How Will New COVID 19 Tiers Affect New Year’s Eve?

New Year Safety

The COVID 19’s pandemic has been startling everyone and has created a tensed environment. Further, gathering for the upcoming holidays is becoming hard to connect with friends and families. This Holiday Season, modify your plans to reduce the Spread of COVID 19 on New Year’s Eve. CDC has been making the following considerations for slowing the spread of the virus as part of New Year safety. Furthermore, all of these rules are quite an essential part of limiting the number of guests during the Pandemic season.

Check out the Rules During the Covid-19 Pandemic Season

1. Considerations Regarding the Gathering of Small Family Groups

New Year celebration virtually is the best way this year to lower the risk of the disease. Besides, include your family members and close friends only for having a good time.

2. Gatherings for hosting of small parties

If you are hosting a gathering in your homes, follow the CDC tips for gatherings. If you want to fly home for the Holiday season, plan it with Allegiant Airlines reservations to get some amazing discounts.

  1. Check out the COVID 19 rates in the locality where you are planning to celebrate. If the rates are high, you should stay home and enjoy it alone.
  2. Limit the number of attendees and keep 6 feet distance among the people. Secondly, guests should avoid specific contacts like handshakes, hugs, etc.
  3. Try hosting outdoor celebrations more than indoor ones as there is ample space outside.
  4. In an outdoor setting for New Year during Coronavirus, put up an open tent depending on the temperatures outside.
  5. Ask the guests to wear masks and also wash their hands with soap and water for about 12 seconds. If soap and water are available readily, hand sanitizers come to the rescue with 60% alcohol in it.
  6. Plan ahead of the New Year safety at least 14 days before the gathering happens.
  7. Treat pets also like any other person in the gathering, don’t let people contact your pets.

The more precautions you are taking for hosting a gathering, the safer you are for the events.

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3. Food and drinks served at small gatherings

If it’s possible, target using the throw-away plates for COVID 19 gatherings. Secondly, follow the following food safety precautions to stay unaffected by the virus:

  1. Encourage guests to bring their food themselves and avoid the pod luck style gatherings that happen usually.
  2. Wear masks while preparing and serving food to guests.
  3. Limit the number of people going in and out while the food is getting prepared. Handle the kitchen properly.
  4. Have only 1 person to serve the food wearing masks.
  5. Avoid attending the crowded buffet and the drink stations.
  6. Offer the No trash cans for throwing away the utensils easily.
  7. Wash all the dishes in the dishwasher and with hot soapy water immediately after the gathering.

4. Overnight stays and traveling

Travel might increase the chance of COVID 19 but if you want to travel to your home, plan it with Southwest Airlines reservations. Further, if you are traveling, you have to ask yourself some important questions:

  1. Are you in the household of someone who is suffering from symptoms of COVID?
  2. Do you plan on traveling by train, bus, or flight journey?
  3. Are you traveling with people whom you are not staying with?
  4. Are the cases increasing in the community where you are planning to travel?

If the answer is Yes to most of the questions here, the best New Year safety is to stay home. Decide to travel only after doing the medical treatment safely. If you are traveling, following the precautions:

  1. Avoid contact with anyone who is sick or not feeling well
  2. Avoid close contact with people and maintain 6 feet distance
  3. Wear masks while traveling or when meeting new people.

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Tips for Staying Overnight

  1. Wash hands with soap for about 20 seconds upon arrival.
  2. Wear the masks all the time inside your home also. Secondly, masks can be removed while eating or sleeping but maintain distance at all times.
  3. Spend time outside only. Sit outdoors at least 6 feet apart for any kind of interpersonal interaction.
  4. The hosts should have plans if any guests develop symptoms of COVID.


Holiday Celebrations will be different this year but don’t restrict yourself to have fun. Enjoy to the best but protect yourself also at the same time.

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