Latest Updates on Norwegian Air Cancellation Policy Due to Coronavirus

Norwegian Air cancellation policy

The world is changing so fast due to this pandemic situation. And every day we are facing any unusual condition due to this Covid 19. So, it is imperative that as a passenger, you should act with some responsibility. In this present pandemic situation, the Norwegian authority reminds travelers to obey all those restrictions that apply to your destination when you are going to visit. It is your responsibility to go through all the ‘what applies’ when you go on a journey. It must include the specific demand for some places or countries. 

Maybe there is some registration rule for the air travelers that have to do online. Maybe travelers have to submit a declaration on their present health before or during your flying. But here one thing has to be mentioned that local norms sometimes differ on your nationality also.

How to Get an Update About your Flight?

All the updates regarding your flight are obtainable on the airlines’ website page at Visiting that page will inform you about the latest update of your flight and Norwegian Air cancellation policy.

You may also call at +44(0)330 828 0854 the airline customer service of Norwegian Airlines. Some efficient attendants are here to answer your doubts over the phone. You may also visit the airlines’ office individually; you will get updated information about your reservation or Norwegian Air refund policy after consulting the customer service booth in the Norwegian Airlines. You will get all the latest updates on your Norwegian Air reservations. Here, you have to keep in mind that the situation between your booking date and your departure date may be different.

Your cancel of the reservation is possible:

  1. If you reserved your ticket under the Norwegian Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, and
  2. If you are unable to travel for any other illness  or Covid- 19

 Some Features of Norwegian Air Cancellation Policy

  1. The Policy of Cancellation covers all the passengers on the list of booking in Norwegian Airlines Reservation.
  2. You have to cancel your booking before you fly. You can request cancellation up to 30 minutes before your departure.
  3. The person affected with Covid 19 or any other illness must come with all his medical documents requesting a refund.
  4. In case any of the family members are affected by Covid 19, you have to show all the original medical documents to request a refund.
  5. So the Norwegian authority suggests insuring your reservation against every type of illness just for twelve USD (each person or each booking)

What Will the ‘Norwegian Air Cancellation Policy 24 Hours’ Cover?

The Norwegian authority will refund you if you have any acute illness, including Covid, or if any of your listed co-passengers become dead.

The authority will refund you the Norwegian Air cancellation fee if any of your family members or the “immediate family” falls in acute illness. If your spouse or any other registered friend, including cohabiting partner, children, parents, grandparents., siblings, or parent- in-laws become dead due to Covid 19 or any other sickness.

 The policy will cover even the complications regarding pregnancy. The ‘Claim of Refund’ will be accepted by the authority up to four weeks before your departure.

What the ‘Cancellation Policy’ Will Not Include?

  1. If you have any additional purchase through any of the Airlines’ partners, and if they don’t fall under the ‘Norwegian Holidays Package’ or 
  2. If you have not done this purchasing with the Cancellation Protection Policy, the authority will not refund you.
  3. You will not get a refund if you are under usual treatment or examination and going to any hospital for admittance, and
  4. If your planning was pre-decided when you had the reservation confirmed.
  5. If you are going to have an optional surgery, the airline will not refund you.  

How to Request Your Refund?

You have to cancel your booking online, and your ‘cancel request’ will be accepted up to thirty minutes before your flying. Send the original document of your illness and specify the type of your sickness here. You have to mention the accurate travel date here.

When the Norwegian authority verifies and confirms all your medical documents, they will transfer your refund to the account number you have used in the reservation.

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