How to Rebook Southwest Flight Lower Fare?

Rebook Southwest Flight

If you somehow have to cancel the booked tickets, you know the high rising airlines fees. Further, these fees are almost $200 that many people don’t even prefer canceling their flights. But Southwest is one airline that stands ahead of the fees. The rebook Southwest flight lower never asks for any fees even when you want to change your flight. Likewise, if you plan to move onto a different flight or change the date, the thing that you have to pay is the difference in the fare if the price of the ticket is expensive. If your new itinerary is similar to your old one, you don’t have to pay a thing. But the best thing is if the new flight is cheaper. You are given two options in that case:

  1.   Paid booking

You get the money back as credit as a Southwest voucher that can be used towards the next flight. This voucher is available within 1 year from the date of the original booking.

  1.   Award booking

In the next method, you get immediate credit for the point that is different from your Rapids Rewards Account.

For instance, if the flight fare dropped by $30, then with Southwest rebook a flight, you can rebook the exact same itinerary and spend that $30 later on another Southwest Airlines flight. Besides, it becomes very easy to use the points in Southwest Airlines rather than a voucher. The Rapids Rewards Program is such a useful one as it follows the revenue-based redemption scheme. Here, when the flight price drops by just $10 or $15, you get the corresponding points back to your account.

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How to Rebook Southwest Flight in Lower Fare?

The question as to how to rebook Southwest flight is very simple.

  1. First head to the official website and then tap on the “ Manage my travel” option.
  2. You will reach a new screen and on that screen, you will see your booking number and the last name. Click on the “Next” button.
  3. Once you see the booking details in front of you, click on the “edit booking” option.
  4. When you get the list of flights, go to the flight’s details section and click on “Change flight”.
  5. Select any flight from the list that appears in front of you and tap on the “Next”.
  6. For the process of reschedule Southwest Airlines flight to get over with, click on the payments section. Likewise, check the difference in payments, and in case you get a refund, you will be notified for the same in your mail. 

Southwest Allows you to rebook your flight an unlimited number of times just 10 minutes before your departure. It does not keep a check on the travel funds in your account, so you have to make sure that the confirmation number was repriced. Further, for the future flight with Southwest Airlines, in the payments section, you can select for Southwest LUV voucher, Southwest Gift card, etc.

How to Rebook a Flight with Southwest Companion Pass?

If you want to rebook on a lower fare, you have to follow certain extra steps if you have added Companion Pass to your Southwest Airlines reservations. Secondly, it allows you to bring a family member for free on the Airlines. You just have to pay for the taxes like in the Award ticket. Likewise, this becomes beneficial if you both for the paid and the award tickets, helping you to redeem Southwest Rapid Rewards Points and you can bring your companion along without any cost.

What Happens in the Case of Early Bird Check-in?

If you have the advantage of early bird check-in, rebooking the flight ticket will not cancel the ad. Furthermore, when you cancel and rebook a ticket, that’s where the problem arises. You have to pay $15 to $25 initially that is not refundable and not credited to your account. So, if you want to use the Early Bird check-in option, don’t use the Companion Pass then.


Southwest Airlines do provide a value proposition to all its passengers as they can cancel or change their flights without much hassle. Book for these tickets just before your departure date when you will see price changes in the flight tickets.

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