How to Update Garmin GPS?

How to Update Garmin GPS


Update Garmin GPS: We all would have faced a situation when we ended up at a dead-end by following the direction on the GPS. Routes and Streets change with time and, if you don’t update your GPS device, you are bound to be that person sitting in the middle of nowhere. We all must update our GPS device with time to avoid the possibility of losing direction while driving or in any other situation. 

In this blog, we are talking about the Garmin GPS device. Updating the Garmin GPS is not a hefty task, but people still face some issues, and it is one of the common problems with Garmin GPS people ask us about.

Steps for how to update Garmin GPS

If you want to update your Garmin GPS device and rest assured that your directions will (hopefully) be accurate, then check out the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Connect your Garmin GPS device to a Computer

Firstly, you are required to connect your Garmin GPS device with a desktop or a laptop. To connect the device with a computer, eject it from the motorcycle, car, or truck and plug in the GPS to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure that the GPS device is powered on. After plugging in the device to the computer, wait while the progress bar scrolls.

If you have connected the Garmin GPS with the computer before, the prompt will initiate automatically. If it’s the first time you are connecting the GPS to your computer, then you must access your Garmin account manually before starting.

Step 2: Install Garmin Express Software on your computer

Make sure that Garmin Express Software is installed on your computer. If you need to install Garmin Express, go to the Garmin Express download page and select either “Download for Mac” or “Download for Windows.” You must have fast internet to avoid any problem in downloading necessary files.

When the download finishes, run the file and follow the on-screen prompts to install on your computer.

Step 3: Update the GPS

After installing the Garmin Express successfully on your computer, you can now update the GPS. After the installation of Garmin Express, it will open automatically; if not, then open the software and make sure your internet connection is fast. Click on the “Add a device” button when the Garmin Express opens on your computer.

The software will search for the available updates for your GPS device and show you the list. Click on the “Select All” button and let the install finish. Make sure that your GPS device stays connected during the update installation.

Once the installation is finished, all the free and standard apps will be on your device. You might be required to purchase the lifetime updates.

Step 4: Disconnect your Garmin GPS device from Computer

After installing all the free updates and purchasing desired files, you can disconnect the GPS device from the computer by selecting the “Eject” option. After that, remove the USB cable from the computer safely.

After updating the Garmin GPS device and disconnecting it from the computer, install the device on your vehicle, and stay assured that you are not going to lose your direction.

These are the four simple steps you must follow to update the Garmin GPS. The steps mentioned above are useful if you have access to a computer if you don’t have a computer, then read our complete guide on how to update Garmin GPS without Computer.

We hope you find the mentioned steps helpful and easy to implement. Stay tuned to get more tutorials and guides on Garmin GPS. Share your other Garmin device queries with us to get a complete guide on your problem.

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