Top 5 Best Candy Cane Lanes in America

Best Candy Cane Lanes in America

Holiday lights are amazing. Many cities in America are decorated with professional and stunning holiday displays (candy cane lanes) that attract almost everyone’s attention. However, most of the amateur displays in residential neighborhoods throughout the country capture more attention. 

Some of them are purposely random while others are highly orchestrated. Whatever the case, they all give both adults and kids the best dose of joy during the December holiday. 

Below, we give you the 5 best candy cane lanes in America. Regardless of which city you want to travel to, you can easily book your ticket with American Airlines. To do so, simply call the American Airlines Telefono for the holiday reservations. 

Here are the Best Candy Cane Lanes in America

Richmond, VA

Richmond city provides you with two options to enjoy incredible candy cane lanes. The many homes on Monument Avenue surrounding offer a variety of impressive decorations from white lights to evergreen ropes. You’ll also get to see decorated, bright, and cheerful trees yet with a scoop of restraint. 

Throughout the town, the residents of Walton pride themselves in providing a unique light experience by cramming front backyards with every waving Santa, multi-colored and blinking reindeer lights they can find. 

If you’re one of the fit members, you can receive the best tacky light in the nighttime of December 9’s 6K CarMax Tacky Light Run. What’s more, a Santa Tracker holiday hat and the bid will help in raising the spirit of the runners. 

When you come here, you can stay at the Graduate Richmond, which provides you with proximity to all Richmond attractions, including the neighborhoods. If the weather allows, you can try enjoying the lights from its beer hardened rooftop. 

Waikele in Honolulu, Hawaii

If you don’t want to spend some quality time in Hawaii for Christmas unless you’ll be going to the beach, you can tag along with the residents across Anapau, Waikele neighborhood. Here, they do the best they can to evoke a North Pole experience with lights shaped like trains, snowmen, wise men, wreaths, shooting stars, and much more. 

What’s more, the entire street winks in a synchronized show adjusted to music. There’s no better way of enjoying it without the stress that comes with the cold than this. 

There are many places to stay when you travel in this region. One of the most suitable in this neighborhood includes the Embassy Suites, Waikiki Beach Walk where you will find a soothing location near a beach with a classic patio and pool, spacious rooms, and free breakfast. Call the Delta Airlines phone number for reservations.  

Pasadena and Woodland Hills, CA

This is one candy cane lane that features very impressive holiday decorations. The candy cane central is formed by some blocks around Lubao and Oxnard Streets, where residents try their best to offer their stucco homes and palm trees. The feeling of the trains, Christmas with lights, Santa Claus, and giant blow-up rubber ducks are incredible.

If you find that there too many people in Woodland Hills, don’t worry. Just go to Pasadena’s Upper Hastings Ranch and enjoy great themes by streets organized by homeowners between Michildand Ave and Sierra Madre Blvd. 

You can stay in Santa Monica’s beach hotel and enjoy stunning ocean views, impressive seaside-themed décor in the rooms and lobbies, and soothing sunsets. 

Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is a Victorian Homes’ seaside town with quaint inns and pedestrian zones. You won’t find any centralized holiday light display though. However, lots of the houses here are popular for their stunning look throughout the year. 

People in Cape May don’t find it any of a hassle dressing their homes up for Christmas. Some of the streets like Washington and Columbia Avenue will be filled with giant wreaths, evergreen ropes, large red ribbons, and lots of other attractive holiday cheers. 

You can take a walk alone, or enjoy a memorable candlelight walking stroll and stare at the lights from a horse-drawn carriage. While in Cape May, you can miss some great places to spend a night. For example, the Victorian Mason Cottage is one of the perfect places with comfy rooms with full breakfast. 

Brooklyn, New York

The holiday decorations here are incomparable. The houses in the Dyker Heights are also large and satisfy all the NY City’s standards. Here, there are all kinds of professional decorators, giant nutcrackers, Frank Sinatra tunes, Santas, and soldiers. 

The New York chutzpa is the one in lights. The houses are scarcely distributed across the neighborhood. However, if you wish to take a walk, you can take the 11th to 13th avenues within 86th and 83rd streets as the point of focus. 

You can stay in the Red Lion Hotel, Gowanus. The hotel allows you to conveniently access the subways, Manhattan sightseeing, dining, and Dyker Heights.  


These are the top 5 candy lanes in America. Where would you like to go? Call the Delta Airlines Telefono for reservations. Travel and create memorable experiences in your life. 

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