How to Find American Airlines Record Locator Check In?

How to Find American Airlines Record Locator Check in


Is there any sudden change in your travel plan? Want to cancel or change your existing booking? If yes, then you must know the record locator, which helps to ease the whole cancellation process. We have come across various questions related to record locator, but one of the most asked questions is “how do I find my American Airlines record locator check in?”

To know the answer to this question, go through the information mentioned below. 

What is a record locator?

Record locator of the airline goes by many names such as, locator number, booking codes, and reservation number. A record locator is a booking confirmation number or a reference number that is assigned to you every time you reserve a flight. Basically, it is an alphanumeric code and a pointer to a unique record. If you know what is the record locator of your American Airlines reservations, then you can get every single detail about your air travel. Record locators are different for each guest reservation. 

Why is a record locator important?

If someone else has booked a flight ticket on your behalf, then it will be very helpful to you. After purchasing a flight ticket, he or she can simply tell you the record locator and you can check out all the information you want. 

  1. If you are travelling with American Airlines, you must know how to find a record locator as it keeps you updated with all the flight related information such as, seat number, timings, flight date, etc.
  2. With the help of a record locator, passengers can change or cancel their reservations. 
  3. Passengers can easily view their flight itinerary and check out everything they need to know about your trip.
  4. You can also modify your trip details with the help of a record locator.

Many people have questions on how to find this record locator; they can do this by using the booking reference number of British Airways. You are allowed to do this only if you have made a reservation with American Airlines using British Airways. Keep reading the information mentioned below and know the answer to the question, “how do I find my American Airlines record locator check in?”

Passenger Name Records (PNR)

Record locators numbers should not be confused with PNR (Passenger Name Records). Record locators are unique for each passenger, though PNR will be the same for families or groups travelling together. PNR is a number that contains the itinerary information or personal information of an individual passenger or group of travellers.

How to find the record locator number?

American Airlines will automatically generate your record locator and will display it after you purchase flight tickets through the airline. However, sometimes you may have to wait as the airline will send it after you receive a confirmation-email. So, you don’t have to worry if you don’t receive immediately after American Airlines reservations

You will receive the confirmation e-mail with locator number; flight and passenger information will be mentioned along with the record locator. Don’t forget to bookmark this e-mail; you may need it later to check-in or change your flight. If you can’t discover it in your e-mail, you can talk to the airline representatives and ask about it. 

What to do if you can’t find your record locator?

If you want to check-in for your flight, and you are unable to find a locator number, then you have few options to find it.

  1. Reach out to the airline agents and ask them,
  2. Log-in to your frequent flyer account and check if there is something related to record locator,
  3. Find a confirmation e-mail sent by the airline, where the record locator should appear.

Expedited travel and check-in

It is highly recommended to write your record locator whenever you receive it. Knowing your locator number before you start check-in will make the check-in process a lot smoother and quicker. Arrive at the airport ahead of time to avoid any last-minute hassle. Know your record locator and check-in without putting any additional efforts.

I hope now you have the answer to your question “how do I find my American Airlines record locator check in?”

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