Review of Etihad Airways Business Class

Etihad Airways Business Class

Etihad Airways business class is designed and equipped to ensure travelers have a fulfilling and memorable flying experience. 

Business Class Facilities

Onboard, passengers get to relax with massage function and personal mood-lighting at a touch of a button. There’s Wi-Fi connectivity offered, touch screen and HD TVs as well as noise-canceling headphones. 

Passengers can also access a Dine Anytime menu from which they can order their favorite meals and drinks. The passengers are also provided with an amenity kit including 2 exclusive Colonia products. Additionally, the A380 Upper Deck offers a boutique-hotel-like Lobby space. 


Etihad Airways Business Class Lounge is extremely comfortable and business-like. The lounge is designed to enhance your Business Class experience. It’s open all the time, 24 hours a day. Passengers in this class are able to sit on plush chairs and order their favorite drinks. Additionally, there’s an appealing range of foods on offer. Passengers can choose from pastries and gourmet cheeses to hot and traditional Middle Eastern foods. 

Passengers can pay a small amount to the Six Senses Spa, which is a breathtaking experience. In the Premium Lounge, passengers have two areas to carry out their business. The lounge chairs are equipped with useful PowerPoint terminals that are within close reach. 

There are reclining and comfortable chairs for passengers who wish to enjoy the fresh air while the bar-like area allows passengers who don’t wish to sit on the reclining chairs to sit upon a desk.  

What’s more, passengers can enjoy a comfy den with many personal TV pods to catch up on their favorite entertainments. There’s a family room for kids to play, coffee stations, a buffet of international cuisine, shower rooms, concierge service, a smoking room, a playroom, and a hair salon at the far end of this lounge. 

Etihad Airways Business Class Seats

The Business Class Studio has an outstanding design with rear and forward-facing seats, meant to provide added personal space. Depending on the airplane body, passengers have 2 seating options to choose from. 

On the narrow-bodied aircraft, passengers on Business Class enjoy seats with generous recline and spacious legroom. On the wide-bodied aircraft, passengers can enjoy flatbed seats that recline into a completely flatbed, with pillows and full-size comforters, adjustable headrest, back support, and cushion firmness.  


Onboard Etihad Airways Business Class, passengers can access inflight entertainment referred to as the E-BOX. Here, passengers will find lots of movies, TV programs, Live TV, radio stations and albums to listen to, games to keep you engaged, and weather and news as well as an E-Library. 

Etihad Airways is also children-friendly. Children traveling on Business Class are offered with Explorers kids’ program to keep them entertained. Additionally, there are 2 USB ports and power ports in your Studio to keep your devices charged. 


The service provided just reminds you that you’re in a Business Class. Right from the convenient and efficient check-in to boarding the plane, you’ll feel like you have your personal waiter. Onboard, the cabin crew is courteous, friendly, and helpful. The crew is always available when you need it without making you feel like they are intruding on your privacy. 

Food and Beverage

If you’ve never traveled with Etihad Airways before, you’ll probably be keen to go through the menu and find out what unique Middle Eastern delights they have on offer. There are beef tenderloin decorated with roasted potatoes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and mushroom sauces to choose from. 

You can also opt for something like a delicious chicken mansaf, one in spiced yogurt sauce and served with aromatic rice and markook bread. Additionally, you may also be tempted by the tasty Arabic Mezze. 

For dessert, you can order the sweet vanilla bean ice cream and cool yourself down. Everything on Etihad Airways Business Class is served restaurant-like, with crystal and linen, and a 24-hour ‘Dine Anytime’ menu of light meals and snacks also offered. 

Onboard the A380, Etihad Airways has a shared bar section for Upper Deck travelers called the Lobby. Passengers can have their sips and then make their way to the comfortable and communal area where they can enjoy some talk as they wait for the meals. 

Final Word

Anyone who wishes to enjoy a memorable experience to their destinations should fly on Etihad Airways Business Class. The service is fantastic, the meals are high class and the entertainment is unmatched.

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