How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100?

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Canon is a popular brand in printers. The printers of this brand are trusted and bought by millions of people worldwide. Canon printers are designed for use both at home and office. All its printers have been designed with all the modern facilities.

Its printers are well equipped with modern amenities and facilities. The printers that are mainly designed for office purposes have several defining features. However, in spite of its popularity, the users of Canon printers face certain kinds of problems. These problems with Canon printers are similar to any other printer or machine. The issues are quite common and faced by almost every machine. This particular error is also a part of these problems.

There are various reasons for which the printers show these kinds of errors. But when there are problems, there are solutions too. Given below are solutions to fix this error.

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Step by Step solution to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100 And Work on Printer

Perform the below-given steps to fix the Canon Printer Error 5100

Reset the Ink Cartridge – The ink cartridge that is placed inside the printer can be a reason that the Canon Printer is facing Error 5100. If the ink cartridge is not set properly, it will stop the printer from working properly and it may cause error 5100. To address this issue, you need to open the front panel of the printer and reset the cartridge.

Reset the Printer – Each printer needs to be reset after a long period of use. It is required after a heavy amount of work done by the printer. The printer should be reset regularly to keep the printer working properly. If you want to troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error 5100, You have to click the stop button and keep it for 5 seconds and then release it. The printer should work properly after it.

Debris Inside the Printer – Another solution is to clean your printer that may fix the error 5100 on the machine. It can happen that the packaging material was kept inside the printer. You might also get some paper or torn paper pieces left inside the printer. Any staple, clip or any material inside the printer can cause error 5100. Hence it is important to clean the printer.

Paper Jam Inside the Printer – This is a common issue faced with the printer. If you face the Canon Printer Error 5100 while printing something, there is a high chance that the paper is jammed. In that case, you need to open the printer from the back panel and check whether the paper is stuck inside or not.

Clean the Printing Strip – Printing strip is a white-colored plastic placed inside the printer just above the drive belt. It is transparent and plays an important role in printing and canon also be the reason for the canon printer error 5100. Thus, you need to check if the strip is clean or not. If you find any kind of ink or dirt there, clean it instantly with the help of soft tissue.

After following all the above-mentioned points, if you fail to fix Canon Printer Error 5100, you need to contact Canon printer customer service number  +1-855-936-1217 to get instant help.

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