How to Download YouTube Videos on Your iPhone?

How to Download YouTube Videos on Your iPhone


Undoubtedly, YouTube is now the main hub of millennial entertainment. People spent hours and hours watching videos on YouTube, and some of them use it to share their videos on this highly popular video platform.How to download YouTube videos on iPhone

Most of the Smartphones now come with in-built YouTube, but YouTube isn’t a default app on the iPhone. So, iPhone users mostly prefer downloading the app from the App Store.

It has replaced the TV in many households, and every other person prefers watching videos of YouTube, instead of cable channels. Many YouTube freaks prefer downloading their favorite videos to watch it later on offline mode. However, it is quite a tricky process, and you need to follow the proper procedure to download and save the videos.

Recently, we have received too many requests from amateur iPhone users, who want us to come up with a guide on how to download YouTube videos to your iPhone. So we have brought for you easy to implement guide that would let you download your favorite YouTube videos in less than no time.

Here are the Methods for How to Download YouTube videos on iPhone

Let’s get started.

Method 1: Download YouTube videos to watch offline by using the in-app download feature.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube app and tap on it to open

Step 2: Scroll down or make use of the “search” feature to find the video that you wish to download.

Step 3: Go to the “Download” or “Save” icon and tap on it


Step 4: Further, go to the YouTube Library to find your downloaded videos.


Step 5: Tap on “Downloads,” or “Save videos” you will see all your downloaded videos, which you can watch later when offline.


Method 2: Downloading YouTube videos to Your iPhone with the help of “Shortcuts app.”

Before making use of the below mentioned steps, make sure you have the “Shortcuts app” installed in your iPhone. Additionally, not forget to update your iPhone to iOS 12.

Step 1: Go to the Shortcuts app and tap on it to launch

Step 2: Tap on “Get Shortcut”

Step 3: Go to the YouTube video that you wish to download and save in your iPhone video library

Step 4: Tap on share and swipe left until you see “more.”

Step 5: Tap the “More Button”

Step 6: Turn on the toggle next to Shortcuts.

Step 7: Again go to the video and Tap on “Share.”

Step 8: Further, Tap on “Shortcuts”

Step 9: Then, Tap on “Download YouTube.”

Step 10: Your video will start downloading and Tap to save on photo album. Once the downloading process completes, you would be able to see the videos in the Photos app.


Hope you find the guide mentioned above helpful and easy to implement. For more such guides and blogs, stay tuned. Call Apple iPhone customer support +1-855-936-1217 to fix issue quickly.

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