How To Troubleshoot Quickbooks Error 6177?

QuickBooks error 6177


QuickBooks error 6177 appears when a user tries to access or open the company file. The error simply means that QB is not able to access the path for opening the company file. If you want to fix this error, you have to make sure that you are using the latest version of the QB Desktop. Here in this blog, we have enlightened the causes and remedies of this error.

Causes of error 6177

Some of the reasons are-

  1. Malware or virus infection.
  2. Accidentally deletion of QB related system support files.
  3. The file or file path gets corrupted.

QuickBooks error 6177 can pop up on your PC screen due to any of the reasons.

Solution to resolve error 6177

Manually fix error code 6177

At first, you have to ensure that all the QB related files are closed.

Next, delete the automatically generated Network Descriptor file, known as the ND file.

Now, you have to open the folder in which your company file is stored and found out the file that has an .ND extension.

After searching, apply a right-click on the ND file and click on the “Delete” option.

QB Database Manager needs to be arranged now. Follow the below steps to do this.

Click on the Start menu and select “Programs.”

  1. Move to QuickBooks after this, and make a click on the QB Database Server Manager. Keep following these quick steps to resolve QuickBooks error 6177.
      1. If you are a Windows 8 user, you are required to press the Windows key and discover the QB database Manager. Once you have found it, click on it.
      2. Select the “Add folder” option by clicking on it.
      3. Now, choose Scan by clicking on the appropriate option.
      4. Close the Window, once you are done with scanning.
  1. After this, you have to check whether you enough permissions to access the file or not. To do this, implement the following steps-
      1. Navigate to the Setup folder permissions webpage for sharing the files. Make sure that permissions are set accurately.
      2. If you are willing to set permissions for QB, then you are required to clear all the available options; just choose QB.
  2. Now, through the local path open QB company file and process to next troubleshooting step of QuickBooks error 6177.
  3. If the file is opened on the hosting system, then it can create error code 6177 in your QB. To avoid this you have to make sure that the company file is placed on the network.
      1. Open “My Computer,” and check if the file is located in Network Locations and Network Devices. If yes, then perform a right-click on it, and choose “Properties.”
      2. Now, via hard drive, access company files.
  4. Create a new folder and follow the below-mentioned steps.
      1. Press E + Windows to open “My Computer.”
      2. Open C: drive by making a double-click on it. Make a new folder there.
      3. After this, you should access the new data folder, and in this new created folder, copy the company files.

Carry out these steps and eradicate QuickBooks error 6177.

Configure the QB Database Manager

  1. Initiate the process by clicking on Start. Fromthe  Programs tab, select QuickBooks.
  2. Move to QB Database Manager.
  3. To find the company file, click on the option of “Add folder.”
  4. Click on the “OK” tab.
  5. Repeat all these steps again and click on the “Scan” option.
  6. Go to the “Set up Folder permission” in Windows to share a file web page. Here, you have to validate the company file access permission.
  7. If QB is installed, you should turn off hosting. 
  8. After this, open the company file through the local path, for which error was displayed. 

The above-mentioned procedure will definitely help you to tackle QuickBooks error 6177, but if the error remains consistent, contact QB experts for immediate help.

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