How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000?


Have you ever faced any problem with your Canon Printer? If you anytime face an error code 6000 on your Canon Printer, you have to troubleshoot the error. If you want to know the steps to troubleshoot the error, follow this blog carefully.

Canon Inc. is one of the leading names in the electronics industry. The brand is known for providing users with many highly modern electro products like cameras, steppers, computer printers, camcorders, photocopiers and various types of medical equipment that has different models, features, and rates. The printers produced by Canon are highly appreciated & quite popular in today’s market. The printers are known to print efficiently from the intended place as required by them. The printer is quite user-friendly and capable of completing each and every print job that is assigned to it daily.

Canon is a popular brand that produces high-end printers and scanners, but at the same time, users might face some error with its products. After all its an electronic device and all electronic device faces certain errors while working. The most common error of all is Canon printer error code 6000.

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Here are some of the reasons that this error occurs.

Causes of error code 6000 in your Canon Printer

The error can be noticed when the paper feed tray of printer obstructs its opening when something gets stuck in  it. Things like dust particles or paper pieces usually get stuck in it.

This error code might also occur if you do not place the tray properly in the printer.

This error may also arise when we command the printer for multiple papers at a single time.

Another reason for the occurrence of this error is the presence of a lot of documents around the printer.

When the line feed gets scratched or smeared.

When there is any defect in the sensor unit or in-line feed slit.

When there are errors, there are solutions that come up to face these errors and fix them. Mentioned below are steps to fix the errors faced by canon printers.

Steps to fix the issue

The first step is to remove the plug of your printer from the power socket and wait for a few seconds, leaving it in the same pause mode.

Then put the power cord of your printer back in the socket and again switch it on.

You need to press and hold the “Power” button for a few seconds. Then click on the “Stop” button twice.

Follow this procedure for one or two more times.

Then release the “Power” button very smoothly.

Finally, click on the “Stop” button four times.

If you are unable to resolve the problem after following the above steps, do not leave hope. You can easily contact Canon Printer customer support +1-855-936-1217 for fixing Canon Printer error code 6000. Their highly-skilled customer representatives are available around the corner to attend all your issues and provide solutions for them. They check paper feed motor, timing slit disk film, feed roller, timing sensor unit, logic board, etc. to test each of the parts properly and see whether it is working or not. They are ready to replace any part of the printer that will be at fault.  

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