How To Pack A Carry-On Bag & Avoid Checking Fees

Avoid Checking Fees

If you’ve not realized, airlines love it when they charge you some fees to check your bag. Though you might not mind because the fee is small, if you think about it carefully you’ll find out that it can add hundreds of bucks to the travel prices for families.

Most carriers around the world allow travelers a free carry-on. Those who are unwilling to pay any fee take advantage of the free carry-on baggage and cram everything they need to carry. However, there’s a recommended minimum amount of luggage and minimum size of the carry-on baggage for every passenger on all the carriers.

Therefore, sometimes you won’t avoid paying an extra amount if your bag exceeds the recommended size and weight. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to pack a carry-on bag and avoid checking fees.

Here are the Tips Pack A Carry-On Bag & Avoid Checking Fees

Optimize Space

If you want great packing efficiency, you need to allow the soles of your shoes to face the outside or bottom of the bag. Then, stuff socks, underwear, and jewelry inside. Instead of folding undershirts and T-shirts, roll them and alternate the direction the heavier folded stuff like skits, dress shirts, pants, etc. are facing.

Additionally, you also need to decide well on which clothing to carry. If you can, stick to clothes with neutral and compatible colors.

Squeeze the Air Out

If you want every inch of your bag to count, you should go for the compression packs. They are available in the market in different sizes and costs. You can find them at most stores that deal with sporting products.

Compression packs are plastic bags with zips and valves that are designed to allow air out and not in. The packs are user-friendly and can reduce the volume of your carry-on bag by 80%.

However, you must ensure that you don’t over-pack and exceed the weight limit of the particular airlines. Learn the weight limit of Spirit Airlines before you do Booking.

Don’t Carry Large Liquids

Liquids in containers bigger than 3.4 ounces have to undergo the checking process. Toiletries also take up a lot of space. So, purchase compact travel-friendly containers to carry whatever you may not afford to leave behind. That could include moisturizer, sunscreen, conditioner, shampoo, etc.

You can also switch the product formulations. For example, why don’t you carry a bar of shaving soap instead of cream? Additionally, you can consider buying products when you arrive, which will, of course, depend on where you’re going.

Use Pouches Well

Since you’ll be carrying with you all the things you’ll need, you have to ensure you stay as organized as possible. Group items like electronics, toiletries, cords, medication, and makeup and put them in small pouches that are easily distinguishable.

By so doing, it will be easier for you to retrieve what you require without disrupting the other well-packed contents.

Optimize the Personal Item

If you’re doing Frontier Airlines booking, you’ll learn that in addition to a free carry-on bag, the airline also allows you to bring with you one personal item like a laptop bag, purse, or backpack. No one will ask you anything if you fill your bag with staff provided it will be small enough to fit under the seat in front of where you’ll be sitting or at the storage bin.

Budget Airlines

When you book a flight with Spirit Airlines or Frontier Airlines, you’ll be assured of enjoying low-cost airfares. However, the additional baggage fees can make the overall price go beyond your expectation. So, check out that you don’t end up paying an extra fee for a carry-on bag.

Sometimes, you can consider going with checking a bag, which may cost you less than a carry-on bag. You can also pay for any suitcase you’ll be bringing with you when doing your Spirit Airlines reservations.

Put on the Bulky Wears

If you’ll be doing Spirit Airlines reservations for a trip in summer, it will be very easy to travel with a carry-on bag only. But a trip in winter means that you have several bulky items to carry. Though you can leave most stuff at home and carry a few that you need, there is some content you can’t leave behind. However, you can wear the bulky stuff to reduce your load. For example, if you’re carrying sandals and boots, you can put on the boots and pack the sandals.

Go for a Soft Carry-on Bag

We may like carrying hard-shell carry-on bags because they are usually water-resistant and more durable than their soft counterparts. However, they can be difficult to fit into the overhead compartments of some airlines. If your bag isn’t clear within the size limit, go for a carry-on bag with a soft shell instead. That way, you can easily squeeze it into any tight space.

Final Thought – Get More Creative

When traveling with limited baggage, you need to become more creative. For example, you can buy a travel jacket. These jackets come with additional pockets that allow you to carry lots of stuff. Some of these jackets even transform into bags with handles. If you’re worried about the weight of your bag and space for your important staff, a travel jacket can be a wise buy.

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