How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error Code 6190 & 816?

QuickBooks error code 6190 & 816


QuickBooks error code 6190 & 816 normally occurs when multiple users are working together and they are trying to open the company file in single-user mode. You may also encounter this particular error code if there is a discrepancy between the company file and the transaction file. Moreover, the computer is not ready to accept the changes, which arises this error in your QB. 

What causes error code 6190 & 816?

Most common reasons behind the occurrence of this error are-

  1. This error usually appears when you are logged in to the company file in a single-user mode. 
  2. It may also occur when the company file (.qbw) and transaction log file (.tlg) mismatch.
  3. Data corruption could be one of the reasons.
  4. If you face an update failure then this error can arise. When a user ty to update a file on a different system without even upgrading the transaction file, then this update failure occurs.

QuickBooks error code 6190 & 816 can appear owing to any of the reasons. 

Indications of error code 6190 & 816

Below are the signs and symptoms of this error.

  1. Your personal computer starts freezing more frequently.
  2. Windows becomes sluggish and is unable to respond to input commands from mouse or keyboard quickly.
  3. System gets crashes.
  4. Error message arises on your screen, informing you about the occurrence of this error.

If you have discovered any of the signs, then you must have encountered QuickBooks error code 6190 & 816.

Methods to resolve error code 6190 & 816

Fixing this error code is not a daunting task; you can do it without much hassle. 

Method 1 – Run the QB File Doctor Tool

Firstly you have to make sure that you are using the updated version of QuickBooks to avoid any sudden errors. 

  1. Download the QB File Doctor Tool in your system and save the file to the desktop.
  2. Install the tool after clicking on it and run it on your system. 
  3. Make sure that you are logged in as an administrator. If not, the tool will ask you to do the same.
  4. You will discover two different options on your screen that are Both File Damage & Network Connectivity and Network Connectivity Only.
  5. Choose the first option to get rid of this pesky error. After selecting the first option, the tool will automatically start finding out all the damaged or corrupted files and will try to resolve QuickBooks error code 6190 & 816.
  6. Enter the admin credentials when it is prompted. 
  7. After this, you will be asked if the file is on the Server or Workstation. 
  8. If you are using the company documents on the workstation, you have to click on the “NO” tab, and if you are doing it on the Server, tap on the “Yes” button.
  9. Click on the “Proceed” option after that.

Method 2 – Fix the mismatch

In most of the cases, QB File Doctor Tool will resolve the issue, but it still exists to proceed to the next solution, which is Fix the Mismatch. Don’t forget that while performing the below-mentioned steps, you have to use the same computer in which your company file is stored. Firstly, before starting the process rename the file and then perform below steps to eradicate QuickBooks error code 6190 & 816.

  1. Open the Company folder and try to locate the company file.
  2. Apply a right-click on the company file and choose the “Rename” option.
  3. Repeat the same procedure with the Transaction Log File.
  4. You have to exit the system after that.
  5. Open QuickBooks again and log-in to the company file.

If you are unable to deal with QuickBooks error code 6190 & 816, then get direct assistance from the QuickBooks error technical team. The experts are available 24/7 to resolve all your issues.

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