How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000

Quickbooks error 6000

Resolved QuickBooks Error Code 6000

QuickBooks is a financial and accounting tool mainly used by small and medium-sized companies. It is a platform where you can manage expenses, view profit, and loss and create invoices and cash flow. QuickBooks Pro sometimes runs into QuickBooks error 6000, which happens when trying to open the company file indicating a message that you are unable to open the intended company file.

Definition and different types of QuickBooks error code 6000.

QuickBooks error 6000 occurs when you open a company file. It is usually followed by a group of 3-4 digit number, whereby the complete eight-digit code specifies the exact error type. Different errors may occur on the QuickBooks, which could be caused by:

  1. Corrupted .TLG file, error code -6000, -107
  2. Connection blocking due to a firewall indicated by error code -6176, 0.
  3. Damaged company file in some way, error code -6000, -305.
  4. Installation of QuickBooks file corruption, error code -6000, -1076
  5. Incorrect configuration of the system network connection, QuickBooks error code -6012, -1061
  6. Restoration of previous back up files, -6147,0.

Solutions to resolve QuickBooks Error 6000.

Backup restoration.

It is advised to restore a backup copy of your file to ensure it works properly as new; a task easily accomplished through the following steps.

Step 1: Opening of the company file.

Step 2: Clicking on the particular file

Step 3: Selection of utilities.

Step 4: Clicking on the Stop Hosting Multi-user access in case it is on the list.

Step 5: Editing the company file name to within 210 characters long while incorporating a name displaying important details.

Configuration of firewall and anti-virus software.

This is achieved in the steps below:

Step 1: Opening the QuickBooks Database Manager.

Step 2: Finding the port monitor tab to trace the QuickBooks version.

Step 3: Noting the firewall port number.

Step 4: Opening windows firewall

Step 5: Proceeding to advanced settings.

Step 6: Right-clicking on in-bounds options, thus selecting New Rule option.

Step 7: Clicking on the port.

Step 8: Clicking next.

Opening the company file into another location.

This is achieved by copying the company file onto another location other than the previous such as the desktop. It helps you to identify the status of QuickBooks error 6000.

Renaming the .ND and .TLG files.

Step 1: Open location of the company file.

Step 2: Find the exact file that needs fixing.

Step 3: Find the files with .TLG and .ND extensions.

Step 4: Change the extensions by right-clicking them.

Step 5: Ensure the file extensions have .OLD extensions at the end.

Step 6: Reopen QuickBooks for a fresh login. These steps should fix the issue.

Follow these solutions and you will be able to solve the problem of QuickBooks error code 6000. For any support call at QuickBooks customer support .

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