How to Entertain Yourself on a Long Flight Journey

Long Flight Journey

When you are preparing for that long-awaited holiday, the last thing on your mind is flight. But when traveling to far-flung destinations, getting there may involve mid-to-long flights. It can seem difficult to entertain in an airplane cabin for more than six hours at a time, but with the slightest predictability and creativity, there are a lot of things you can do to keep you busy. In this way, your long flight journey will literally be flying in a matter of time. Long flights can be a great opportunity to think about yourself. Take some time to read a book that has been on your bookshelf for a few months, listen to a new podcast or a color book, and get artsy. Long-haul flights can be a great time to do things you might not normally do. Instead of always relying on in-flight entertainment, you should keep your entertainment for long flights as a backup. British Airways reservations take full care of your entertainment.

Decide what you want to do on the plane and arrange your enjoyment. Here you can do two things: You can leave it on the airline (first, check what they offer) and take as little as possible. However, you can also control your own things by what you do. Please note that not all forms of entertainment are allowed and fragile things may break during travel. The more items you carry with you, the less space you have for souvenirs.

On the other hand, it may be useful to have music or books with you (in the form of an iPod or e-reader) when you travel. These devices take up very little space in your bag. What you want to keep in mind is that some airlines charge you extra for movies or other entertainment, check in advance. If you do not want to pay extra, it is better to bring your own laptop or iPad. Turkish Airlines reservations gives you all kinds of entertainment.

Take your Electrical Appliances with You

Things to do on the plane include an iPod for music and audiobooks, a laptop or iPad for reading and writing, and a Gameboy or PSP. Although these devices have their advantages and disadvantages, they can provide distraction during your round-the-clock journey. If you are going on vacation, you may consider leaving your laptop or other things that remind you to work.

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Bring your mobile phone with you, you may need it during your trip and if not, you can at least keep it safe. If you bring a laptop or iPod, make sure it is fully charged before departure. Depending on the length of your long flight journey, you may also consider bringing an extra battery.

Bring Something to Read

If you have an unread novel or you want to read the whole newspaper right now, this is your chance. You can also buy newspapers, books, and magazines at the airport if you do not have time to go to the store during preparation. If you have an e-reader, you can install some new books there before your long flight journey. Reading material that you can bring for example:

  1. Books (bring more than one book if a book is boring)
  2. Gossip magazines like story and privy
  3. News magazines
  4. Newspaper
  5. School or work-related books
  6. If you like writing, you can also bring writing materials. Think of a diary, laptop or notepad.

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Bring Puzzles

Another way to keep yourself busy, especially if you are traveling alone, is a crossword puzzle or a booklet with sudoku. With this, the hours fly as if they are a few seconds. With medium-sized crossword puzzles, you can easily engage for up to two hours.

You can play music or a podcast (without headphones!), Call friends or family if you have a setup that lets you use the phone for free.

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