How to Cancel Walmart Order?

How to cancel walmart order

Walmart is one of the retail corporations in the world, and we expect to get customer-centric services from the company, and Walmart does the same. In this guide, we will talk about how to cancel Walmart order.

Canceling a Walmart order is not a hefty task. Still, thousands of Walmart customers requested us to create a guide on Walmart order cancellation. So, if you are also having queries regarding Walmart order cancellation, then read this guide till the end.

Everything you need to know about how to cancel Walmart order

To make sure that you get the ordered product as early as possible, Walmart processing your order right after you hit the “Place Order” button. It might be possible to withdraw your order during processing, but once the ordered product has been shipped, there is not much you can do to cancel the order. However, don’t get upset; in this guide, read this guide till the end and know how you can get your money back even after not able to cancel the order.

Steps to cancel the order before shipment

Follow the step by step process mentioned below to request a cancellation.

  1. Launch a web browser and go to the Walmart website, then click on the “Account” button with a human character icon available on the upper right side on the page.
  2. After that, you need to click on the “Sign In” button.
  3. On the appeared page, log in to your Walmart account by entering the required credentials in needed fields. Make sure to enter the correct credentials to avoid any login issues. In case of any trouble while accounting login, take help from Walmart customer support.
  4. After accessing your Walmart account, find the order you want to cancel on the main account page.
  5. You will see a “Request Cancellation” option on the order details page if the order hasn’t been shipped.
  6. If you don’t find the “Request Cancellation” option, that means the order has been shipped and cannot be canceled.
  7. Click on the cancellation button to cancel your order. You will get a confirmation mail from Walmart regarding your order cancellation.

Follow the mentioned steps to cancel your Walmart order online from the account. You can also connect with the Walmart customer support to cancel your order. You will be required to provide your order number to cancel it. Check out the instructions mentioned below about what you can do if the order is shipped.

If the order has been shipped and cannot be canceled:

If an order has been shipped, then you cannot cancel the order from your account or by customer care.

However, if you cannot cancel the order, then you have the option to return the order online or to your local store. You can return the product and claim a refund. To know about the Walmart Refund Policy, you can check the policy on our website or Walmart website.

That’s it, folks! It was the complete information from our side regarding a Walmart order cancellation. We hope you find the mentioned steps helpful and easy to implement, and all your queries regarding how to cancel Walmart order are resolved. Stay tuned to get more helpful tutorials and guides on the Walmart process.

2 thoughts on “How to Cancel Walmart Order?”

  1. Carole Fonseca says:

    Please cancel order #570537683-Keurig Plus $106.24
    Ordered last night 7/12/20
    Please send me confirmation of receipt for cancellation and credit for above amount.
    Thank you.
    Carole Fonseca

  2. nick kanable says:

    Please cancel order #0067703000542
    also cancel order#0067703000552. These orders were placed in error, and not what i was wanting. Instead of these i wanted to go another way. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for your time.
    Bertha Tidwell
    No refund or confirmation is needed, it was an order that was supposed to be paid for on receiving the product.

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