Safely Celebrate Christmas 2020 During Coronavirus

Celebrate Christmas 2020

This year Christmas might not be as happening as always with the Pandemic on loose, but there is no chance of missing out on the little happiness in life! Further, Holidays do look different this year, but safely celebrate Christmas 2020 without hampering the amazement and fun you are planning for! Spend Christmas either with yourself or your close family members for the utter joy scenes.

Ways to Safely Celebrate Christmas 2020 During COVID 19 Pandemic

  1. Decorate your House Beautifully

Well, there are two types of people you find on Christmas! Firstly, those who blast Christmas music from midnight continuing the whole day after! Secondly, those people who love to wait until Thanksgiving to celebrate the true essence of Christmas. Whatever category you fall in, decorating your home comes first. Brighten up your home and your spirit this Christmas! If you live far away, book tickets with American Airlines reservations to get cheap deals for the holiday season.

Create a Christmas music playlist or deck up your halls with a huge Christmas tree! Just go forth with an outdoor-friendly tree or choose a live Christmas tree in a planter. Besides, decorate it with LED lights and shatterproof ornaments to go with it.

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  1. Take a Dig with the Zoom Parties

Family gatherings are the best part of the Christmas season, cooking and cherishing together! This year, why not try out Zoom parties instead? This will turn out to be awesome as well with some holiday snacks and seasonal drinks. Furthermore, have a good time with your friends and chat with them for the whole day! Open up the secret Santa Gifts you might have received from your colleagues or friends while staying on call. Celebrate Christmas 2020 in the most beautiful way possible. Also, dress up like in a typical holiday celebration to feel in the mood!

  1. Gingerbread House Making

Cookie decoration is such fun during Christmas and a greater way to amaze young children. Secondly, if you have the time for it, make sugar cookies or buy a baking kit. Make use of the holiday heart-shaped cookie cutter and have fun seeing the messy cookies being made. Now, for the older children, here comes the gingerbread house decorating. Make a structurally sound house with a fantastic interior for the Holiday time.

  1. Christmas Movie Nights with Families

There are so many classic Christmas movies to choose from. Take out your favorite and watch it with your family! Make the night total fun by preparing peppermint mocha lattes or cranberry chocolate chip cookies. Spend pajama nights with your close friends. If you are alone this Christmas, put on a Hallmark Movie watching it same time with your friends. Live tweet about the cheesy lines you get to hear in the movies, and share it with the world also!

  1. The Time of Writing Holiday Cards

The holiday season is the perfect time to write thoughtful cards and share your feelings. Likewise, if you are not near your family, send them a Christmas card to tell them that you miss them. Make a list of friends and family and mail them Christmas letters throughout the year. This not just brings smiles to the faces of your loved ones, maybe you might get one back too!

  1. Dig Into the Holiday Brunch

Christmas is just incomplete without a delicious Christmas brunch! Make your favorite dishes and snacks for breakfast. Add in a twist with stuff like snowman-shaped pancakes or cranberries used to garnish! Create awesome holiday memories. Talk to Frontier Airlines reservations customer service to check out the fabulous deals to make a Christmas vacation.

  1. Enjoy in the Car

Drive-in your neighborhood to enjoy the lights set. Look up in the popular areas for the fire displays and sparks. Have a Christmas lit driveway enjoyment.

How to Host Christmas Gatherings Safely During COVID 19?

The good thing is that you can still host Social gatherings with few tweaks in the plans. Keep the gatherings to the minimum and limit the guest list to immediate loved ones only. Even when partying, maintain 6 feet distance between family members. Wear masks to help prevent COVID 19. You can make themed masks for your guests as well. Use single options like throw-away utensils and proportioned condiments of salads and dressings while eating.

Keep hand sanitizers handy throughout the event and encourage everyone to use it. Enjoy the best during Christmas but also keep the norms in mind. Stay home if possible and prevent yourself and society also.

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