How to Fix QuickBooks Installation Error 1334?

QuickBooks Installation Error 1334


Are you facing QuickBooks installation error 1334? It is one of the most frequent errors that you may encounter while installing, updating, and repairing the software program. One of the error messages that you will see while experiencing this error like Error 1334 – The file can’t be installed. Insert the CD and try to install it again. 

What are the causes of error 1334?

Some of the major causes of this error code are-

  1. Malware or virus infection
  2. Corrupted or damaged registry files
  3. This error may also occur if the program accidentally deletes important files of QB.
  4. Wrong or improper installation of software or other updates
  5. Incomplete or corrupted download of QB and its updates
  6. Missing or corrupted .NET Framework

QuickBooks installation error 1334 can arise due to any of the reasons.

Solutions to remove error 1334

There are many solutions that help you to resolve this error, and some of them are-

Method 1 – Open the QB company file

When you discover the error while opening or launching the application, then this can be resolved by opening the company files.

  1. Search for the QB company file that has extension .qbw.
  2. Click on this file and open it.

Check if the issue is resolved or not; if it is not, then proceed to the second solution. 

Method 2 – Uninstall and re-install QB using Clean Install

Navigate to the control panel of your PC, and uninstall QB. Don’t forget to make a backup copy of your files before uninstalling QB to be on a safer side. Carry out the below steps to solve QuickBooks installation error 1334.

Step 1 – Download the QB Clean Install tool and run it

  1. Download the QB Install Tool and save the file in your system. 
  2. After this, click on this file to open it. 
  3. Read carefully all the terms and conditions of the license agreement and accept it.
  4. Choose the version of the QB Desktop that you are using right now.
  5. After this, click on the “Continue” tab.
  6. Now, you will see a confirmation message on your screen, which will say “QB is now ready for a clean install, install it to the default directory.” Click on the “OK” option to confirm it.

Step 2 – Rename all the folders

Once you have completed all the steps, you have the change the name of all the folders manually. Change the name of all the QB Desktop Installation folders appropriately. 

Step 3 – Install QuickBooks Desktop 

After implementing all the above steps, you can install QB Desktop again. Check if the above solution has rectified the problem or not. If you are still facing the same error, then try these quick and easy solutions to get rid of the error. Keep in mind that sometimes malware can also cause QuickBooks installation error 1334.

  1. Check whether you have the latest QB version or not. If it is not, update it.
  2. Check whether your computer is up to date or not, if it is not, try to install the windows update.
  3. To remove temporary files, perform disk clean operation.
  4. To get rid of contagious files, perform a complete malware scan or antivirus scan of your system.

Method 3 – Advanced solution to fix the issue

When nothing works, follow these steps.

  1. Turn on your computer andlog inn as administrator by providing asked credentials.
  2. Now, choose the “Accessories and Programs” option, followed by the “System Tools” option. 
  3. After this, select the “Restore” option by clicking on it.
  4. Now, choose the “Restore my PC” option in the new window with an earlier date. 
  5. Click on the “Next” tab to move further.
  6. Choose the “Restoration Point list” and click on the “Next” button.
  7. A verification screen will be displayed in front of you, select the latest system restore date. Hit OK.
  8. Wait until the repair is finished, and restart your system after that.

You can expect a fixation of QuickBooks installation error 1334 after following the above steps. 

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