How To Use Delta Miles To Upgrade On An International Flight?

use delta miles to upgrade on an international flight


Delta Miles To Upgrade: Delta Airlines has earned global recognition for providing competitively priced flight tickets and also for being an airline committed to their esteemed global clients. Providing ultimate safety to passengers with excellent amenities that a travel enthusiast desires is the area of expertise of Delta Airlines. 

No wonder that Delta Airlines ensures a smooth and comfortable journey with sufficient storage space and extra legroom. Now the question arises: does getting extra legroom along with exclusive inflight entertainment can expand your travel expense? Well, the answer is yes. To fly to your favorite destination in more luxury and in a royal banner, it is essential to make Delta Airlines reservations on first or business class category. And, choosing this travel class can be an expensive affair.

However, fortunately, traveling in business class and availing the on-board facilities that Delta provides to its premium travelers is possible without breaking the bank. Here comes the question of how to travel in the first class category of Delta Airlines that too without costing a dime. 

Well, getting answer to this commonly asked question is very easy and flexible, if you are a frequent flyer of Delta Airlines. Delta’s premium passengers can get access to premium membership and rewards programs. Frequent flyers of this major carrier can avail membership of Delta SkyMiles and get top-class facilities that suit their needs and requirements without paying any extra cost for it.

Here presents the benefits of having SkyMiles membership of Delta Airlines:

  1. Having an amazing flying experience is the desire of every travel enthusiast. Well, Delta makes it possible that too within the budget of the traveler. SkyMiles members of Delta Airlines can enjoy a safe, comfortable and enjoyable flight in an aisle or window seat of their choice.
  2. Getting extra legroom in an airline is subjected to additional fees. But, this is not the case when you make Delta Airlines your flying partner and earn points and miles from Delta’s SkyMiles membership. Besides, this premium platform can give you access to additional leg space which will definitely make your journey more comfortable and stress-free.
  3. Last but not least, Delta Airlines SkyMiles membership facilitates passengers with seat upgrades without any extra fee. This premium membership helps passengers upgrade their seat by using miles not cash even after making Delta Airlines reservations. This unique facility is provided by Delta to its frequent flyers who are also members of SkyMiles or those who have access to loyalty and rewards programs.

Now, let’s find out the steps to follow to make use of earned miles from SkyMiles membership for seat upgradation after the booking is done:

Step-by-step guide to upgrade seat using miles at Delta Airlines

The first step is to log in to the official website of Delta Airlines to proceed to purchase seats or for seat upgrade to Delta First Class, Delta Comfort Plus, Delta One or Delta Premium Select. No matter when your original ticket was purchased and what was the mode of payment, SkyMiles members of Delta Airlines can select a premium seat using miles or any other mode of payment for the transaction of seat upgrade.

However, it is important to remember that flight segments which are operated by Delta Airlines fulfils the eligibility criteria for purchasing upgraded even if they are already done with the process of Delta Airlines reservations. Also, remember that upgraded seats can be purchased based on its availability. SkyMiles members with low balances at Delta Airlines can make use of their earned miles and can even find their miles valuable and are liable to access them. 

Earn miles from SkyMiles membership and get an opportunity to fly at the first class with no additional fee.

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