How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3371?

QuickBooks Error 3371

The QuickBooks accounting software is one that has, over time, gained a unique reputation of serving as an accounting backbone for organizations. However, despite its dependability and accountability, it is not without its shortcomings. One of such shortcomings is the QuickBooks error 3371 status Code 11118, which pops up in certain situations.

When installing the software, certain license information is usually stored inside your hard drive. The error, therefore, pops up in a situation where the said information becomes corrupted or perhaps doesn’t match. This license is perhaps checked by the software using some signature which reflects the configuration of the hardware.

It, therefore, suffices to say that when you have your system hard drive cloned, the configuration of the hardware may be affected. This, therefore, leads to a situation where the information that is saved by QuickBooks not to confirm to what it sees when beginning. This, in turn, leads to the QuickBooks error 3371 status Code 11118 pop up.

What should you do to resolve the error?

There are a few solutions which could be deployed by users when they are trying to fix such errors, and they include:

Following what is said in the error pop-up: this may not be helpful here especially if you are in a rush. Getting everything re-installed usually takes more time than normal and the error pop—up usually doesn’t indicate what should be done to carry out a clean install where the existing program should be uninstalled, run the clean install tool and then have the program reinstalled.

Reach out to support: this usually may take you to a generic support page as a help article. This is in addition to the fact that you would have to jump through several hoops, such as choosing the right product version. Therefore when you are battling with QuickBooks error 3371 status Code 11118 issue, such solutions may not be the best.

If those above are not effective, what then should you do?

Instead of spending so much precious time on fixes which may not work the majority of the time you can instead follow the following steps to get the fix error 3371 issue rectified.

Step 1: Switch on your keyboard and press down the Windows key and click on R

Step 2: Enter C:\programData\Intuit\Entitllement Client\V8

Step 3: Find the ecml file and right-click and choose delete

Step 4: Close the window and have the QuickBooks run. You will be required to register the product.

If you are unable to fix QuickBooks Error 3371 than you may call QuickBooks customer support number to get instant help.Our customer support team are always free to help you anytime, anywhere.

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