How to Reset Garmin GPS?

How to Reset Garmin GPS

Garmin GPS works by using the GPS satellites that orbit the earth. The device helps you to find the right directions on roads and unknown places. Garmin GPS designed is designed for better user-friendly technicalities so that no users face difficulties while using the device. However, some people still go through problems while using Garmin GPS. One of the common issues is how to reset Garmin GPS. Reset on your Garmin come handy when your devices screen freezes or you want to delete all the saved information.

Moreover, the reset on the Garmin device varies depending on the situation. If your Garmin GPS screen freezes, then you can do a soft reset. And if you want to delete all saved data, then perform a hard reset. Please note that Hard reset restores your Garmin device to its factory settings, and you will not be able to restore your deleted data after finishing the hard reset. In case you have are new to the Garmin and facing some problems to use the device, then check out our complete guide on how to use Garmin GPS.

Check out the steps mentioned below for soft reset as well as hard reset on your Garmin device.

Follow these steps to do Soft Reset.

Step 1: Find the “Reset” button available on the back or side of your Garmin device. If you have Garmin Nuvi 300/350 models, the reset button will be under the antenna of your device. Please note that not all Garmin device models have a reset button.

Step 2: Press and hold the “Reset” button on your Garmin device. If the “Reset” button recessed, then you can use a straightened paperclip to press the reset button. You can find a recessed reset button on Garmin Nuvi 200 series.

Step 3: If you have a Garmin device, such as Garmin Nuvi 700 series, you may not find the “reset” button. For these devices, slide the “Power” key on the device’s screen to the left. Slide the key as far as it goes and hold it there for a few seconds (8-10 sec) before sliding back to the “On” position.

These are the three simple steps you need to follow for Soft Reset. In case of any problem while soft reset process, visit the “Garmin Troubleshooting” page.

Follow these steps to do Hard Reset.

Step 1: Slide the “Power” button to off your device.

Step 2: Place your finger on the upper-right corner of the Garmin device. Keep your finger softly and press while you slide the power button to “ON.”

Step 3: When the reset pop-up appears on your Garmin device screen, release your finger. Hit the “Yes” button to confirm the reset process. Wait for the hard reset to complete, and the device will go on factory settings.

These are the steps you need to follow for Hard Reset. We hope you find the mentioned steps helpful, and all your queries regarding how to reset Garmin GPS are resolved. Stay tuned to get more guides on Garmin topics.

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