Tips For Having Unforgettable Flight Experience With Spirit Airlines Reservations

Flight Experience With Spirit Airlines Reservations


Spirit is a low-cost airline of the USA, offering incredible services at the lowest fares comparatively. Every year hundreds of passengers choose Spirit Airlines reservations for their next journey as they don’t want to pay huge airfares. If you are also making a booking with the airline, then don’t forget to check current deals and offers to travel without ruining your pocket. 

If you are choosing the airline for your next journey, then you should know certain points to have a stress-free journey. Some of the tips are mentioned below. 

Grab a front seat

Big front seat of Spirit Airlines has the best value and everyone wants to fly while sitting on that seat. You will have the extra comfort while sitting on it and it will be a beautiful experience for you to travel to your dream destination while sitting in the front seat. Among all other airlines, Spirit Airlines has the tightest seat pitch. Big front seat is wider and has extra legroom. 

Though you may have to pay extra money for this seat, but it is worth paying. So, make Spirit Airlines reservations and choose your favourite seat.

Board last

Always try to board the flight last as you don’t have to sit extra 30 minutes in the flight. While talking about Spirit Airlines, boarding a flight at last is a great way to make sure that you will have a comfortable flight. In addition to it, check how many people are there at the boarding area, and check whether you will get your preferred set or not.

Don’t purchase thrills combo

The Thrills Combo is a special combo offered by the airline for passengers’ convenience. Passengers can purchase the combo after making Spirit Airlines reservations. This combo is available on selected routes only and it comes with the following-

  1. 2x mileage earnings
  2. Flight flex – in this passengers will get free flight modification up to 24 hours of departure
  3. Shortcut boarding
  4. Choice of an exit row or standard seat
  5. One standard carry-on bag
  6. One checked bag that weights up to 50 pounds

All these facilities are given in the Thrills combo. Prices may vary depending upon the route. $9 Fare Club members will have to pay slightly less for this. If you don’t want to make any changes to your existing booking, then it will be cheaper to buy what you want separately.

Book through loyalty program of Spirit Airlines

If you really want to save on your travel expenses, then make Spirit Airlines reservations through earned miles. Join the loyalty program of the airline and miles every time you fly with the airline. Spirit Airlines World Mastercard, VIP Free Spirit members, and Elite Free Spirit members’ cardholders can earn one mile on every mile flown. While other passengers can earn one mile on every two miles flown. Travellers who have purchased the Thrills Combo can earn double points they would normally earn. Check the official site of the airline to see all the benefits of its loyalty program. 

Bring your own snacks and water bottle

Spirit charges for in-flight purchases. There are no complimentary snacks and beverages offered on-board; it is better to carry your own water bottle so that you don’t have to pay any extra charges. Clear the security checks and fill your water bottle. If you want to make on-board purchases, then look for the available options and their prices in advance. Check these options on the airline’s official site after making Spirit Airlines reservations.

Be nice to flight attendants

Always be polite and friendly to flight attendants as they are here to take care of all your needs. You can call them if you need anything. They are also very polite people and are always eager to help you. If you face any problem in your flight, the one who will take care of it is the flight attendant. Listen to all their instructions carefully and have a hassle-free journey.  

These are few things that every passenger must go through before making Spirit Airlines reservations.

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