Phone” option

Step 4 : Tap on it

Step 5 : Go to Call Blocking and Identification

Step 6 : Further click on Block Contact

Step 7 : Choose the numbers you would like to block.

Hope you find this guide helpful to block number on your iPhone and save yourself from unwanted calls. In case, you are unable to get steps of How to block phone number on iPhone; then you can contact Apple support number +1-855-936-1217 for expert assistance. For more updates, stay tuned.

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