How to Use Southwest Airlines Gift Card?

How to Use Southwest Airlines Gift Card


Southwest Airlines is top-rated among passengers for the fantastic service it offers to its passengers. The airline never ceases to surprise the passengers with the exceptional services it offers. Everything is so simple with Southwest Airlines; you can easily earn points and use them for future travel. The airline offers some special services to its passengers; one of them is the Southwest Airlines gift card. Passengers can purchase this card and use it for profitable future travel. 

Gift a getaway to your near and dear ones as special days deserve special destinations. That’s why the airline provides a gift card so that its passengers can travel to their dream destination without any hassle. 


Information about Southwest Airlines gift card

  1. The gift card of Southwest is non-refundable.
  2. This card is not replaceable if destroyed, stolen, or lost.
  3. This gift card is not a debit or credit card, and it also has no implied warranties.
  4. The value of the gift card is VOID if obtained fraudulently.
  5. The card has no value until it is activated. It will be activated after payment clears.
  6. Any unlicensed vendor can’t resell Southwest Airlines gift card under unlawful resale, or penalty of law. 
  7. It has no expiration date.
  8. The gift card of Southwest is fully transferable.
  9. Southwest Airlines has all the rights to make changes to the terms of the program.
  10. You can buy a Southwest gift card and can gift it to someone else. The gift card will be e-mailed/mailed to you, or it can directly be sent to the recipient of your choice.  


How to purchase a Southwest gift card?

This gift card of Southwest Airlines can be purchased from the official site of the airline. 

  1. To purchase this card, fill the online order form and follow the directions provided.
  2. Reach out to the customer service desk of the airline and buy this card from the airline representatives.
  3. Open the official site of the airline and purchase the card with a credit card. 
  4. Approved retailer locations are also available from where you can purchase the gift card.

The maximum purchase per day per credit card is $1,000 at Corporate customers who want to request a Southwest Airlines gift card exceeding $1,000 limit can purchase it from the official site of the airline by filling the Southwest gift card order form. Individuals can’t purchase Southwest gift cards over 2,000. 


Redeem and use Southwest Airlines gift card

  1. This gift card of the airline can be used for the passenger travel only, excluding group tickets of Southwest Airlines.
  2. You can redeem this card on the airline’s official site, mobile app, ticket counter locations of Southwest Airlines, or by calling on the phone number of the airline. 
  3. The gift card of the airline is not valid for the purchase of Southwest’s rental car, hotel, cargo, vacation packages, excess and oversized baggage fee, Southwest Airlines group tickets, Southwest Airlines merchandise, EarlyBird check-in, unaccompanied minor service charge, upgraded boarding at the airport, inflight purchases, Pet Fare, or additional Southwest gift cards. Passenger facilities charges, security fees, and sales tax may be paid with a gift card of Southwest.
  4. The amount will be deducted from the balance of the gift card on each purchase. At zero balance, your card will be deactivated. 
  5. Your Southwest Airlines gift card will not be exchanged or redeemed for credit, check, or cash, except where required by applicable state law. 
  6. Passengers can’t redeem their gift cards through a travel agency. 
  7. Gift cards, which have been redeemed for travel, are non-refundable. If you have not taken the trip, the funds will be considered as held funds with the date of expiration. 


Payment methods to pay for the purchase

Passengers are allowed to combine three payment methods for payment of your purchase. Select from the following combinations-

  1. Southwest LUV vouchers

Passengers can use the maximum of two LUV vouchers on each reservation. Use another form of payment to pay fees, taxes, and other government charges associated with each booking. 

  1. Held funds

On each booking, passengers are allowed to use the maximum of three Held Funds tickets. If you have purchased more than the amount on the three Held Funds tickets, you can only use two Held Funds tickets and use other forms of payment to pay the difference.

  1. Southwest gift cards

On each reservation, you can apply the maximum of three Southwest gift cards. If your purchase is more than the amount available on three Southwest gift cards, then you can apply two Southwest gift cards only, and other forms of payment will be needed to pay the difference. 

  1. Credit card 

Only one credit card can be applied per reservation, including, but not limited to, PayPal. 

Purchase a Southwest Airlines gift card and travel without burning a hole in your pocket. 


Benefits of choosing Southwest gift card

Purchasing a gift card from the airline would be an ideal choice for you, as it has various benefits associated with it. 

  1. Fast delivery
  2. Take you to more than 95 destinations
  3. No expiration, no fees, ever
  4. Easy to redeem at the airport, by phone, or online
  5. Select any amount from $10 to $1000

Make Southwest Airlines reservations after purchasing the gift card of the airline and save on your travel expenses. Book as soon as possible or regret later. 

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