How To Use The American Airlines Gift Card?

American Airlines gift card


American Airlines is one of the renowned airlines in the aviation industry. The airline is the first choice of millions of travelers as it always strives to meet its customers’ expectations. American Airlines facilitates its customers with different travel gifts, such as admiral club membership that allow you to escape from the hustle of airport, access to over 40 Admiral club locations, special financing by using the credit card of the airline, Advantage program with which you can save on your travel expenses and many more. One such special gift offered by the airline for its passengers is the American Airlines gift card

Give the perfect gift of travel to your near and dear ones with this beneficial program. Visit the official site of the airline and choose from the selection of travel and airline gifts. 

Types of American Airlines gift card

American Airlines offers two types of gift cards for the convenience of its passengers. If you are looking for the perfect idea of a gift, then you must consider the gift of travel. Gift unique travel experience to your beloved ones with these gift cards. Two types of cards offered by the airline are stated below. 

  1. Plastic Gift Cards

Passengers can purchase Plastic Gift Cards through the official site of the airline or over the phone. Gift the card so that your loved ones can save on their American Airlines reservations. Certain points related to these this gift card are-

  1. Your signature will be required for delivery.
  2. If you are selecting Priority shipping, then it will be delivered within 2-3 business days. It will take 4-5 business days to deliver if you are choosing standard shipping. 
  3. You are allowed to purchase multiple cards, but all will be delivered to one address. 
  4. It will be shipped via FedEx. Handling and shipping charges may apply. 
  1. Virtual Gift Cards

Another gift card that is offered by the airline are virtual gift cards. You can purchase these cards by getting in touch with the airline representative through its phone number, or you can simply open the official site of the airline to buy these American Airlines gift cards. Few facts about virtual gift cards are mentioned below.

  1. The delivery of these cards is absolutely free.
  2. If you are purchasing multiple virtual gift cards, then all the cards can be delivered to different email addresses.
  3. Passengers can also customize their cards for special occasions as per their requirements. 
  4. You can gift this card to your family and friends as it will be delivered to their address. However, the card can’t be used for 72 hours. 

These are the two cards that you can purchase and gift to your loved ones. You can also buy the American Airlines gift card by calling on the phone number of the number. Talk to the airline executive and know all the details about it. 

How to redeem American Airlines gift card?

You can redeem your gift card on the official site of the airline. If you have a plastic gift card of the airline and you want to redeem it, make sure that you are scratching off the grey film correctly that covers the four-digit PIN#. You will find this grey film on the back of the card. Click on the link that has been sent to you via e-mail by retrieve your PIN# and CARD#. 

After this, open the payment screen, and enter the PIN# and CARD#. Check this on the back of the gift card. At one time, passengers can use up to eight gift cards. Use your credit card if the price of the ticket is more than the value of your Gift Card for any remaining balance. 

How to review the available balance of your gift card?

If you want to check the remaining balance on your card, visit the official site of the airline. You have to enter the PIN and card number to check the available balance. After checking, make American Airlines reservations for a budget-friendly journey. 

Navigate to the Gift card page of the airline, and click on the “check your balance” option. You will discover two fields that are Gift Card Number and PIN; enter these details and click on the “GO” tab to proceed further. The available balance will be displayed on your screen. 

This is all about the American Airlines gift card. Purchase these cards and give travel gift to your closest ones. 

I hope the information mentioned above is helpful and impressive to you. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments section below. 

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